Thursday, August 29, 2013

"Destiny...and Chicken."

 After my last World Building post someone requested I do the next one on the Elves in Nightshade. 

 I'm not sure if I mentioned before, but I had not planned on adding so many fantasy elements into these books. But, they are about a quest in a Fantasy world, and what makes Fantasy more fun but Dragons, Elves, Dwarves, and all of those other mystical beings?

 The Elves live in the South of Nightshade, where it is a warmer climate. (Kind of like a marsh land almost, very humid though not muggy like humid places which might come to mind.) It is very green in the South and the winters are very mild. Mostly it just rains a lot. The falls there are lovely, very much like the falls in the East in the States. (Where all the leaves turn bright colours and carpet the ground. At least that is how I hope it looks, I've never actually SEEN an Eastern fall, which is tragic.)
 Spring is probably the best season in the South as it isn't too humid and all the flowers and trees are in bloom. The flowers alone would be worth going to see.

 The Elves are kind of a cross between Farmers, Gardeners, and Shepherds. Since their home is located in the most fertile part of Nightshade, they can grow a lot of things which cannot be grown in other parts of the country. They trade a lot with the Dragons, giving them fruits and veggies - yes, Dragons eat their broccoli like good mystical beings - in exchange for rare stones which they use in building their homes.

 Sheep have lived in the South for as long as anyone can remember. They are safe there for the most part, except for boors which go there for the sole purpose of goring sheep. (Because sheep and boors don't like each other. "And you wonder why we don't like you.")
 The boors are very dangerous and when a herd begins to cause trouble the Elvish men will get together a hunting party and go after them, then they will all live off pork, sausages, and bacon for awhile. (See, not even Elves can turn down bacon.)

 There are two different...I can't think of the word. Kinds? of Elves. (Not counting, say, the Wood Elves, the Water Elves, and so forth. I will get to them in a minute.)

 First I will do what are commonly called the Pixie Elves. (They don't really like this name, but no one knows what their proper title is so they were stuck with it and cannot shake it.)

 Unlike Pixies, who naturally can fly, the Elves cannot. Also, they are taller than Pixies. They stand about Three feet at the tallest, most are two feet, or two feet, six inches. Something like that. 
 They are not as fair as the other Elves. They are browner, for one thing, and their hair has the tendency to look like twigs, though it isn't wise to tell them this. They dress in a lot of browns or very earthy greens and they can vanish from sight faster than a deer in the woods. They do not use long bows like the others, but sling shots and short, re-curve bows.
 The older men grow bushy beards which always have a slight, greenish tint to them. All of the Pixie Elves have green eyes and brown hair.
 They are slightly round in the mid-section but this does nothing to slow their speed or agility. 

 Most of them live in the forests, in little hallows in the trees or in caves. A few live along the water front in little homes which look a lot like beaver dams.
 They are not overly friendly and if they see a stranger like to sit up in their trees and sling shot acorns at them. They have nasty tempers if you anger them. If they are not angry they act like spoiled children. They don't really care about anyone else but themselves, that and eating. They love roasting nuts and eating berries on their own special, homemade bread.

 If you can befriend a Pixie Elf you will have an alley for life, one who will come to your aid whenever you might need them - but befriending one is almost unheard of.

 Now, on the other hand, the other Elves are very dignified. They are hard working, too serious at times, and some of them have forgotten how to laugh. 
 The Elves do live for hundreds of years, but this isn't due to magic. More of a healthy immune system and eating all their veggies. They have pointed ears, very nice hair, and are nice looking in general. (The men do not have long hair, though I don't exactly know how they style it yet. I'm sure they will tell me soon as they are a rather vain people.)

 Since they can live so long, they've seen a good many sad things which has made them into the solemn race they are. They've given up on men, actually, they've given up on every race but the Dragons. They firmly believe every other race is rash and foolish and won't last long.

 The Elves are ruled by a king - the Pixie Elves have a king, but every week they trade off so they all get to be king. Even the women get to be king. (They've never heard of queens.)
 The king rules along side his sister, whom he made a queen as he valued her wisdom and wished her to rule beside him when their father died. (The two are very opposite each other, but both love each other dearly.)

 Since breaking off alliance with the men, the Elves have given up on fighting and try and live a peaceful life - as peaceful as it can get with the Pixie Elves living in the same place. 

 They spend a lot of time building up their capitol city where the king and queen live. The buildings are designed to look like the mountains, trees, rivers, and forests. They are embedded with rare stones from the Dragons, but are done in such a manner they don't look over bearing or flashy. 

 There is only one Elven city. There are small villages scattered through the South, but only one city, and it isn't easy to find. 

 Since a lot of the Elves are Shepherds, all of their clothing is made from wool. However, the weavers have come up with ways to keep it from being course, heavy, and uncomfortable. (Pretty much, it is like Narnia. Not only nice to look at, nice to wear.)
 The women's dresses are long and flowy, very graceful but also endurable. The men dress in loose fitting trousers, shirts - naturally - and soft boots. (I need to work more on the designs themselves.)

 While Elves know how to use swords, daggers, and other weapons, they prefer the long bow. They are deadly aims even though their bows don't look all that threatening. Don't make an Elf mad if he has a bow.
 Their swords are shorter than what is used by the men. They are thin as well, and when an Elf draws his sword, if you haven't got an arrow in you, you are pretty much done for.

 And that is about all I have on them right now. I am still working on meeting everyone, especially the king and queen as they play an important part in the books.

 Right now though, I have a few pages to write, and then I am going to bed.

 Quote is from Merlin, when Arthur is brain washed into falling in love with a spoiled David Tennent's wife. (He goes to win her love, with chicken.)




  1. These elves sound super intriguing, Jack!!!! I would love to visit your Elven City. It sounds absolutely amazing.

    Have you befriended a Pixie Elf?

  2. Ooooo very cool! I love how there are two different kinds of elves. I can just imagine a poor shepherd being annoyed by a Pixie elf and swatting it away with the back of his hand. You make me very excited for this series, whenever it comes out. It sounds like the world of Nightshade is very well thought out.

  3. Yup, wordpress is what I'm using currently. It's really easy to use. They have a lot of templates you can tweak and stuff (my site was originally created in joomla, so there was more we had to do to get it switched over).

    As far as I know, there's no limit to how many static pages you can create in one site. If you want multiple blogs, there's something called "wordpress multisite" that I think even allows multiple blogs under one domain name.

    There are all sorts of free plugins and widgets and things you can add to do just about anything you can think of with a wordpress site, and (other than paying for the domain name) it's all free. (There is a difference between and - .org is what you'd use if you're getting your own domain name, and has a lot more options for things you can do than .com)

    I don't mind the questions (for some of them I have to go ask my husband on some of them, because he's the expert... I'm the author... I just auth.) LOL so ask away!

    As far as people finding my site... I know wordpress has search engine optimization built in to its site... so that helps. I don't get a ton of hits, but I do get more than I got on blogger (I'm also more serious about all this, so that could be a big part of it).

  4. Fascinating stuff! World building is so much fun! :)

  5. Jack ~ I love world building. I think it is my favourite part of writing fantasy type stories. I actually have a whole world, with only a few tattered bits of story to its name - sort of half-forgotten legends, which help the world take shape - but I spend a ridiulous amount of time on the world-building side of it, purely for my own delight and amusement.

    I know what you mean about the most unexpected things ending up playing a part in the wars. WWII is particularly interesting in that reguard, as it is recent enough history that the stories come right from the people who lived through it, and artifacts from it are comparatively easy to come by. It was actually those curious sidelines that sucked be into reading WWII history at all... Well, that and TV show, Hogan's Heroes, which, though played for laughs, had enough history showing up around the edges to pique my interest.

  6. Eep!!! I love your elves!!! Both types!

    The Pixie elves just sound so ... annoying. Yet cute at the same time. If you squint hard and tilt your head to just the right position and they aren't throwing acorns at you at the moment.

    And I love your elven city - it sounds like such a nice place to visit if it weren't so hard to find. And I want to know their secret for weaving with wool.


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