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 Book Review

 The Shadow Things by Jennifer Freitag

 Indi has grown up in Britain - I forget the actual date, but think St. Patrick. His whole life he has been taught about the gods of horses and thunder who ensue their wrath upon mankind while fighting each other. One day a man appears and he talks about another God, a God of mercy and kindness. 
 Very soon, Indi's village is thrown into confusion and hate as the villagers either grow to hate this man of God, or accept his God. And Indi's life is forever to be changed when he too accepts this new God, and is forced to stand by his new belief.

 I used to love Historical Fiction, but lately I've never found any to really like, at all. They go into WAY too much detail for my liking, especially when it comes to the Middle Ages. (This is, sadly, the reason I've never made it through a Steven Lawhead book though I'm DETERMINED to someday read all of his Robin Hood books.)

 When I first saw The Shadow Things I assumed it was going to be the same way - but one day it was free and I was looking for a ton of books to read over the summer. I didn't think this would actually make it into my summer reading, but I am SO glad it did.

 There was never a huge amount of time where the story was bogged down with history lessons or details about how life was so miserable back then. I felt like I was actually living with Indi, seeing all he did, feeling all he did, without being overwhelmed with unneeded facts. It was a nice surprise.

 Another thing I liked is that, unlike other Historical Fictions I've tried to read lately, I actually really grew to like these characters. I wanted them to be happy, while at the same time I didn't want them to compromise their beliefs to be happy. And I really liked Indi. He is the kind of hero one can cheer for.

 The time period of the book is stretched to take place over a year, or maybe two, but everything flowed very nicely. And the message was well handled and written. It kind of reminded me of The Last Sin Eater.

 There were some *coughalotcough* sad parts in it, but I was able to forgive the author my broken heart because it made the story feel more real. That is what would have happened back then, as sad as it was.

 It is a book I would recommend to everyone, and I now really wish to read more by the author. (Also, her sister wrote a book which is next on my to read list. From what I've seen her sister is just as good a writer as her.)
 You can find Jennifer's blog HERE!!!

 I am also joining in Clair's Nerd Life, (though I believe I am too late to take part since this is the first day of August. July jumped by and I blinked and realized it was August and I hadn't joined in as I wanted to.) Well, I did join in...I wrote a Fantasy book during July, but I posted about it late. And I'm not even sure I'm doing it right now....but my worn out brain is having trouble understanding all the rules. (Tonight calls for mindless cartoons, watching them while half asleep!)

 Anyways, if you want to find out about what Nerd Life is and Clair's ambitions to read one book every day during the month of July - I believe - you can find the link HERE!!!!

 If you don't know where this quote is from...."You're a sad, strange little man, and you have my pity."




  1. "I got that reference!"

    Actually, I got both quotes. Yay, me! I love those lines. Vector is SO annoying, and I love how Buzz does the Vulcan farewell sign after his sentence. Adorbs!

    One of the things that really bothers me about Historical Fiction is the author's need to delve so deeply into the way life was. People probably didn't perceive it as difficult, or demeaning, or whatever. Like in the Middle Ages, when they talk about the nasty problems that went along with that time, to the people it was a way of life. That was how it was. It wasn't a song and dance to them. They most likely didn't even NOTICE the problem!!!

    That rant being said, The Shadow Things sounds quite lovely. I must needs find it. In fact, I must needs go through your blog and start writing out all the books I want to read. Shriek!

  2. This book sounds really good. I have added it to the list of Books I Want To Read. Historical Fiction is one of my all time favourite genres, but it really has to be done right. When it is - and particularly if it uses a less-known piece of history as a starting point - it can be rather mythological and epic. When it is not done well.... *shudder*. Things that bug me the most are having the main character act just like a modern character, with all the enlightenment and biases of a 20th century person. Or, if the author gets everything else right, but uses too contemporary a writing style, because then it clashes, and I spend a good deal of the book re-writing things in my head to make them fit better.

    You really should come to visit. Most of our spiders run to small and non-threatening. I have no idea where the miniature Shelob came from. And any way, I have killed ALL the spiders! (Waves arm for emphasis)

  3. Yay! Glad you could join, however briefly! Shoot me another email if you'd like a drawing :)

    Sounds like a FANTASTIC book, by the way! Wish I had time to read all the books I want to! I managed to get a whole lot in, this month, though.

  4. I've read both this and her sisters book and I agree that they deserve every word of praise they can get! It took me a while to get into them, mostly because of Jenny's writing style was heavier than I'm used to and Abigail used a writing hook that I LOATH!!! (Basically, she did the same thing Sarah does in the first book of the Destiny of One, starts with action from the middle or end of the book, then flashbacks to the true beginning. I find it highly disorienting and I hate it. I refuse to use it in my books) But despite those two issues, once I was used to Jenny's writing style, and once I was reacquainted with a much younger and carefree Fiona, I loved both, though Shadow Things ranks slightly higher as a favorite.

  5. The Shadow Things is my all time favorite book. I'm so glad you like it! Jenny perhaps of all people is the person who influenced my writing the most. Her style is my favorite ever.

    Kendra this is funny. Those two "problems" are my favorite things about these books. I love that kind of opening and it's what I always write. Oh well to each their own.

  6. I think you're right about historical fiction. They do tend to be really bogged down with 'the facts'. Even Steven Lawhead's books about Merlin and King Arthur were like that, and those had their own special histories as well!

  7. Wah postingannya bagus. Menarik sekali gan . Thanks =))

    Mampir ya gan ke blog ku, ada posting tentang Tutorial membuat Vector lho. Datang yaaa =))



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