Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"You want us to go away? Why?" "Because we don't like you."

 Today I am doing a Disney tag put together by my friend Amy, who's blog you can find HERE

 1. What is your favourite Disney movie?
 It is a tie right now between The Lion King and Tangled. It was always The Lion King from the day I saw it - king story! - but the more I watch Tangled the more I  like it. It has a very cool plot.

 2. Favourite Disney princess?
 Probably Rapunzel. I like how they made her, not a coward but also not where she acted like she was better than men and didn't need their help. Also, she had "blond" moments which I thought were cute and fun. And she was actually sweet and not afraid to act a little childish sometimes.

 3. Least favourite Disney princess?
 Hm...I've never really liked Jasmine for some reason, I don't know why. Also, as much as I love The Lion King, I've never liked the girl lion who's name I cannot remember. Oh, but I think my all time least favourite would be the one from Sleeping Beauty who's name I cannot spell - I just don't like that movie in general.

 4. D you like the drawn animation or the computer animated movies better? 
 Both, both, both is good.

 5. Favourite male character?
 Flynn Rider - and not necessarily for the reasons he is always picked. I think he might be one of the most well thought out Disney men. He wasn't the good guy, he didn't help Rapunzel because of her looks, he was a thief and set out to get what he wanted. But in the end he was willing to give his life to keep someone else safe.
 On that note, I also like Simba - but I think I like him because of the king plot he is in and he is the rightful king on the run who later has to go back and fight for his people.

 6. In your opinion who is the best villain?
 Mother Gothal, because she pretended to love Rapunzel. I think it is so creepy how she pretends through the whole movie to want to protect her and take care of her. And she does it so convincingly too, but in the end we see what she is really like.

 7. What is your favourite Disney hairstyle?
 Hm...I've always liked Belle's - all of hers. 

 8. What is your favourite story?
 The Lion King. 

 9 Which has the best romance?

 10. What is your favourite Disney song? *Mrhrhrhr*
 Oh...that's hard. I like all of them from Mulan, and the one at the beginning of Brave. Okay...if I have to pick just one I will say A Girl Worth Fighting For. That one is funny.

 11. What is your favourite Costume?
 The ones from Tangled or Brave

 12. Would you rather go to a ball with a midnight curfew or get lost in a forest and keep house for a bunch of dwarves?

Which would YOU rather do?
 13. Who is your favourite non-human character?

 14. Do you want an adventure in the great wide somewhere or would you rather just be on an island of your own?

 15. What Disney movie is the most likely to make you cry?
 The Fox and The Hound. I cried when I watched it as a kid and haven't had the courage to watch it since.

 16. Which character do you most relate to?
 Belle. I have a love for books, I don't fit in with normal people, I'm always looking for adventure, and I wouldn't mind marrying someone who isn't considered handsome so long has he has a good character.

 17. What scene used to scare you the most?
 The one in Aladdin, where Jafar takes over the palace and throw Aladdin into - wherever that was. (I still don't know if it was a desert or in the snow.) That one was creepy.

 18. Did you like Aurora's dress better in blue or pink?

 19. Have you seen The Great Mouse Detective?
 Yes, but it has been so long I need to see it again

 20. What Disney movie, in your opinion, is the prettiest? Story aside, characters aside, what movie is the most fun to look at?
 A tie between Tangled and Brave.

 Thus ends the tag, but I have more of a post to do.

 As I've mentioned, my friend Kendra is holding a giveaway for her newest book, The Ankulen. If you wish to enter or learn more about it you can find all the information HERE. This is a book I think most authors would enjoy as it is one of those where the author gets into her own story.

 Anyways, Kendra is holding a series of world-building type posts in honour of her new book, and since I've been having a bit of fun learning about world-building for my books I have decided to do another for her party.

 I've been watching the rest of Star Trek, so I've been in a bit of a Science Fiction mood lately, so I am going to do a look at the world of Star Trek.

 Set in the future, Earth supposedly is pretty much the same earth we've all come to know and love - though I'm not really sure as they never really visit earth. It is the rest of the world which is new and exciting.

 Captain Kirk and his crew set out to boldly explore the unknown - or...Boldly go where no man has gone before. They visit many new planets and meet all kinds of Aliens. Some friendly, some not so much.

 A lot of the time the Aliens were more intelligent than human beings. They had more advanced technology, ran everything by computers, and some like to torment the crew just because. But the writers also added some Aliens who still lived in the more "barbaric" ages. The crew runs into Gladiator type Aliens, some who are like the Romans, and even 20's mobsters - they even meet up with Aliens {they might not have been Aliens, I wasn't ever sure} who had the same culture as the Native Americans. Visiting these planets always give the crew new challenges on how to escape with their heads still on their shoulders.

 Then of course, there are the robots, which every Science Fiction show needs, because it wouldn't be the same without robots. (My favourites are the ones from I, Mudd. 
 Also, sometimes we get to meet friendlier, harmless Aliens who are just there to look cute. (Tribbles.)

 So, while it might not have been as well detailed or planned as Star Wars, it is still a lot of fun. I personally, I love how creative they got with some of the Aliens. (Like, covering a girl in green paint or powder or something. Makes me wish I had lived back then and could have helped think up new Aliens.)

  And there it is, my Trekkie World-building post. 

 I used a Star Trek quote from I, Mudd - because it is a Star Trek post and because I like that episode and that quote. 




  1. I knew I recognized that quote....
    And believe me, once into the Next Generation and DS9, Star Trek can get preeeetty complicated as far as world-building. The Klingon race has to be one of the most detailed alien races ever. You can take classes to learn their language, for goodness sake! It's crazy! Trekkies are strange. *shakes head* Kuplah! (My only Klingon word. It means success).

    Very fun Disney tag. That was fun to read.

  2. I loved reading your answers to the Disney tag...this is probably the coolest tag I've ever come across (but then, I'm a super Disney geek, haha). You've made me want to go and watch the Lion King again, haha. That's been my favorite Disney movie ever since I was little and my parents took me to see it at least five times in the movie theater.(: I think it was actually the same with Aladdin and Pocahontas, though, haha...but The Lion King was always special. I still have a couple lithographs displayed in my room.(:

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  3. The Lion King AND Tangled....I sense a pattern here. XD Great post. Loved the tag. Mother Gothel truly was creepy, yup, for that exact reason. *shivers*

  4. Yes! A Star Trek marathon. Nothing would make me happier.
    From your answers I'd say you lean more towards Tangled.

  5. I can tell you love The Lion King and Tangled :) (although how can you NOT like Sleeping Beauty??? It's one of my favorites. And you totally need to see the Great Mouse Detective again. It's like Sherlock. Except it's mice;)

    Flynn Rider is pretty awesome. Although I'm afraid if I had to keep house for a bunch of dwarves my attitude would resemble Bilbo's ;)

  6. Wooot! Tangled is brilliant and awesome. Just like Flynn Rider. The Lion King is fantastic too, but I think Tangled is better.

    Loved the post!

  7. Hehehe. Wanna know a secret? I've never seen the Lion King. None of them. I want to though.... Everyone else seems to like it a lot.

    Mother Gothal. *shudder*

    And WOOOOOT! STAR TREKKKKKKKK. I loved "I, Mudd"

  8. I loved your answers! It's fun seeing everyone's different opinions. :)
    Your answer about Flynn was spot on. He's the best. And probably the most *real* of the Disney heroes. *Nods*

    Ditto to Treskie...I've never seen the Lion King either. But I really want to. (And I call myself a Disney fan. For shame! lol)



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