Thursday, July 25, 2013

“You pull a pistol on me and insult me? What else do you do? Steal candy from babies?”

 Today I'm happy to introduce all of you to the girl who will be doing the artwork for Abolished Impracticality. I'm also sitting here, wondering if there are more things I should talk about, just to add some length to this post. Or should I just leave it here and get back to my book.


 Tom and Hester.
 Tom and Hester

 Tom and Hester. Sorry....but you surely understand.

 So, now that we've established that, I'd like to give you all the chance to meet book two's artist. (Had I used my brain while planning this I would have asked her to write an introduction...but you know me, brain work...just doesn't go where I'm concerned.)
 I'll do a bit of background instead and you shall all be happy.

 I met Treskie - the new artist - through blogger. (Shocking, I know. Someday I will say I've met someone through work, or at the library and you'll die of surprise. "What? You mean Jack actually gets out and does things?!")
 She and her sisters, not all of her sisters, but a lot of them, have blogs and I've adored reading them for a long time now. (Not as much as I've liked meeting the sisters. They've made what would have been a rather bad summer very nice and I've enjoyed meeting and becoming friends with them.)

 Treskie would often post pictures of her drawings on her blog. So, when I set out to find a new artist, she was one of the first and most logical choices. (By this I mean I knew she knew how to draw, I liked what I'd seen by her, and she was my friend. I'd rather work with a friend then...someone who is not my friend. Friends are more willing to be patient with my random emails and the absentminded way I work. That makes me happy.)
 Also, she had a style similar to Clair's. (I didn't set out to find someone who drew exactly like Clair, but I also didn't really want to find someone who had a drastic difference. A different style I didn't mind, but - as example - I didn't want Clair's style in one book and manga or something in the second. (That's the name for it, right? The cute characters with "big animal eyes!" My Little Pony comes to mind.)

 And that is about the....whole version of it. If you would like to find out more about my geeky artist (Geeky, yes. She likes the original Star Trek after all!) You can find her blog HERE!!! And I doubt you would be disappointed to pop by for a visit.

 Now this is were I end. You know the drill, Tom and Hester are calling.




  1. Treskie!!! Perfect choice!! Brilliance! :)

  2. Very cool! And Star Trek is never a bad thing. ;)

  3. "What? You mean Jack actually gets out and does things?!" <--- People say that about me, too.

  4. I will go check out Treskie's blog now. Also where is the quote from? It sounds familiar but I can't recall where it is from.


  5. Glad to hear that you'll have an illustrator after all! Treskie's a good artist!

  6. I can't wait to see the illustrations she comes up with! She's a great artist!(:

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  7. It's wonderful to hear you've found a new illustrator! Can't wait to see the illustrations once they're done :)

  8. Yay! I'm so glad you found her! I adore her drawings and I think she's perfect for it! *hugs*

  9. *blush*

    I actually don't know what to say to this post.... that was a sweet introduction! I'm flattered. Now I'm all shy. lol. :D

    *sneaks away, muttering, "Beam me up, Mr. Scott" into her communicator.*

  10. OOOOOH!!!!! Treskie!!!! :D I'm so excited for you. Good choice, Jack, and I'm not bias at all. *snicker.* (Peskie, don't look know, but you seem to have some fans already.)



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