Monday, August 05, 2013

"I was an airline stewardess before I got married." "They had you quit?" "No, my husband did. He's an airline mechanic."

 Wherein Jack Reviews and Ponders A Great Life Question

 The other day I helped with a bit of a side job and was given five dollars. I know, not a stellar amount when one is considered an adult, but when one never has spare pocket change it is something to cackle over. Except, it leaves me in that pickle most readers likely find themselves in whenever pocket change is given them. 
 Which book next? I've a long list of books I am eager to buy, and I just found out that two I REALLY want might be out soon. And then I discovered the other day that a new book has made an appearance, a book which was reviewed by Jessica Greyson, the author of Annabeth's War. (And any book recommended by her I insist on reading.) Said book is called Ransomed and you can learn more about it HERE!!

 Now you might be asking why I am telling you all of this. Don't worry, I'm not going to ask you all to help me pick which book I get my hands on next. And I am not rubbing it in that I am going book buying and your not. *Cough cough*. 
 There is no reason I am telling you this. I just am. Because I am like that.

 Now, for my book review for today.

 Monster, by Mirriam Neal.

 A deadly plague has swept the world, taking many lives and leaving behind broken hearts. One such is a young woman named Eva. Determined to find a cure, in case the illness returns, Eva becomes a scientist/ doctor. She is dedicated to her job and very soon is promoted and given a "Subject."
 Subjects are what the world considers Non-Human. They are usually born with a defect and are therefore considered useless except for experimenting on in the hopes of finding a cure to save humans from deadly sicknesses.
 Eva is pleased with her promotion, but very soon her world and all she has ever believed is turned upside down. One day she finds, written on the wall of her Subject's cell, the words "I still have a soul."
 Horrified and confused, Eva sets out to learn the truth. What she discovers forces her to look at the life she has always known and question, who are the real monsters?

 This book has been raged about on many of the blogs I read but I was a tad leery of reading it. It looked like it might be a Ted DekKer kind of book. (Not bashing him to all who might be his fans. He is a good writer from what I've read, but I don't really like that style of story. I always get lost and creeped out.)
 Anyways, it wasn't until a good many of my friends insisted that I'd love it that I bought it, and I am so happy I did.

 First off, it didn't have the creepiness I thought was going to run rampant in it. Also, it didn't skim the message for the "keeping your reader in constant, dreadful surprise." There was no confusion, and the ending wasn't the kind where your heart is ripped out and tossed into the ditch with the happiness of the characters you've come to love.

 The characters, I really came to love all the characters. I think my favourite characters were Pocky - the father figure to Eva - and June. (Who can't help but love June? {I can't tell you who she is if you've not read it, Spoilers.})

 Also, the plot was well done. It didn't spend a lot of time trying to bring out a horror story, instead, it was a character story. Also, it asked a question I think needs to be asked, a lot. Who decides who gets to be human and who doesn't? Who gets to say an unborn child with a disability shouldn't have a chance to live? Also, what happens when man takes God away and decides for himself what is wrong and right? (If you wish to know the answer to this, look up abortion.)

 It is a book I strongly recommend to...well...everyone. I don't think anyone would be disappointed with the story.
Before I go I'd like to announce that my recommended book page is now up. A friend pointed out that it wasn't working today and I realized I had deleted the page. After I sulked and whined I fixed it and while it is not complete, at least the titles are all up. I will be working on it more this week, adding my thoughts and review links.

 For now, I leave you all with a quote from Get Smart, where 99 is trying to get a new job.




  1. Oh, JUNE, I know. She was adorable. Monster is seriously a good book. ;)

    Ah, the horrors of having $5 floating around...good luck deciding which book to get. ;)

  2. Sounds like a really good book!
    (You know it's time to go to bed when you write 'cool' instead of 'good' and the only reason you wrote cool is that you've been using that word too much lately...)

  3. Oooh, that sounds really interesting. I'm putting that on my list of books I hope to someday get to!

  4. Monster sounds like a good book! And I know what you mean about book buying. It's always so hard to decide which book to buy next.

  5. Wow, it sounds really powerful. Those questions do need to be asked.

  6. I will have to check this book out... when I have spare change (it never seems to appear more frequently... and I feel like I'm forever quoting It's a Wonderful Life: "It comes in pretty handy down here, bub." LOL)

  7. I love the "recommended books" idea, I may have to steal it for my own site! :)

  8. Wow, I'm so impressed that you have a list and buy one book at a time.
    I walk into a bookstore with $40 and leave about $50 in debt to my parents.

    1. Well, to me honest, my buying one book at a time is not by choice. If I had the money I'd go book shopping about every day and come away in debt as well, but my family caught on early and it is hard to go into debt with them now. Though, if it is a book I've been talking about for months, and I find it and have no money on me, they sometimes take pity on me and buy it for me.


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