Wednesday, August 07, 2013

"Are we hit?" "More or less. Son, I'm sorry...they got us."

 Wherein Jack does a different kind of review.

 I've pretty much caught up on my summer reading list reviews, so for today I am going to do a different sort. I will be reviewing new writing things which are coming out. (A weird way of saying websites, books, and covers.) Also, I'll be joining in a kind of challenge, which will fit into the review category because...well, because I just think it will.

 First on my list is a book which I had the pleasure of Beta reading for my friend Abbey, who's blog you can find HERE!!! Her book is titled After The Twelfth Night and is a kind of afterward story to Shakespeare's...The Twelfth Night. She is planning on publishing...I don't remember the exact date...but it is fairly soon.
 It is a fun adventure story which reminded me a lot of the Tintin adventures. (Kind of where the impossible happens but it is so much fun you don't care. And there are lots of chases and twists and turns.) So, basically, if you like the Tintin books I believe you will love this one.

 My other friend, Jessica (her blog is HERE!!!) has a new book coming out. I reviewed her first book awhile ago, Finding Lily. I really enjoyed it, but I'm even more excited for this one. It is about space, and a robot cat - I think he's a robot. I know he's a cat, and a book with a cat has to be fun.
 The book is called Kat and Kadet, and Jessica just released the cover, which she said I could share with all of you.
 I think it is a fun cover, now if only I could get my hands on the book.

 A few weeks ago, or longer, I reviewed a book by Molly Evangeline, titled Truth. I am at the moment reading the second book in the series, Courage. She has a new series coming out - it can't be soon enough as far as I'm concerned - and she set up a website and new pen name for it. You can find it all HERE!!! It sounds like it is going to be an amazing series. 

 I've already talked about Ransomed a little, a newly published book I'm dying to read. Just look at the cover!

Amazing, right?

 I did a ranty review about the book, Annabeth's War, by Jessica Greyson. Weeeeel, she has a new book coming out! And she gave a sneak peak at her wonderful new cover. It is HERE!! (I wants it, precious!)

 Firmament, that one book I reviewed about doctors and girls and first person that I didn't think I'd like but loved, has a new website. (Not sure if I shared it yet, but it is located HERE!!)

 Lastly, my blogger Kindred Spirit, Jenelle, gave a sneak peak to the cover of her newest book, Second Son. HERE!! It is a small sneak peak, but it is better than none 8-D 

 Now, to the challenge. James, a blogger who reviews movies, has been doing a list of his top favourite movies and challenged his readers to do the same. Movies, favourites? I'm in! I don't think I will do a top 100 like him, but I'll do a top 10. (Not in order, because these are all kind of tied.)

 1. Narnia
 2. The Lord of the Rings (Including The Hobbit.)
 3. The Adventures of Tintin
 4. Rise of the Guardians
 5. How to Train your Dragon
 6. Star Wars
 7. The Avengers
 8. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
 9. Sherlock Holmes, Game of Shadows
 10. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

 James did a cool video for his favourite movies. Worth watching, has some great movie lines in it.
 How is everyone's last month summer goals coming? I have one book off my list, but I added two more. I know, I know. But, I am almost finished with Courage, John wanted me to read The Magician's Nephew to him, I will have The Invaders finished in time if I read 50 pages a day, and I needed just one more book to get me to my goal of 25 books read this summer. And I did have that five dollars. And I've been DYING to read The Runaway King. Sooo....I had no choice but to add that one to my list.
 Now I will be good and end this post and get back to some of my reading. (I'm also beta reading another book which I need to get done this month.)

 Quote is from Indiana Jones.




  1. Uuuuughhh, Jack. You have so many books that you make me want to read.... and I *can't* because I'm *broke* and that makes me SAD!!!

    You have great taste in movies, my girl. lol. :D

    I KNEW I recognized that quote, but I couldn't place it. lol.

  2. OH, someone else who has seen Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow! I thought that was a great movie, and I loved how was filmed in that almost-sepia look.

    I haven't seen League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Sean Connery is in it, isn't he?

    All of those movies are winners! Rise of the Guardians... I can watch that as frequently as I watch Tintin... which would be once a month, if I was given the chance. :)

  3. Awesome movie list! I've seem them all too...except the League of Extraordinary Heroes. I might have to look into that one. The title's awesome. :D

    I heard the rumor about a female Doctor too. It worried me a little, but I couldn't really see anyone being brave enough to anger so many DW fans. And I think the fans would have been pretty much in an uproar. Sort of a "One does not simply change the Doctor into a female" :)
    The 12th looks fantastic!

    Hey, I don't know if you'll have time, but I tagged you. :)


  4. Thank you for participating in the challenge! Great movies on your list, Star Wars, LOTR/Hobbit and the Avengers are among my top favorites.

    I haven't seen Rise of the Guardians and I may have seen Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow a while back, but I cannot remember for sure. Thanks for the links!


  5. Thanks for the shout-out!

    I love pretty much every movie on your list (except Tin-Tin... which I know is your fav... but even kindred spirits must disagree somewhere... keeps conversations interesting and all that).

  6. Indeed, Kat is a robot cat! ;) I'm glad you're so excited!
    You've got a lot of books on your to-read list...I hope you make a dent in it! (I think we all know they're secretly impossible to complete. Too many books to read.)


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