Wednesday, September 04, 2013

"Why is he smiling at me?"

 Last night I was feeling very unaccomplished, so I put on my Enya CDs, curled on my comfy chair - "I got him to say comfy chairs!" - and spent two hours editing Abolished Impracticality. (Though by the second hour I was dozing on and off.)

 I set myself editing goals, which I should have done a long while ago because I wouldn't be working on it all now if I had done some in the summer. (As I've mentioned, I work better with editing when I have a dead line and it is looming over my head.)
 Right now I am doing my own personal read through of the book, making notes to myself, and scolding myself for a cruddy scene I wrote. Once I have this round done, which should take a week or so, I plan to add in the edits my beta readers have been sending me while I read the first book again to make sure I repeated nothing in book two from book one. (I even got myself a handy little board I can write notes on and erase them as I don't need them. I've hung it above my desk so I won't risk forgetting any said notes. But at this rate, I will need a bigger board soon.)

 So, all of that is the reason I am not doing a world building post today but am babbling about nonsense and other great facts of life.

 I am hoping to have most of my editing - if not all - done by November. I don't want to have to try and editing and do NaNo this year - that was SUCH a bad idea last year. Instead, I will polish up the formatting and work on the cover. (Anyone want to pose for a tall, lanky Italian with almost white hair?)
 I don't mind formatting, now that I know what I am doing, but I am not crazy about formatting with pictures. It takes a lot of time and work to get the pictures to look right in the book, I can't just stick them into their proper place and move on. I have to size them and adjust them so they will be in the best viewing position for the reader. (And, the same with Clair, you will want these in the best viewing position because they are great pictures.)
 The closer it gets to the release date, I am thinking of doing another set of picture reveals like I did with book one. But I need to get in contact with my artist first, and get closer to the release date - which really isn't that far away if one is editing. (If you're waiting for the book I am sure it is longer.)

 Anyways, NaNo this year. I am very excited for it even though I'll have to share my computer with John again because he wants to join in again like last year.
 I've been playing around with two ideas, trying to pick one. One idea is a book I've written ten times already and now that I have a great plot - thanks to the efforts of my dear Mycroft - I would like to get it written for the final time. (FINAL!!! Here me, characters?! FINAL!!)
 But, I also have a new, shinny idea running around in my head which...well, it is new and shinny. All of you authors out there know how hard it is to turn down something new and shinny, especially when it is a plot.
 And then, of course, there is book two to last years NaNo. So, once again, too many choices. (I could even work on The Broken Blade some more even though it is considered naughty to write a book which is already being worked on.) Maybe I will save The Broken Blade for next summer and finish the whole rough drafts of the series while I don't have other things looming over my head.
 Oh yes, and then there is book three in the Loyalty trilogy which needs written. And now I am going to shut up before I undust even more ideas which I put aside until I got The Broken Blade done.

 And that is my life summed up at the moment. Well, most of my life. There is all of the other things going on as well, but they are not really worth mentioning right now.

 But I did mean to ask in my last post. Did all of you get in your last minute summer plans last month? Did you do anything grand and epic - or even something which seems less grand and epic but was still fun?

 The website is still in the works. My dear kindred spirit has been offering me all kinds of help and tips and I am slowly inching towards getting it all set up. So, maybe soon I shall be very official. Or maybe it won't be soon, because this is computer related and I am not the fastest when it comes to things like this.
 I am trying to decide on colours though, does anyone have any thoughts on this? (Something which would maybe be a mix between Steampunk and Fantasy - the two main genres I write.) Any opinions or thoughts would be a huge help right now.

 And now I will end this and get up and eat breakfast because my stomach is growling loud enough to wake the dead.

 Quote is from Tangled.




  1. As far as colors go, I see a lot of earth tones with fantasy, and metallics with steampunk. How about an earth tone with metallic accents (or the other way around), or you could find a happy medium. Hope that was at least a little helpful! :)

    I'll be attempting NaNo again this year, too:) I got a shiny new idea for a character and a letter, so I'm building a whole plot around that! Not as easy as I thought it would be!
    Love the Allons-y, as well!:)

    1. Oh, the colour ideas helped a lot! I hadn't even thought of trying anything like that! Thank you so much for your thoughts!!

      NaNo is exciting, I hope you have fun with it 8-D (It is hard, building a plot around a character. But, sometimes those turn out to be the best plots of all. And you have plenty of time to work on fleshing it out, so that helps 8-D)

  2. Hope you hit your editing goal. I envy all of your ideas. I usually only have them one at a time.

  3. Salutations!
    I have no tips or advice (sorry) But Enya is really cool! It could totally be the soundtrack in the movie based off of that book I haven't finished… yeah.
    And I completely love the way you explained new ideas, I get so distracted when I get one and I know I should focus on my other story… But it's new and SHINY! terribly distracting : )

  4. Enya is awesome. *grins*

    As for colors... hmm... for fantasy, the three types of colors coming to mind are royal colors like purple and red, earthy tones like browns and dark greens, and light blues and silvers with starry, fairydust-like feels to them. XD

    And for steampunk, metallics like bronze and steel and such. So maybe choose a metallic color that kind of goes with one of the more fantasy-like colors? Like... grungy bronze and dark red, or brown and gray? Something like that. :)

    Allons-y! ;)

    ~ Theodora Ashcraft

  5. Okay, so Derek says that if you are wanting to use to create a website, this web-page will be helpful:

    However, if you don't want to go through all that hassle (which I wouldn't have been able to do without Evan doing it all for me)... I noticed that Miss Stengl (author of the Goldstone Wood series, and backed by a "real" publisher) uses blogspot (and has a separate blog for each book linked to her main blog)... thought you might be interested in looking at her site before you decide to switch platforms:

    Just found that interesting, as she obviously doesn't even have her own domain name... shrug. Is another option and possibly less frustrating than trying to learn how to become a web-designer :)

    As far as colors go... I'm not super useful... but I like everyone else's suggestions of "earthy" or "metallic" tones - bronze and gray come to mind when thinking "steampunk" while blues and greens come to mind when thinking "fantasy".

  6. Hello!

    Editing... I'm attempting it. More like wandering around trying to edit and pretending that I know what I am doing and that it's not overwhelming me.

    For colors, I was going to suggest brown and blue (pretty much the metallic and earth colors everyone else suggested).

    ~Robyn Hoode

    1. That is how everyone edits, at least most everyone. Some people love it and actually know what they are doing. Authors usually have no clue and just pretend it all. So you're in good hands. (I'd give you tips but I'm one of the wandering authors who pretend.)

  7. What is NaNo?? I had a friend of mine tell what it was but apparently it escaped my mind...


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