Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"I'm telling you, man, every third blink is slower." "The 60's weren't good to you, were they?"

 Wherein Jack wonders if watching TV series are really worth it.

 Once upon a time I had no idea about cliff hangers and season finales. I was happily living my life watching TV shows like The Dick Van Dyke show and I Love Lucy. Shows that had all of their seasons out. I didn't have to worry about waiting for a new season or anything like that. I didn't even want to watch anything new because none of it caught my attention. Then, one day, I began hearing of things like BBC. Sherlock. Doctor Who. And even American TV shows. Thankfully, I was many series behind in Doctor Who, Monk was completed by the time I began, and Sherlock - okay, Sherlock is in a place all by itself and we shan't even go there at the moment.
 But then I heard of another show called Grimm. And then I began to reach the end of Doctor Who. And then Sherlock....if you need a summery of the Sherlock fandom summed up check out Tumblr and Pintrest. Or google Sherlock fandom.
 It was during these points that I began to realize something. Season finales....they are one of the deepest forms of evil.

 I've been watching Grimm since it came out. It was one of the few shows I like the moment I began it. (Others take me an episode or two.) I got a bit behind on season two, but I finally finished it tonight. And now I will be sharing my overview of it all, spoiler free, Sweetie.

 Show summery:
 The show follows Nick, a police detective who lives in Portland with his girlfriend. Nick is a pretty normal guy, for the most part. He was orphaned as a little boy and raised by his aunt whom he loves as a mother. But what he doesn't know is that his aunt, his whole family, had a secret.
 Nick is part of the Grimms, a long bloodline which has dedicated their lives to fighting Wesen - they are like people, but they can transform into things like werewolves, witches, dragons. Basically all of the fairy tale creatures. In fact, Nick learns that the Brothers Grimm were really his ancestors and the stories they wrote were all true.
 Nick had been unaware of his gift his whole life, but when his aunt dies, her ability to see the Wesen is passed on to him. It also means they can now tell he is a Grimm - and they don't like Grimms because most of them take off Wesen heads. They don't quite get the fact that Nick is a policeman and doesn't just go around beheading people because.
 To make things more complex in Nick's life - because, let's face it, it isn't enough that he has to fight shape shifting people - he becomes best friends with Monroe who is in fact one of the grumpiest of the Wesen creatures. (At least, Monroe's kind are. Think of those burly men with bad tempers you sometimes run into, or angry women who seem to try to start a fight no matter what you say and you have it.) Monroe is reformed though. He is trying to live a normal life - as normal as he can. He doesn't hunt anymore, he is content to live alone with his cloaks. All this changes when he begins to help Nick, which is hugely naughty. Basically, all Wesen either think he's lost his mind or he is a traitor.
 And, as happens in all TV shows, things just keep getting worse. Being a Grimm and a policeman basically contradict each other so often Nick has to get creative - most times with Monroe's help. And then a family known as the Royals discover Nick has something they want, and they are determined to take it from him, mostly by using a Reaper. (Grimm Reaper, get it?)

 In short, the show is a detective show with fairy tales thrown in. And it has wonderful characters.

 The quieter sort, he has a strong sense of justice and always abides by the law - at least in the early part of the show. Later he realizes how impossible this is, but even then he has trouble burying his training. He would gladly die if it meant saving someone he loves. When things go bad for him he usually withdraws or goes to Monroe. (In the beginning Monroe is the only one who knows of his secret so Nick grows to trust him with a lot of things that he doesn't understand.) He likes being a policeman, mostly I think because he doesn't like to see innocent people get hurt by other people's ill moods, recklessness, or anger. (Or whatever else might cause them to hurt someone.) He does have a temper but it isn't easy to find. You have to do something REALLY bad to get him mad.

 Monroe is nearly six feet tall, I'm sure of it. He is not a small man and on first appearance looks like someone you would not want to cross paths with. However, in reality, he is very quiet, likes to keep to himself, and is a walking history book. He has a very bad temper and has to fight it back a lot - sometimes he doesn't bother though and just beats people up, usually the bad guys. Monroe also acts like a chicken, though not in the hide under his bed way. Whenever Nick drags him into a dark, creepy building or some other situation where they might die he usually asks something like, "There's a good chance we will die, remind me why we're doing this again?" But nothing ever stops him from helping Nick or others who might need him. (He and Nick have a cool friendship. It is very unusual because they weren't supposed to be friends. They are supposed to be mortal enemies and hate each other, but it didn't quite work out.)
 Also, Monroe is trying to bury a past he doesn't like. Sometimes it comes back to haunt him, but he's determined not to return to it.

 Nick's boss who has a good many secrets of his own. He is very cool, but one of those characters were you keep going, "I want to like you. I want to trust you. Don't break my trust. I'm not sure I can trust you. Can I trust you?" Even now I'm not sure what he will end up doing in the end.

 One of the witch creatures who is a spoiled brat with the attitude of a five year old stuck in a woman's body. Adalind always gets what she wants, and when she doesn't she pouts.

 Nick's girlfriend. I didn't like her in season one, but she grew on me by the end of season two. She is a strange character, but overall a nice one.

 Rosalee keeps a spice shoppe in Portland - a special Spice shoppe for Wesen. She is quiet, sweet, and plays the doctor a lot of time. She is always trying to heal people and mixing up things to cure her friends of spells and such. I really like her, its not often one finds sweet, quiet girl characters who aren't always hiding under the bed when things get scary.

 Nick's partner, Hank is used to things not going well and often expects the worse to happen. He's also good friends with Nick and saves his life a good many times.

 Wu is one of my favourites. He is this little Chinese policeman who works with Nick and Hank sometimes. He has a dry sense of humor. No matter what is going on, he will sneak in snide remarks or comments. He is very laid back, nothing ever seems to bother him. He sees a lot of strange things, blinks, and goes to look up past records and stuff for Nick. He takes everything in stride and when he feels like he's been left out of something he makes sure someone knows - or tries to - not that he ever sounds as if he cares, he just likes them to know. Every time I watch it and he is around where the fighting is I have mini heart attacks because I'm so certain they will end up killing him. I spend more time shouting, "LEAVE WU ALONE!" Then worrying about Nick. But this is American TV, they don't kill the main characters. Right?....

 I will warn, the show is gory. Not all the time, but it does have its moments. (I watched one tonight where it shows all of the insides of a cow on the outside.) So, there is that. And Nick and Juliette do live together though not married - and it sometimes does mention, rather hint at, characters sleeping together. Nothing is ever shown though - though in the very last episodes, one of them, Adalind is shown in nothing but her under clothes for a moment or two.
 Overall, it is a clean show though and if you can handle the insides being on the wrong end bit then it is worth watching. (At least, I think so. Few people share my thoughts, it isn't very popular from what I've heard.)

 Another warning before I close. Season two ends in a cliff hanger. But, as it says before the credits, "Did you REALLY expect any different?" I didn't, but it still wasn't nice. 

 And now I will go to bed, because it is late, even more so since I stayed up later than usual finishing season two. 

 Quote is from Cars. If you don't know which two cars it is between you don't get a cookie. 




  1. ok, now you have just peeked my Grimm interest!! sounds like a writer's paradise of interest!

  2. very nice piece!
    keep writing!

  3. It is evil how so many shows now contain cliffhangers. That's why I like watching on NetFlix and staying just a season behind. I don't have to wait.

  4. Sherlock. Just watched the whole series for the first time last week . . . and again this week with my brother. Need I say more? ;)

    Haven't seen Grimm though. I'll have to look into it. Not enough time in a day!

  5. Interesting show! I like the premise. It sounds like it has great characters too. Cool! And I hope that season three comes out soon for you. Cliffhangers stink.

  6. The Sherlock Fandom is crazy, trust from a tumblr person I know what its like being on that side. I don't really watch anything else on telly except Doctor Who or Sherlock, because there isn't anything decent for me to watch anymore. Since I have Netflix the crap they put on there isn't what I call 'happy joy stuff', ya know. So I decided to watch Classic Who instead of watching other things that are on netflix. My family and I watch Alphas and Warehouse 13 sometimes but they screwed up those tv shows too. *sigh* How sad is that, eh?

  7. Hmmm... Some friends of ours watched this show, and seemed to like it. But whenever they told us about it, it sounded strange and creepy :) But maybe it's worth a shot?
    Monk is fun. We just finished up that the last of that. There really should have been 10 seasons though. :) "I wish there were ten of them!" (Have you seen that episode yet?)

  8. I like Grimm too - I like Nick's character and the whole world they've built. Looking forward to the new season :)

  9. Hi Jack ~ Thanks for this post. You reminded me that I want to finishe watching Grimm. I started it last year, but was only able to get through about half of the first season, and I haven't had a chance to finish it off. I'm glad to hear that Juliette grew on you, because she was one of the few things I really didn't like at all. On the other hand, Monroe was such a fun character, and I got the biggest kick out of him.

    Aye, that weekend of pipe band competitions is the best weekend I have had in ages. I don't know if you ever have Scottish Games anywhere hear where you live, but if you ever get a chance to go to one, you should. There is nothing in the world quite like the sound of a pipe band live.

    (And, even though I know you did the Ranger's Apprentice post a while back, I am woefully behind on my commenting, so you are getting it here instead. I read the whole series last year in a single go - I think it took me 10 days. I enjoyed them far more than I expected to. The writing can be rather dreadful at times, but the stories were fun, and refreshing - good, old-frashion yarns full of adventures and derring-do... and I occasionally put honey in my coffee these days, because that sounded so good in the books :-)

  10. I've been wanting to watch Grimm since it came on. I think Amazon has it where Prime Members (like me) can stream the first season for free, so I definitely want to do that now. :)


    This post is so relatable. lol. I know about not being used to having cliffhangers! Going from Monk, and MacGyver, and Ozzie and Harriet, and Hogan's Heroes, and Jeeves and Wooster... to BBC and stuff.... The cliffhangers and heart wrenching, heart-attack causing episodes and plots are like, "WHAAAAAT?"

    I want to watch Grimm!!!!!!! Ughh.... there are so many TV shows that I want to watch! But I want to finish the ones I'm on before I start a new one. *cough cough* Supernatural *cough cough* Bella bought season 2 of Once Upon a Time, so we're watching that too, now. And in the meantime, I'm like, "When we're done, I must watch Merlin, and Grimm, and Hamish MacBeth, and Psych s7, and..." there's another one that I forget at the moment, but you know what I mean.

    Why am I such a geek?!

  12. I've never watched Grimm. I've only seen commercials, but now it sounds really interesting. If I spot it, I'll give it a try.

  13. I've seen Grimm and wanted to see it for awhile. Same with Supernatural, which Treskie talked me into watching with her. We're on Season 2 now, and where the first season ended with nice tidy endings, the second season has decided to do these cliffhangers. I don't understand.

    I've also heard that Fringe is good, but like Supernatural and Grimm, it contains some gore and inappropriate content. :)


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