Saturday, August 17, 2013

"Parade. Fun. Smile."

 So, this is an out of order post, but my friend Amy is having a Disney party - I've already done the tag - and it looks like such fun I want to do the rest of the party. For this part all one has to do is post about a Disney movie. 
 To be honest, I wanted to do Epic, which I just got back from seeing, but it isn't Disney so I can't. I'll save that one for a review for later.

 I must admit, I kind of put this off for the last moment. Part of the reason is I work best under pressure, another reason is I've been busy all weekend and haven't had a chance before. The main reason is because I didn't know which movie I was going to do. I felt I should do The Lion King, because it was my favourite first - but I always wanted to do Tangled because of the cool plot and characters. Basically, I can't pick one from the other, so I am going to go with another favourite instead.

 The Sword in the Stone.

 I saw this when I was very young and liked it, but since I didn't see it as much as other movies I couldn't remember the name. It wasn't until I found it a few years later and watched it again and again that I came to realize how much I liked it.

 The story is about young Arthur who is destined to become the legendary King Arthur. Of course, before he becomes king, he has to learn what being a king means and who better to teach him then the wise old wizard Merlin. (I know, Merlin is old in it, with a grey beard and everything and while my view of him has changed since watching a certain TV show, I shall still always like the old Merlin as well as the young one.)

 Merlin takes Arthur on all kinds of adventures, turning him into a squirrel - why does that word have to be so hard to spell?! - and a frog. At least I think it is a frog, it has been far too long since I've seen in. I always loved the squirrel part best, the girl squirrel cracked me up.

 I don't really remember the ending, other then loving the part where Arthur pulls the sword from the stone. I sat there laughing at the one chap - see, I've even forgotten who the other boy was. "Haha, Arthur gets to be king and you don't! Haha!"

 This movie is what got me interested in the Arthur legends, and while I have yet to find one of the books to read - I am looking for the one written by Howard Pyle - I've enjoyed watching other movies about the legends. (For those of you who like the legends as well, try watching The Last Legion sometime. *Nods*)

 Anyways though, there be my thoughts on the movie. Now I have to add it to old Disney movies I need to re-watch, along with The Great Mouse Detective. 

 You can find the link for the Disney party HERE!

 Quote is from Epic, the queen while addressing one of her cool body guards. (See, that's how much I want to review the movie, I'm using quotes early.)




  1. I saw it when I was younger, but I don't remember it.

  2. Loved the post, Jack! The Sword in the Stone is such a fun movie...I don't know why I always forget about it! And've been entered in the giveaway! May the odds be ever in your favor.
    Er...this is awkward but...the giveaway end date is Next Saturday. Like the 24th of August. definitely made it in!
    I'm sorry that I wasn't clearer. It was my fault.

    I'm looking forward to hearing how Epic was. :)


  3. I LOVE this movie! But I haven't seen it forever. I should find it again.
    I've been keeping my eye out for the Howard Pyle book too... I like Howard Pyle's Robin Hood, so his Arthur book should be good too. If you find it before me, tell me what you think!

  4. I've never actually seen the Disney version of The Sword in the Stone, but someday I will hopefully track it down and watch it! I love the Arthurian legends, and in particular reading adaptions of them.
    Also, one question- is Disney's The Sword in the Stone based off of The Once and Future King by any chance? I read part of that book when I was younger, and that sounds very similar to it.

  5. All of Howard Pyle's books are free for Kindle, if I remember right.

    I've seen The Sword in the Stone several times now, and while it's not my favorite Arthur adaptation, it's cute, and funny ... Truth be known, there's a sly allusion to it in Take where Arthur is remembering how the old man taught him to swim by telling him to "be a fish." (Merlin turned Wart into a fish, not a frog. In and out, short and stout, that's what makes the world go round. For every to there is a fro ...)

    But personally, the ending's the best part, when Arthur is sitting on the throne still trying to come to terms with the fact that he's now king ... and Merlin decides to go vacation in the future. (Either that or he just got back, I don't remember. Anyways, the comments he makes are hilarious!)

  6. Sounds like a fun movie! That is one Disney film I have yet to see. I have read several different versions of the Arthur legend. Some people have a difficult time with the heavy language in the Howard Pyle version, but I never minded it. If you can read Shakespeare you can read that!

  7. My very favourite character in The Sword and the Stone is Archimides. (Is that how you spell his name?) He was such a hilarious side kick.

    I think Sword and the Stone was one of the first Disney films I remember watching when I was little. The wolf always used to scare me. Now, I find him hysterical too.


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