Thursday, August 15, 2013

"Bye, bye, boys! Have fun storming the castle!"

 I am taking part today in a book cover reveal. I've been pondering for almost a week now how to lead up to the reveal - because, being me, I can't just SHOW it to you. Actually, I have few plans at the moment. I'm kind of in the middle of doing ten things at once and not getting very far in any of them. 

 The cover is for The Ankulen, a book I've been talking a lot about lately, mostly because it is one I'm in the middle of beta reading and therefore am spending a lot of time with. As I've mentioned, the author Kendra is holding a giveaway for this book, and to enter all one has to do is do a post about a fictional world. Therefore, I thought it would be fun to give all of you a sneak peak into the world of The Ankulen before I show all of you the cover. I will not talk about it much as I don't want to give things away from a book that is not yet published - but it is an enjoyable book, so a sneak peak to get you more interested in it can't hurt.

 The book is set in an imaginary world - I know, a lot of books are set in such worlds - but this is a literal imaginary world. Jen, the heroine of the story, has the chance to actually enter her imagination. But not is all as it should be.

 Things are falling apart and everything is turning grey and dying. Nonetheless, we get to see glimpses of what her imagination was like before it started to die. There are Water Babies, children who live in the trees, a wise Old Woman - have I mentioned how much I love random, wise old women in stories? I don't know why, I think part of it might have to do with The Princess Bride. 
 There are also brave knights, fair maidens, and dragons, because all good stories need a dragon or two. So far, I think my favourite part have been the frogs - but you must needs read the book to find out about them.

 So, in many ways, it has all of the delightful fairy tale elements one might expect to find in such a story, but it also has lots of new twists to keep the reader on their toes.

 And now, I give you the official summery of the book.

 Blurb: Fifteen-year-old Jen can't remember her imagination. She knows she had one once, though, and honestly, she'd like it back. It's been eight years. One day she finds a young boy who claims to be one of her imaginary friends and that her imaginary world is being eaten by a hydra-like monster called the Polystoikhedron. He helps her find the Ankulen, a special bracelet that had given the ability to bring her imagination to life and together they embark on a quest to find friendship, healing, and perhaps even some family.

 And...The Cover!!

 Author Bio: Kendra E. Ardnek  is the eldest daughter in a homeschooling family of four. She has been making up stories since an early age and published her first book, Sew, It's a Quest, when she was sixteen.
When she isn't writing, she's usually knitting, crocheting,  making swords out of paint-stir sticks, or looking up random facts. You can follow her writing adventures on her blog,

 And you can find the book on goodreads.

 Now I shall leave all of you. Quote is from The Princess Bride, because once one mentions the movie one has to quote it.




  1. I LOVE this quote from Princess Bride!! That movie is FANTASTIC!!!!

    I'm also in the middle of beta-reading Ankulen. It is very, VERY good. And I love the whole idea of the Ankulen and one's imagination coming alive.

    1. I take your words as high praise, Miss Melody, especially since you're beta-reading the FIRST draft which I liked, but it's not as good as draft two.

  2. I, too, love this Princess Bride quote. Of course, there's not a bad line in the entire movie, but I say that line a lot to people. Some times they even understand what I'm referencing.

    The idea of being able to enter one's imagination is intriguing. Though I'm not sure I'd want to visit mine...

  3. "Think it will work?"
    "It would take a miracle."
    "Bye bye!"

    One does not simply stop quoting The Princess Bride.

  4. That. That is a brilliant idea. I love the idea of The Ankulen. I shall have to find it for certain sure.

    It's amazing how many people haven't seen Princess Bride. I think only slightly "nerdy" people watch it. Once you show it to people, though, they tend to view it with an uncertain kind of wonder. Then, from there, it just grows on you.

    "You keep saying that word. I don't think it means what you think it means."

  5. Since you haven't shared anything that I haven't (or at least don't plan to) shared on my own blog, I don't mind the fact that you talked about its world building. I'm quite fond of Jen's imaginary world, personally.

    People keep comparing my writing to Princess Bride, and I don't know why. Maybe it's my tongue-in-cheek. Not that I mind, of course ;)

  6. There is no higher compliment than having your writing compared to The Princess Bride... I have a whole post coming on that movie/book in a week or two - as it is my favorite thing ever.

    I am looking forward to reading this book... of course, first I have to acquire some money... as there are lots of books I want to purchase/read right now that are not available in libraries.

    If this writing thing doesn't work out... I'm thinking about turning to a life of piracy... they all seem to have such fun as they travel the world and attain money enough to live like kings (of course, there are all sorts of curses and rough weather to deal with... but the adventure and money to buy books might be worth it)

  7. Sounds like a great book - I love wise women, frogs, and dragons in imaginative stories too. Great intro!

    Love the quote too! :)

  8. Wow...that is such a cool idea! Sounds like a fun story. I want to get my hands on it, now.


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