Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"What about our children?" "Max, we don't have any children." "Exactly. If something happens to us those poor kids will grow up without ever knowing their parents."

 So, all of England has been happy about their new little crown prince, and I've been sitting over here coming up with all kinds of usurping theories and ways how the royal family is hiding all of the first born girls who would have been next in line to rule. (Makes you wonder a bit that the last three heirs to the throne just happened to be boys. Just a little curious, eh?) Actually, I've spent so much time on this I have a whole England conspiracy going. *Nods* review time! (Since I don't want some British secret service showing up and whisking me off before I expose their schemes...wait, what am I say?! British....showing up, on my doorstep. Time to start blabbing my theories!)

 *Moving on.*

 There has been some debate about me over the past few years. I usually come off as sweet and always concerned about the well being of others. More than once I've had people say to me, "You should go into the medical field. You'd make a great nurse and they need good nurses."
 To this I always nod, smile, and laugh about it when they are gone.

 There is not one ounce of medical talent in me. Anywhere. I can't even watch medical movies - you know, all those famous ones about doctors. Nope. Not for me. Someone starts talking about the inside of the body and I feel sick.

 Therefore, I was shocked when I read a book called Firmament: Radialloy by J. Grace Pennington. This book has plenty of medical things mentioned it in - thankfully I didn't know this before starting it.

 Andi is the second medical officer on board a spaceship. She loves her job, she loves the friends she has made on the ship, and more than that she loves her adopted father - Doctor Gerard Handel Lloyd. However, life is about to change for her, and it starts the day she meets the ship's new Navigator, August Howitz. (His first name is George, but you may forget that fact as I have done.)
 Slowly, things begin to unravel for Andi and she uncovers a secret about her past, while the same time the ship she has called home for so long is taken over and the lives of her friends - and her beloved Doctor - are put in danger.
 It is up to Andi to save them, but to do so she might end up loosing the home she loves.

 I shouldn't have liked this book. It has everything I dislike, pretty much. It is about a girl - I have bad experience with books about girls - it is about a doctor and has medical references throughout, and it is told in first person. However, not even halfway through I fell in love with the story, the characters, and I knew I would want more by the time I finished it. I loved Andi and the time spent with her and didn't want the adventure to end.

 Andi is a brave girl who does what needs to be done when it needs to be done. But at the same time she is vulnerable. She is scared, confused, and wants her father to hold her and make everything right. She was someone I felt I could relate to, someone I would have loved for a best friend in real life. She wasn't stuck up, she didn't think she was better than everyone else, she was just a great friend. I can only hope I will have the chance to go on even more adventures with her.

 The other characters were just as amazing. I LOVED the Doctor. He was kind of dry, a sort of logical man who looked at life the way it was. And at the same time he was one of the most warm hearted characters I've ever met. I wished he could give me a hug and tell ME it would be all right. 

 The captain of the ship...slightly quick tempered, more concerned about his crew then himself, and always trying to set Andi up with a fitting fellow. (He looked after her as if she were his own daughter.)

 Eagle Crash, the doctor's nephew and Andi's adopted cousin. Crash was almost the kind of character I couldn't stand, almost. He is cocky and, being such a great pilot, thinks he is better than anyone. He does stupid things just to show off and gets a lot of people mad at him. But it is hard to stay mad at him for long. Most of the time I wanted to strangle him and hug him at the same time. However, he does care about his friends, a lot, and especially about Andi.

 And then you have August, the young man with one of the biggest conflicts in the book. I felt so bad for him, all the while I was yelling at him to do the right thing. He do I sum up August? He was kind of complex and hard to understand, one has to look deeper into his character to see all of the amazingness there, but it is worth it. I want another book just about August - oh, did I mention he's Australian? Well...technically he isn't, but he has the accent....and that is the most important part. 

 I was also surprised that there wasn't any romance in this book. It was just an adventure, with secrets and mysteries and a rotten villain I spent the whole time yelling at. 

 Do I recommend this book? YES! Even if you are like me and don't like medical stories, it is worth it. The characters are worth it. They feel like a big family and they readily adopt the reader as their own.

 And that ends my review. And this post....because I picked up two new books today, and I want to start them as soon as possible. They are by Robin McKinley. (Anyone else read anything by her? I've heard nothing but good things about her books so I thought I would try a couple.)

 Quote is from Get Smart, a conversation between an engaged 99 and Max.




  1. Oooo sounds like a good book!

  2. Aaannd I keep forgetting that I have a comment to answer. xD
    Oh my word, Tim Conway and Carol Burnett are HILARIOUS together. He is the funniest guy on her show.
    The Monkees show is really good. Very funny and light.
    Yeah, I agree. The later seasons of Andy Griffith were different. Maybe it was because they were in color. Maybe it was because Opie was so old all of a sudden!
    Hee hee, I'm glad BenArgon isn't a bad guy. He has too cool of a name for that! I like him already.

  3. I love your theory about the missing royal first daughters :-) Hey that sounds like a great plot line!

    This book sounds right up my alley - love star ship stories especially ones with well developed complex characters.

    And Robin McKinley - oh yes! Two of my top 10 favorite books are by her, Pegasus and The Blue Sword. They are girl books though. Sometime you will have to explain why you've had bad experiences with girl books. I just started Dragonhaven which I think the first book by Robin with a boy main character.

  4. Interesting...It kind of sounds Star-Trek-ish to me.

    Robin McKinley is an excellent writer, in my opinion, though I've only read a few of her books. I own one, Pegasus, which was fantastic and had an ending that left me thoroughly perplexed (in a good way.) I also read her interpretation of Beauty and the Beast (I forget what it's called...Might be Rose, or Beauty, or something like that) and it also really blew me away, though it's been so long I forget most of the details. What books of hers did you pick up?

  5. That book's high on my to-read list i.e. I actually have it downloaded on my Android to read. I've read the opening, and so far, so good.

    You don't like combination of girl, first person, and medical? Remind me not to offer to let you read Infiltration. It's pretty much just that that. (Except that I had two girl MC's who alternated POV, one in memoir format, the other in journal. The memoir-writer was an herbalist ... Journal writer was ... an Infiltrator and later a baxter - which is what they call female bakers in that world) That book needs a serious rewrite.

  6. Oh, and on the England and no first-born daughter thing ... well, I don't have any theories, but I was reading around and discovered that for the longest time, one of the oriental countries (Japan, I believe) only had daughters ... They only recently had their first male heir in three generations.


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