Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"You steal my clothes."

 Wherein Jack learns she doesn't get a ship.

 I've been getting emails lately. This isn't unusual, I am always getting emails. But these emails have been different. And they've all, more or less, have the same word in them.


 I was pleased when I first read about ships. I could do with a ship. "Triple masted. Double decks. Fifty guns. Oh isn't she a beauty?" 

 Imagine the things I could do with my own ship. I could sail the Caribbean and rob Spanish ships of their spices and gold. I could climb the mast and rat lines and feel the salt wind in my hair. I could eat a raw onion a day and never again have to worry about people trying to strike up conversations with me. The possibilities are limitless. 
 Actually, knowing me, I'd probably spend most of my time sailing around, fighting Jack Sparrow for peanuts and trying to join in his magnificent garden party.

 I was sad to discover I won't be getting a ship. No sailing, no fighting Red Rackham, no treasure hunting.

 No, this kind of ship doesn't sail. It doesn't do anything sea related. But it does make me feel like a real author.

 I have made it to all new levels. Readers are shipping my characters. Every time something even slightly romantic happens in the books I get squealy emails saying how sweet the characters are.

 I never really intend to write romantic books, but every now and then things sneak through. (I meet romantic boy characters. It used to annoy me, now I just leave them alone to do whatever they like. After all, they always did it before with or without my permission.)

 So, while I am not getting a new ship, I have to admit I have been enjoying the flood of emails. (And no, I am not going to tell you which characters are being shipped. You shall have to read it yourself. {I'm not telling because it would ruin part of the book.})

 I am sure this post makes no sense. But, those who were around during my last edits should be used to that by now. Editing and brilliant posts don't mix.

 I'm just suffering mixed emotions about my ships I had to ramble about it.

 Quote is from Sherlock. And hopefully soon I can get back to the world building posts.




  1. (In answer to your quote: "We have a barter system.")

    Are they giving your characters couple names? You know you've made it when you get given couple names. ;) Oh, I can't wait for the day when I get fanmail... You lucky thing you.

  2. I was so confused for so long about the whole "shipping" thing, my teenage sisters had to explain it to me.....now THAT made me feel old! =P

  3. Guilty! But I don't do couple names. I find that kind of odd.

  4. Fan mail makes my day. Too bad you aren't getting a real ship though.

  5. ship is my new favorite term. It's awesome. :D

  6. I saw what you did with that Tintin quote. Also the Pirates of the Caribbean peanut reference. Woooo.

    LOL! I didn't realize other people told you they shipped people. Hehe... Were you not meaning to have them end up as a couple? O_o
    If it makes you feel better, their relationship doesn't feel forced, like in some books. It's just nice and sort of there without being a huge big deal. Know what I mean?

    Also, I agree with Anne-girl. I don't *do* couple names. lol.

  7. Hee hee hee... I'm maybe a tad... bit... guilty... Along with all those other people up there!
    But on another note! It's too bad you don't get to sail on the big blue. Every author needs their own boat.

  8. Oh, a Jack Sparrow reference?

    Great to receive fan mail!

  9. *First sends you virtual cookies to help with editing.*

    Congratulations on the 'ships'. It means lots of people like your characters deeply. :)

    Well, if you ever do get a real ship, can I come with you to the Caribean and rob the Spanish Ships, please? (I'm restless and it sounds like a magnificent adventure!)

  10. I decided to go look this whole thing up. :) Congrats on the "ships" - but I'm with you... I'd prefer a real ship! :)

  11. How wonderful to get such delightful feedback!

    Personally, I'd love to get a small sailboat and sail the seven seas with my husband.

  12. How appropriate on International Talk Like a Pirate Day :)

  13. I envy thee. I have as yet to hear anyone shipping my characters besides myself. Wait, no ... there was one girl who tried to ship Madeleine and Arthur ... but she hadn't gotten past chapter four of Take and had yet to learn that they were related. Ah, well.

    But you do have some great couples. The pair that cannot be mentioned happens to be my OTP, and I rank it over any other couple I have read/watched, with the exception of Arnold and Wanda of Magic School Bus and Shasta/Cor and Aravis. It almost reaches Clara and Andrew of my own personal couples. And yes, I've given it a name. I'll tell it to you when I send you my edits for your book. (I'm almost done ... but I'm really, really scared of the threatened Cliff. It's not to horrible ... is it????)

    As for your other couples, Steed and Miss Brown is sweet ... but Jack and Isidore is still growing on me. I like Jack ... but Isidore gets on my nerves. I'm sorry ... but he does. I though I'd like him, since he's a detective and German and all that ... but ... maybe as I continue reading. I'm not giving up on him, but I'm glad you made the decision to publish the short story, because if I hadn't read that first, I would have seriously wondered why he was in the book by the end of Haphazardly.

    Is Singur ever going to get a LI??? The poor boy needs one ... one with a large, loving family and a good cook.

    Anyways, I'm leaving before I gush too much more about your couples and leak secrets from Abolished.

  14. PotC reference. *internally fangirling*
    That must be interesting having people ship your characters. That'd be me... I have innumerable ships. lol. It's kind of awful.
    Hey, I've missed you! Love the new bloggy look! <3 :)


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