Monday, July 29, 2013

"You brought the girls?!" "Yeah! Oh....I take it that was wrong."

 Wherein Jack skips book reviews to review a movie.

 I say this a lot, but I really love kids movies more than adult ones. Even young adult movies. When I went to see Rise of the Guardians I was the only "adult" in line for that one rather than the newest Twilight movie. Not that I cared. (It also helps that I've friends who share my sentiments about movies. We do go to adult movies - Avengers films, X-Men, war movies - but usually if we have to pick between an adult movie or a kid movie, we go with the kid movie. {Except for Avenger movies - those kind of always win.})
 In fact, one friend, for his 18th birthday, choose to go to Despicable Me 2.

 Which brings me to today's review....because I FINALLY got to see it!!! I've been wanting to since they had the one trailer with the Minions doing the Barbara Ann song. (Who didn't?)

 I wasn't sure if I had a lot of hopes for this movie. I like the first one - though it took me watching it about three times to actually get to where I liked it - but usually sequels are not all that exciting. (Pixar has been doing a good job, but I still have sequel trusts. This was one which I had ify moments about. In fact, I was more excited about Monster's University - and the one I REALLY want to see is Finding Dori. I shall be the only non five-year-old standing in line bouncing around and giggling.)

 Now, to get down to the point of this review. I started giggling the moment the movie started and I didn't stop giggling until after the credits rolled - don't leave before the credits are over, not if you like the Minions.

 I think there has only been one sequel - animated movie wise - that I've liked more than the first one and that was Toy Story 3. But, I definately liked Despicable Me 2 more than the first one. So far, I think it has been my favouritest animated movie this year.

 The basic plot of it, as seen in the trailer, is Gru getting a job working with the good guys to help stop a bad guy. He teams up with Lucy Wilde, a red headed spy. And somehow, while he is working at his new spying job, he is trying to be a dad to his adopted daughters.

 When I saw the trailer I was kind of worried they would bring up the usual adopted problems that appear in other movies. The girls don't like him, don't think of him as their dad, he's too busy working to be a good dad - and the list goes on. I was very wrong and I was delighted to be so.

 The girls still loved him and insisted on hugging him almost every chance they got - when he wasn't hugging them first. He didn't even want to be a spy at first because he was too busy being a dad. And whenever the girls had problems he would listen to them or try and help.

( SPOILER!!!! The funnest example is when he freeze rays a certain boy who made Margo sad.) End Spoiler.

 It was just a rather sweet way to make it. They might have been an odd little family, but they were happy and it is rare for movies to have happy families in them. I really liked that part of it. (Especially when it was little Agnes giving Gru advice. Agnes has always been my favourite out of the sisters, she is just so cute!!! And then there are moments you go, "Okay, little girl, you stay over there and I'll be nice, no need to hurt me.")

 Another part I loved which I thought wouldn't be all that great was Lucy Wilde. I think she would be a serious kind of spy who kept looking down her  nose at Gru - in spite of her cute, "Lipstick Tazer!" line.
 She was one of the funniest characters in the whole movie. She was a new spy who "had to do what her bosses told her" and had more blond moments than most blonds. She was quirky and had Minion moments where she would just sprout out weird noses. And at the same time, she would mercilessly kick the frosting off of cup cakes using karate movies while in high heels. (She makes me think of the girl version of Maxwell Smart, and her and Gru's spying partnership was great.)

 Of course, it goes without saying that another part I loved about it was the Minions. Really though, who didn't go to the movie just for them?

 Like the first movie this had some flash backs to the little Gru, which again made me feel bad for him. Poor little Gru. And it had the Minions giggling over noises they made or a certain someone with a certain name - all who have seen the trailer know which someone I am talking about. It had a villain with a wild, over exaggerated scheme - only this time he didn't wear pajamas, though I won't say his outfit was much better - it was made for whose basic shape wasn't round.

 But, to sum up my ranting review, if you haven't seen this movie yet you should. It is a lot of fun. In fact, I'm going to try and see it again before it comes out on DVD.

 I need to stop now. I have a fight going on in The Broken Blade I need to get back to before bed.

 I took the quote from the movie, a scene when Dr. Nafario is babysitting.




  1. I'll admit I didn't like it as much as the first one, but it had a great heart, and of course, the Minions make the movie. Greatest animated creature ever made.

  2. I actually haven't seen either Despicable Me yet, however I am more interested to see it now.


  3. I really liked the first movie, so the second one must be pretty epic!

  4. This is one I've been wanting to see for so long. In fact, the theaters are playing something like FIVE movies at ONCE that look really good! (And that is rare. Normally, it's just one movie at a time, amongst all the nasty stuff that gets shown to the general public.)

    Thank you for the review! :D

  5. I didn't like the second Despicable Me movie as much as the first, but it was still really cute and funny and adorable :)

  6. Oh YAY! I am so excited to hear that this one was better than the last one!! *Bounces up and down*
    I really enjoy the first one. I liked it better the second time I watched it.(Same with Megamind:) And the minions are the best creatures ever invented. :D I want one.
    That 'Barbara Ann' trailer is hilarious. Oh, and, the one blowing the party horn is Bella, and the one that punches him/her/it is Treskie. :D Seriously. Now you have a little more insight on my family. *Grin*

    Dang...Now I really want to just go and watch Despicable Me 2...Right Now. *Sigh*

    Great review! :D

  7. NEVER expected to like the first Despicable Me movie but golly it was cute! Made me laugh through the whole thing. Glad the second is fun also, Jack - anxious for that DVD release! :)

    Those minions are TOO CUTE. Just sayin'.


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