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"You know how your kid brings home a gold fish and you go, 'I don't want to take care of no gold fish.' So you flush it down the toilet and tell your kid it ran away? This is what happens. Don't lie to your kids."

 I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! I stayed up late last night watching the fireworks show, than slept in. Hench the kind of late post today. But next week everything will be back to normal.

 For now, I'd like all of you to meet Jessica, a wonderful author who wrote a new favourite book of mine - which will be reviewed at a later time. You can find her blog HERE!!

Jessica Greyson, a homeschool graduate has had a love for the written word for many years, first as a hungry reader, and now as a passionate writer. She seeks to write for the glory of God, and be the writer He has called her to be. When she is not writing, Jessica is daydreaming, serving coffee and lattes at her job—while people watching, spending time with her wonderful family, taking pictures, listening to music, and trying to keep up with all of heramazing friends.

Annabeth’s War: Trained and raised as the son her father always wanted Annabeth finds herself to be the only person between Lord Raburn and his desire for the throne as he holds Prince Alf and her father in his clutches.  Set on a mission to save her country when Ransom a mercenary soldier falls into her lot and insists on staying by her side, adventure and escapades are just around the corner, as they face the world.

 You have recently published a book. What was your favourite part of publishing? Your least favourite?
My favorite part of publishing was probably pressing the PUBLISH button. It was the most wonderful yet terrifying moment ever. It was the final step in a long sleeping, dream that was finally awakened and coming true. I was ecstatic and terrified.
Least favorite...Editing perhaps. By the time it was published I had read it at least nine times, just for the sake of editing and I totally hit a point where I almost didn’t care what it was like anymore.

 I reached that point myself when I was editing. I wanted to throw mine out the window.

 What first inspired you to write Annabeth's War and how long did it take you to finish it? (From the first draft to the finished project.)
Annabeth was inspired by a lot of little things, but was driven by the desire to write a girl character who was strong, feminine, and could handle a sword with grace and skill.
From first draft to publishing date. 21 months.  

 Did you base one of your characters after yourself? If so, which one and in which way?
None of the characters are directly based off me on purpose. You could say Annabeth is the best that is within me...the person I wish I could be, but she is still very much her own person.

 Were there certain books you read as a child which later inspired some of your writing now?
I’ve certainly grown from what I read as a child. I would say the books that most heavily influenced me would be G.A. Henty. I was a voracious reader but there was something about his writing that always drew me in and made me fall in love with the historic worlds he created, he also left enough blank space in the pages to let me live in the pages and recreate myself as a character in his stories. Another of my influences was Lois Walfrid Johnson, someone whose work I can always recommend without hesitation or reservation.

 I love G.A. Henty, he was an amazing writer.

 If you could go back into any time period which would you pick and why?
Oh boy...this is a question I have spent a lot of time wracking my brain over and I still have no absolutely firm answer, except... ALL THE TIME PERIODS EVER!!!!!
But in all seriousness it would be a real twist between Medieval and Tudor era Europe (England especially) and Colonial America, during the revolutionary War.
The people I would love to meet in those periods. Lady Jane Grey, King Edward the VI and Queen Elizabeth, though preferably while they are still young, and King Henry the VIII is alive.
I’d like to live in Williamsburg VA, so many amazing people living there, but I would especially love to meet Lafayette (he and I share the same birthday, and he’s pretty awesome.)

 Your book is based around what I have started to term a "king plot" (In other words, a story about someone trying to steal the throne. With lots of swords thrown in.) Have you always liked these kinds of stories? And is there one certain story which has become a favourite? 
Court intrigue and King plots are certainly among my favorite styles of stories, there are just so many ways for the story to sprout and grow. A favorite in this style...oh how do I pick just one? Probably Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain is one of my absolute favorites based around the throne. Miles Hendon is probably one of my overall favorite literary characters.

 How many changes did your book go through before it became the story it is today?
Ah, Annabeth’s story changed three times in the process of creation. There was the first idea, the author’s idea, and then Ransom’s idea of the story. The one you hold in your hand is Ransom’s idea.

 Considering I like him so much, I personally don't mind that his version won out. *Smirk*

 What type of book heroine do you like best? (By this I mean the quieter kind, the daring sort, or the type who is always getting into trouble.)
Probably the quieter heroine. One’s that get into trouble tend to drive me up the wall, while daring can get well too daring for their own good. I like someone with a head on their shoulders.

 Who is your favourite hero out of all literature? (That might be an unfair question to ask.)
Well, he’s kind of hard to actually to actually say GO READ THIS BOOK BECAUSE HE IS AWESOME!!!!! But his name is Kestrel. He is the amazing Prince of the Tariro, and belongs to a story not yet published.

 Now I want to read it. You must inform me when it is published. (I'm always on the hunt for stories with cool heroes.)

 The cover for your book is really wonderful. Where did you get the idea for it? 
Finding the perfect cover for Annabeth’s War was a very long process. Being in graphic art I tried making something for it but I could find nothing that satisfied me. So I started searching for an artist, all were far beyond my reach, until God brought into my life a dear friend I hadn’t been in contact with for seven years. It happened that she had married an amazing artist and it built from there. I had an idea of what I was looking for, sent him a sketch and a few idea posses and he took it from there, creating the absolutely gorgeous cover you see today. If you are interested in his work you can always check out his work and contact him at his site or buy prints from him on the Etsy shop my friend, his sweet wife runs for him.

 And, your book mentions swords, a lot. Have you ever used a sword or is it something you hope to do someday? (Such as in taking up fencing?)
I’d love to take up fencing or maybe even be as daring as to take up a martial art that involves swords as long as it doesn’t get involved in well, iffy stuff. But I love swords and own a frew “pretty” swords. Two hang behind my bed with one above my bookshelf. I also have some practice broadswords and have dragged some of my very talented cousins into sword fights and they certainly give me a heavy workout and test my tiny skill against their greater knowledge and practice.

 Thank you for giving me the chance to interview you! It was fun getting to meet the girl who wrote such a wonderful book!

 Also, for all of you. I would highly recommend Annabeth's War. It is one of the best middle ages type story I've read in a long time! 

 Quote is from Men in Black 3 and sounds funnier when Will Smith says it.




  1. Okay, about the quote from Men In Black: I didn't think it was that funny and then I read it using Will Smith's accent in my head and I cracked up. XD

  2. I really need to read this book! I've heard great things about it, but I haven't gotten the chance to try it out yet :(

  3. It sounds really good! I love Medieval stories, too. In the fantasy world in my head, Medieval times seem to be the most amazing, perfect times of all.

    Then I think of all the real inconveniences of that time, and realize God really knew what He was doing when He put me in this century! LOL

    I love Kestrel's name! I so want you to write his story now. I have a thing with characters who have animal names like that. Most of mine do, and I can't help it. Animal names just FIT my boy characters so well! :)

  4. A second Jessica! When I started reading I was thinking, 'wait a sec.... didn't she already do Jessica?' Then I realized it was a different Jessica...

    Anyway, I checked out your blog, Jessica Greyson (if you are reading this) and I LOVE that Psalm in your blog header.
    Annabeth's War is a very beautiful book - it was interesting to read how its cover came about. I'm always interested to see how people come up with their beautiful covers... It seems like the self-published world is full of them.

  5. Yay, Middle Ages stories are rarely good these days. lol.

    Happy Fourth, Jack!! We didn't watch the fireworks this year. We had delicious hot shmoes instead.

  6. Annabeth's war is awesome, just saying! I really need to write my review for it.

    And the cover is gorgeous!

  7. Jack! Thank you so much for the interview! And yes EDITING IS A are so tempting.

    @ Hayden I hope you enjoy it if you ever get the chance to read Annabeth's War.

    @ Katrina, I am so grateful for the modern day. I love and adore the old so much but I am incredibly GRATEFUL to live in this century. And when Kestrel's story comes out I shall make sure to proclaim it to the entire world. He's in a book of one of my friends so yes. He is fabulous.

    @ Abby, thanks for checking out my blog, I love that whole Psalm it is so beautiful and one of my life verses. Creating Annabeth's War's cover was certainly a journey, and I am so happy with the way it turned out.

    @ Kendra, I am so glad you like Annabeth's War! :D


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