Tuesday, August 06, 2013

"I'm the first Viking who wouldn't kill a dragon." "First to ride one though."

 As I mentioned last week, I am going to spend Wednesdays in posting about the worlds I've created in my books, giving you a kind of deeper look into them so you can get to know them better. I will be doing this with all three of the books I either have published or are known that I am working on. (The Haphazardly series, The Loyalty Trilogy, and The Broken Blade.)

 It was requested last week that I continue with Nightshade, the world of The Broken Blade. (I'm hoping to get a map done soon so that all of you will be able to actually see it.) It was also requested that I talk about the dragons this week.

 Originally I wasn't going to have any dragons in Nightshade - except for one made entirely of metal which is run on steam. (Did I mention I'm trying to have a mix of Steampunk and Fantasy? Well, I am.)
 After giving it a lot of thought, and since this is my dream quest book, I figured all quests need dragons, elves, dwarves, nymphs - you get the idea.

 The dragons live in the North of Nightshade, up in a high mountain range which is snow capped year round. It is hard to get to the top of these mountains because most of the cliffs are sheer. There are paths up but they are never easy to find and very risky to climb.

 The dragons have their own king. Before the last king of Nightshade died the dragons and humans would fight together if there was ever need. After the king's death, however, and the division of the land the dragons gave up on the human race and retreated to their mountain where they concerned themselves with their own troubles. 

 The dragon king and his family live in a castle which was built long ago by giants. During Nightshade's golden years - when the humans had a king - the dwarves would visit the dragons and did a lot to improve the castle in exchange for dragon claws and scales. (They would use these to make armor and weapons.) Since that time, neither race has anything to do with the other so the castle is kind of falling into ruins since the dragons do not have the skill to keep it in its former glory.

 Dragons, naturally, live longer than the humans - since they are lizards. They can also be quite big as they keep growing throughout their lives. Since they live in the cold mountains, however, they don't get as big as they would if they lived in a warmer climate. Not that anyone complains, they are big enough as it is.

 All of the dragons have different coloured scales, claws, and eyes. These signify rank. (Gold dragons are of the royal family. Orange dragons are the guards, those who have the duty to protect the royal family no matter the cost. Dark blue dragons are the most common and hold no rank. Black dragons can not be trusted.)

 The legends of Nightshade say that dragons are very wise creatures who always know what to do when war comes upon the races of their land. However, their wisdom is sometimes over shadowed by their anger and their belief that the human race - at least - is foolish and not destined to last long. 

 Dragons are also very complex. They love battles and fighting but they tend to avoid wars if they can. Also, they hate politics, especially the king. Long ago the dragons used to have ambassadors but one of the kings became annoyed with them and banished them all. No one knows where they went or what became of them but many believe they are still somewhere in Nightshade.

 Like all dragons, these love treasure. They all have beds of gold and jewels. No one knows where they got it all, and no one is brave enough to ask.

 And that is about all I have worked out at the moment. (Rather I should say that is all they have told me.)

 I am entering this post in my friend Kendra's giveaway which she is having to celebrate the release of her newest book, The Ankulen, which I have the honour of beta reading. You can learn more about the book, and author, on her blog HERE!!!!

 Quote is from How to Train your Dragon...just because.




  1. That is so cool. I haven't read too many dragonish stories, but the ones that I have read (or heard about) it seems like the dragons are always evil fire-breathing creatures that just want to destroy anything and everything. I like that your dragons have more depth to them.

    (To answer some of your comments:)

    I'm looking forwards to the Ender's Game movie as well! And I totally agree with the swearing and slang... Luckily, as Ender grew and moved from rank to rank and school to school, the swearing and slang phrases slackened off a lot. By the second half of the book, there were hardly any. But, still, I hated reading them, even if it was only for the first half. Which is horrible, because the story/writing is so brilliant.

    Thank you for the cookie for reading And Then There Were None on an island. That was seriously one of the scariest things I've ever done. I was sitting in the car at the campground, out of the wind, reading. I was at one of the most terrifying parts of the book... and my mom opens the trunk without warning. I nearly jumped out of my skin.

  2. To me, world building is one of the best parts of any fantasy or sci-fi franchise, and I really like what you are describing here about the dragons, it sounds great! Dragons are always cool, especially Skyrim dragons.


  3. I love dragons! Really enjoyed learning more about yours in this post :) And while dragons are a fabulous symbol of evil... I enjoy "good" dragons quite a lot as well.

    I love the Ender's Game books - this is my second time reading through them, I wanted to refresh my memory before seeing the movie. They are very well-written, and a great example of how an author can weave politics and science into a sci-fi story to give it a stronger plot.

  4. Black dragons can't be trusted - funny!
    I like the idea of them in the mountain and their castle falling apart because they can't fix it.

  5. Dragons are such wonderful fantasy creatures. I'm not sure what it is about them, but I seem to be not the only one captivated by them!

    I would not mind at all if you shared the cover of Kat and Kadet! I'm glad you like it :)

  6. I love dragons! Sounds like you've created a wonderful setting and society for them! :)

  7. No, never trust a black dragon. They almost always harbor villainous intent. Unless they're Thornclawe, but that's another issue.

    Thanks for taking part in the giveaway, I can't wait to see more of your entries!


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