Thursday, August 08, 2013

"I'll go, Max." "Are you saying that because I'm married, Larabee?" "No, I'm saying that because I'm married."

 I mentioned in my Nightshade post that my friend and fellow co-author is having a giveaway for her newest book, The Ankulen which I have been beta reading. To enter the giveaway, one is to post about a fictional country they enjoy and since I've been meaning to do some posts along those lines I figured now was a good time to do so and to enter them in the giveaway - which you can learn about at her blog HERE. (And if you're all wondering about entering or no, let me just say, the book is wonderful and I think many of you would enjoy it.)

 I am going to do Middle Earth today, because who doesn't love Middle Earth? 

 I think this is one place most everyone has visited. A land filled with Elves, Dwarves, dragons, Hobbits, Goblins, and huge glowy eyes - among other things.

 Probably one of my favourite parts about Lord of the Rings is the Hobbits. A lot of other fantasy books keep to the basic mystical creatures - Centaurs, elves, dragons - the ones that have been around for pretty much as long as people have told stories. You expect heroes to arouse from such beings. But not so much from someone no taller than four feet, who has a love for food, and who has overly large, hairy feet. And for short me...well, we all like a short hero.

 I've had a bit if trouble coming up with like best in Middle Earth. I love the Shire, of course, but Rohan and Gondor are also another two favourites of mine. (My home state has more of a Rohan feel than any of the others so if I went to Middle Earth I'd probably feel more at home there.)

 And while this one is short, I need to end it now as I have work tomorrow.

 What about all of you? Which creature is your favourite in Middle Earth? And which country do you like the best? What is your favourite part about it?

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  1. My favorite creature is probably Hobbit as well, them and Elves. Favorite country has to be the Shire, I like the Hobbits.
    Choosing my favorite part about Middle Earth is nearly impossible, there is so much to love about franchise.


  2. HI, Jack,

    I have to agree. The hobbits are my favorites too.

    As for city, I think the elf city would be my choice(can't remember the name)... I'm into etherial beauty and I'm sure I'd find it there!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Personally, I want to live in Lothlorian. I'm a tree person. I've always wanted a tree house, but none of the trees near my house are big enough ... and those that are are pines or cedars.

    And hobbits are so much fun. My sister and I wanted to write books about them, but then we learned they were copyrighted, so we changed our characters into elvings, which are half elf (the elves of my Rizkaland legends, who are very different from Tolkien's) and half ... I'll let you guess ;)

    Thanks for this entry. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest that you have planned!

  4. I would say that the Hobbits and Elves are my all time favorite creature in Tolkin's works. As for city....hmmm....I am not sure?? There are so many to choose from, I think Minas Tirith is a beautiful place next to Elrond's home.

  5. Hm, favorite middle-earth creature: Hobbits or Ents, probably. Although, I am partial to dragons... even wicked dragons.

    Favorite middle-earth realm... Rohan or Lothlorien. Probably Rohan, because I'm a little horse-crazy, and the elves might just drive me nuts.

  6. I love hobbits. They are probably my favourite, because of their sheer heroism, stubbornness, and their love of food. (*winky winky*) I also love the

    I would like to live in Gondor, and that's only because I LOVE the men of the West, and FARAMIR lives there. As does Beregond, the very cool Tower Guard who saves Faramir's life in the books (a role wisely given to Pippin in the movie version).

  7. Middle Earth is lovely. I can never choose between the Elves and the Hobbits as my favorite race. As for favorite land... Gah, you ask such hard questions. I like them all! Although Fanghorn is pretty cool.

  8. Shire all the way!! ;P I mean, what's not to love about Hobbits and lots of eating and round doors? I particularly like the thought of a house with a round door.

  9. Middle Earth is a favorite of mine as well. As for my favorite place in it...That would be tough. I love the idea of Lothlorien (they live in tree houses, for Pete's sake!), but I also love places like the Shire and Rohan, which are more rustic-y and almost Germanic in their atmospheres.
    As for the creatures, I'm a huge fan of the Ents. They take themselves so seriously (and slowly) and when I first read the books they made me giggle inside.


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