Sunday, September 08, 2013

"Relax guardianship laws." "Relax guardianship laws?" "Did I say that? Darn nero-toxins!"

 I'm sitting here, trying to think of something grand to write about. Something that will make you laugh, and cry, and dance - though probably not with each other. But really, I'm not sure I have anything at the moment. 

 I have been very busy lately trying to get editing done and work on things for my new website. I have found just about everything I need to get it up and running, it is just figuring out how it all works. Right now I am working on dominion names. (Thankfully there don't seem to be any other Jack Lewis Baillots out there with websites, stealing possible user names.)
 Once I buy one and make that part official I will be trying to come up with a more permit design. I feel like one of those house decorating people. Or fashion designers. "You will want something which screams, 'Here I am! LOOOOVE me!'" Okay, so he wasn't a fashion designer, but close enough.

 Also, with time drawing closer to Abolished's release date, I am nearing that last minute panic mode. (I know, it is still three months away. Which might seem a long while to those who are dying to get their hands on it - if anyone is even in that state. But on this end, that isn't a whole lot of time.)
 I'd like to do another trailer, like I did with book one. I don't think the trailer really helped with book sales, but it was a lot of fun to make. And if I did one I would get to revealed my evil cliff hanger a month or so early. I should say a month or week early, depending on when I was able to get it out. (I say evil cliff hanger because, to be honest, I tried to go out of my way to make it as evil as I possibly could. I was suffering from cliff hangers at the time I wrote it. Sherlock, Percy Jackson, and I think another. It was the closest means of revenge I could come up with.)

 I also REALLY need to begin work on the cover. (You know, kind of important.) I am hoping to come up with some kind of knock your boots off design, but I know next to nothing about it. I am commandeering as much help as possible right now. 

 And this is where I ask for all of your help. As readers - both of my books and blog - you all have become as much a part of all of this as I am. (Without readers I wouldn't be anywhere.) I'm not exactly well known right now, but obviously some of you are interested in what I write or you wouldn't keep coming back. *Grin* So, that is why I am curious to know what all of you think about this. 

 First, I have been wondering, if ever you search for my books or blog, or anything really, do you search under Miss Jack Lewis Baillot or Jack Lewis Baillot? I go by both, but I don't know which I am more known as. (When I buy my dominion name I want to buy it using the name I am most known under.) Not that I think it matters a whole lot. As I said, there don't seem to be too many Jack Lewis Baillots out there.

 Also, what are your thoughts on the trailer? (I think I've asked this before.) I did two different kinds. The one for Haphazard and then the one for Loyalty. Which of the two was your favourite and why? Would anyone even like to see a trailer or do you care one way or the other? (I would give you the links so you could look at both trailers but I seem to have lost Loyalty's...I will have to find the thumb drive I put it on and upload it to my blog later. Haphazard's can be found under it's book page.)

 How do you like my site's design right now? (Meaning, the layout of all the different pages and the different pages I have set up for each book.) Do you like it? Dislike it? Is it too complex to get around? Do I have too much information? Not enough? If you were new to the site would you be confused? Were you confused when you found it? And when you find a new book site/blog, what do you like to find on it first? A main page which talks about the author or one of the books or the main page being the author's blog? (I know, a lot of questions. I am trying to make my website as reader friendly as possible.)

 And lastly, what did you think of Haphazard's cover. (You can be as completely honest as you like.) If you didn't like it, what would you have liked it to be like? Do you like there being an actual person on the cover or would you have liked it more with, say, an airship or something? 

 *Turns off interrogation light and moves around from behind the big, metal, scary looking and boring desk.*

 Sorry for all the questions. None of you need answer all of them, or any of them, but any thoughts on anything would be a big help to me as I move everything forward toward this next step in my writing career. (Actually, I am having silent moments of panic over all of it. There is so much going on right now and I don't really know where I am going with it. I don't know if I am moving forward too fast or if I am even ready for setting up an official website.) 
 But, I am grateful to each and every one of you. You've been the best readers an author could ask for and if you all lived closer I'd pile you with cookies. Thank you all so much for your support, for your comments, and for making my first steps into the author world so enjoyable. You all are the best!

 Now I should end and go to bed as it is almost 12:30. 

 Quote is from the Lemony Snicket movie. Someone mentioned Peru the other day so I've been quoting that line pretty much non stop since.




  1. I don't really do Google searches for stuff on your blog since I follow it, but I think you should do "Jack Lewis Baillot." Miss Jack Lewis Baillot might be a little long for some people.
    I really like this site- it's easy to get around, the background is gorgeous and I think it fits your blog really well.
    I haven't read any of your books yet, so I can't really judge about covers. I need to read them soon...:)

  2. I agree with the above comment about the name and alas, I can't offer advice about the other things, Jack. Sorry.

  3. If people know you as both, you could register both domain names and have one point to the other. That's what I did, or will do, if I ever get my own site up and running.

    Best of luck with the cover art...mine has taken a lot longer than three months, so I envy you.

  4. We can be I'm-in-the-final-stage-of-my-book-help-me-it's-not-going-to-get-done-in-time buddies. I'm there too.

    As for your name... I actually have done searches of your name before because I'm a stalker. xD No... but I have done searches. Usually I do it under Miss Jack Lewis Baillot. I personally like the 'Miss' in there, because it lets your reader's know that you are a girl. When I first started reading your blog and telling my parents about it, I would say "Oh, and Jack this and that" and they were like, "And who exactly is this 'Jack' person... Is it a boy?" And so then I had to explain it all to them.

    As for a trailer, I LOVED the Haphazardly Implausible one. I still go watch it every so often (especially after I read the book, so I could put words to the images I was seeing). I like real actors better than just pictures... But I understand that's it's hard to get actors sometimes.
    Another alternative is to do the trailer after the book comes out.

    I like your blog design. It's a tad bit full: there's lots of pages. But I don't think they are necessarily confusing (though they might be for a new reader). I love that each of your books has it's own page, where you can find out about things. Some of them could be added to a little bit, maybe. Some more information.

    Haphazardly Implausible's cover is one of my favorites. Usually I'm not a fan of people on the cover's of books, because they're either in your face (thus preventing the reader from imagining the character), or elaborate graphic designs that look like they should be an illustration rather than a cover. But with Hap. Implausible, the person doesn't take center stage - with the outfit and the background and the title it all fits together. I like that. I'd say if you continue to do people on the covers, continue doing full body shots, don't switch over to people's faces.
    One other thing... I know that people like consistent covers for book series. With the Leviathan series, the first book sometimes has gears on it... the alternative cover is someone posing as Alek. The other books also have the characters one the front. It's kind of noisome, because I like the gears better than the people-faces, but the second and third books don't have gear covers, they just have the people covers.
    Other books change covers half-way through the series, or on the last book, too and it just doesn't look like it should be the same series, because the cover is so different.

    Good luck with your website! I can't wait to see it when it's done. =)

  5. I think your layout here is good. You have everything on a separate page which is cool. I've never searched your name except for your book. (Your site is in my Feedly reader so no search needed.) Trailers are fun although I don't know how much they influence sales either. If you have time to do one, go for it.

  6. I have time to answer your questions! (Yay for time!) First off, I'm pretty sure its a domain name, unless that's a pun...(Oh my gosh it is isn't it xD That took me a moment, sorry.)
    Anyway, I always refer to you as Miss Jack Lewis Baillot, mostly because I think it sounds cool to have a title.
    As for the trailer, I liked Haphazard's trailer more, though I know that it probably took a lot more time. I'm not so sure how I feel about book trailers in the first place, though, so that is neither here nor there.
    I haven't seen this said site yet (unless you're talking about the blog as a site? My brain's not fully functioning right now) so I'm going to play it safe and not give any advice there.
    My only issues with Haphazard's cover were that for some reason it didn't show up on nook (add that to the list of reasons I'm starting to hate my nook) and the slightly-opaque box thingies to me. I like the 'real' photo (art is good too) but the digital manipulation seemed strange.
    Good luck! I look forward to Abolished's publication.

  7. I think your site is very easy to navigate and user-friendly (I'm wondering why "A Stretch of Loyalty" isn't on your "Jack's Books" tab... but maybe you just haven't gotten to it yet). I have never been confused by your site (and, as one who will tell you flat out if a site is hard to navigate, you can trust me)!

    I prefer the first page on a site with a blog to be the blog itself (which is something I need to change on my own site, as I wasn't sure and so Evan just went ahead and did what he thought was best). It works... but if the main point of the site is the blog, or if that's where all the exciting stuff is happening, then I feel that should be the first page one sees.

    As far as covers, I agree with Abbey that covers in a series should at least look as though they go together (same fonts, same style, etc).

    Haphazardly Implausible's cover is not my favorite, gotta be honest, but I think it's just because I'm so geared towards preferring the fantasy genre that it just doesn't grab me. I really love your cover for A Stretch of Loyalty, which looks more fantasy, so, that probably ends up being a good thing, as HI isn't fantasy, so it's a good thing the cover doesn't look it! LOL I probably would have been more drawn to it if there was an airship on the cover. :)

    As far as trailers... I have no opinion... I haven't watched any of them, and don't think I've ever actually watched a book trailer in general... so... shrug!

    I don't think I've ever searched for you except by your title names... as I'm following via email and don't need to search for you. I think either with the "Miss" or without would be fine... since you're without the "Miss" on your book covers, I might lean that way for your domain name... but M.J.'s idea is a good one too. :)

  8. Oooh, LOL I did not realize you had stuff up and running, so my thoughts on website were restricted to your blog! I LOVE the colors and design of the website! Very nice! I also think it seems quite user-friendly.

  9. Hi Jack! *Wavewavewave!*

    I think your site is user friendly. I've never found anything about it particularly confusing. And that's saying a lot! lol.

    I agree with Abbey about the name. I always call you 'Miss' Jack Lewis Baillot. I don't just seems more you to me. It's cute.

    I love your book cover for Haphazardly Implausible. If you wanted to do something with the same feel but a different look, you could zoom in on hands holding a steampunkish gun, or some other steampunkish detail...I don't know. Just an idea. Feel free to chuck it out the window. :)

    *Sighs in relief and slinks away from the the bright light*

    Thanks for that tag. I will get to it soon, I promise!


  10. JAAAAACKKKKK!!!!!!

    Ahem, I'm going to try to answer as many questions as possible. (that bright light and metal table which you described, have unfortunately made me want to purse my lips and say, "I think I'm adorable." in my best Dean voice. lol.) erh. Ehem. (the interrogation table thing had Amy and I in giggles, btw.)

    Okay. Just first off, your cliffhanger was easily as cruel as the BBC's. And Rick Riordan's. I mean, GAAAH, Jack!

    I usually search you by Miss Jack because that's the blog's URL and it's been ingrained into my skull as MISS Jack.

    As for the trailer, Yes please!! I like Haphazard's a wee bit better, though. And I think it would be good to have both books from the same series have the same kind of trailer. I just like continuity.

    I don't think your site's hard to navigate at all. I like how each of your offsites for your books have their own feel like a piece of said book is there. It's cool. PLEASE keep the main page your blog! I know it's good for marketing, but I always find it more fun to come to an author's website and see their last post rather than when their next book is coming out.

    I like the cover of your book. The only thing I might have changed is the spine colors, because the red on the grey is a little hard to see sometimes.

    No panicking!! I'M the only one allowed to panic! And I'm good at it, I can panic enough for both of us! Whoooo! Haha. Like that helped. Try not to worry, I'm sure you'll be fine. You're even starting your cover earlier this year than last year, so that will make things easier. :D

    And now I must away. *looks directly into the light.* "I see a light... I think I should go toward it......" byeee!


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