Monday, August 19, 2013

"Ugly says what?"

 Wherein Jack Reviews A Movie

 I love animated movies, but whenever one comes out which I think looks really good I have warnings go off in the back of my mind. What if it isn't all the trailer implies it is going to be? What if I wait and wait for it and it is a huge disappointment? How will I get over that kind of betrayal?
 Thankfully, this doesn't happen all that often. Right now I can only recall about two movies I was looking forward to that I came away disliking.

 When I saw the trailer for Epic I wanted to see it the next day, even though I had a lot of doubts about it. It had all of the elements for a great story, but it also had a slightly over used plot and therefore there was the likely chance that it would flop. (Fairy type being living in the trees, fighting off evil with their happiness and ability to grow things, and the human who gets sucked into it all and has to save everything. Toss in some glitter which spins magically around the queen for good measure.)

 This movie has a lot of stereotypes which are best avoided, usually, in story telling. (Mostly because they are over used and the issues are never really resolved - a post for another time.)

 For example. Nod, the hero of the story, is arrogant, thinks he knows better than anyone else, and doesn't work with the other soldiers. He wants to do everything on his own, and hates taking orders.
 In the same way, M.K. - the heroine - is going to visit the dad she barely knows. Her parents divorced and now her mum is dead - I think. It never said, but it was implied. But, anyways, her dad is absentminded, pays no attention to her, and M.K. figures she would be better off on her own. All of this screams over used main character syndrome. But there were some twists which kept the story exciting.

 First off, Nod and M.K. themselves. Both of them make a lot of mistakes. They do things which endanger not only themselves but many other lives. But, when this happens, they admit to their mistakes. They don't push the blame on others, they take rebukes and determine to fix everything they can.
 Also, with M.K. and her dad. It wasn't the typical when they have a chance to fix things were one puts all the blame on the other. Instead, both see where they went wrong and they apologize, not trying to make the other say it was all their fault. I've not seen this a lot in story telling and it was nice for a change.

 And now that I've established that I loved that element of the story I can move on to all the other things I liked.

 First, the queen. Why can't there be more queens like her? She was completely unexpected. She made jokes at random times and kept telling her body guard to lighten up. But, she was also very brave and - in short - just really cool.

 Her body guard. He was kind of like the tiny leaf man of Nick Fury...only without the grumpiness. (In all fairness, I think Fury deserved his moments of grumpiness, look who he had to put up with.) Also...during the battles. He was VERY cool during the battles. And he was the kind of character who won't put up with much. If you annoy him, he will leave you behind - at least, he will do his best.

 And, I cannot do a review without mentioning the slug and snail - even though I've forgotten their names. The slug was the funniest part of the whole movie and now my brother goes around using his insults. (The title is one of them.) The best part was when he tried flirting with M.K.

 The battles were the type that had me scooting closer and closer to the edge of my seat. (I like a good battle. Throw in humming birds and bats and swords and you have a winner on your hands.)

 For awhile I was certain I was going to hate the ending. I was ready to sulk out of the theatre and go home to pout. But, it turned out to be a great ending, so I went away happy.

 Of course, it did have the glitter and was close to boarding a couple Barbie movies. *Cough* I don't know HOW I could possibly know something like that! *Cough, cough* But the battles and characters and bad guys made up for it. (For those wondering, yes, there was a part where glitter surrounds someone, lifts them off the ground, and drops them back in a whole new outfit.)

 Now all I have to do is wait for it to come to DVD so I can watch it again. And again. And again. And if you have yet to watch it you should. The End. I'm going to bed. "I wash my hands of this weirdness."

 I already told you where the quote is from, but if you were wondering, it is the slug insulting Nod.




  1. This is a large reason why I love reading your stuff.
    Please, please, never "grow up".

  2. I missed this one in theaters although I like animated films. Will check it out on NetFlix.

  3. I am somewhat interested in the movie because it does look kind of cool, although I am not entirely sure if I want it see it. Great review though.


  4. Hi, Jack!

    I wondered about Epic. I thought the trailers were cool until I saw the ones with the snail and slug. But maybe I'll watch this when it comes on DVD or TV or something.
    (Don't worry about the Barbie movies. You aren't the only one. ;) )

    ~Robyn Hoode

  5. I secretly love animated movies too, and I have to admit I had doubts about this one in particular. I'm glad to hear it wasn't so bad! I'll probably pick it up from the library when it comes out on DVD.

  6. Yay! Another animated movie to look forward to! And my little sisters love pretty much any fairy movie they can get their hands on, so I think this one will be good fun for them. I like movies like that. ;)

  7. I love animated movies, and I was actually really excited to see this one. My mother doesn't want to see it at all because she's heard it has a strong environmentalist bent, haha, but I can stand that up to an extent if the story's a good one. I may have to give it a watch sometime soon.

    Decked Out in Ruffles


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