Sunday, September 15, 2013

"Of course, we are your friends." "And maybe more." "More with her. Me and you, we just stay friends."

 Wherein Jack Has Been Editing

 I'm not even sure where to go with that. But, that pretty much sums up my life at the moment. (Add to it tearing up the house. I put all of my book files on a thumb drive, then took them off my computer in case it crashed, which has been a problem with past computers. I've had the thumb drive for more than a year, but last week I lost it. Imagine Jo after Amy burned her book.) Thankfully I have not lost everything. It could have been SO much worse, because the only book there was a risk loosing was The Broken Blade, but it was open on my computer at the time so I didn't loose anything.
 I did, however, loose the first nineteen chapters of edits I did on Abolished. I am continuing where I left off, trying not to think about the first chapters and how I will have to redo them. (I am also hoping to find it before I am done with the first round of edits.)

 In happier news, I was able to buy my dominion name. I am now trying to get it onto my blog, then I will begin work on the background and fixing up each of the books' pages. I am excited to begin that because I have some fun ideas I am hoping to get done. I still haven't settled any idea for my blog's background. I know which colours I want to use, I just don't know how to go about actually designing it. 
 (Actually, if anyone knows of any good program, easy to use, which helps with photo editing I would really love to know the name. I should probably mention I am looking for one that isn't 500 dollars. Just something I can use to crop one photo into another. Or, if anyone knows how to do this, would you be willing to give me step by step instructions?)

 I am hoping to have most of the new site up and running by the end of the month, then I can work on Abolished's cover in October and have almost everything done before NaNo. I want no distractions since I finally know which book I will be working on and want to get it written - the FINAL draft! 

 And that is all. I am tired and have no more to say. So, The End. 

 Quote is from Around the World in Eighty Days. 




  1. Have you tried Picmonkey? It's free on the internet and no sign-in required. Or GIMP. You have to download that one, but it's also free. I guess YouTube would have lots of tutorials on how to use it.

    Ohh! A domain name and redesign. Sounds FUUUUUN. XD

  2. Ooooh, I can't wait till you start editing! I bet it'll be crazily fun.
    I have GIMP and so far I really like it- if you still need a picture-editing thing, GIMPshop is a good idea. :)

  3. Is the nano novel the one of which I know of? Because if it is I am very happy over here! I'm cheering you on over here with the editing! keep up the good work!

  4. If I had time to help you, I would! PhotoShop is the best although not the cheapest.
    Sorry about losing those edits. Just think - you'll probably make them better the second time around anyway.

  5. You're so inspiring, Jack! I love reading your updates. It helps me want to keep working too. Keep pushing--you're doing amazing things. <3

  6. I was going to suggest GIMP, but it looks as though others have already done so.

    So sorry you lost all those edits, but very glad you didn't lose even more.

  7. Yay on the domain name!That's a big, awesome step! :)

    Alas, I have no idea what photo editing program to recommend. I just use the 'Paint' program that came with my computer. It works for pretty much everything I ever need, but it isn't very user-friendly. In my humble opinion. :)

    Well golly-dang! I hope you find your thumb-drive! That's such a nightmare. I'll say a little prayer to St. Anthony for you. He is the patron Saint of lost things. He always helps me find my lost things. *Grin*


  8. Oh no! I hope you find your thumb-drive! It would be horrible if you couldn't find it!
    Gimp is a good, free editing site... But you have to download it. It was safe when I did it a few years ago. But you never know.
    God luck finishing everything before NaNo! There's still a good month and a half before then, I know you can do it!
    Now if only I can get After the Twelfth Night finished by then...
    Can't wait to see the new website.


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