Thursday, September 26, 2013

"You think you'll just come back to life?" "When don't I?"

 Wherein Jack engages in a deadly battle against Math, and other harrowing and random adventures.

 I mentioned not very long ago that my characters are starting to be shipped - a reader term for paired off. (Pairing off characters is a dangerous pastime. If the author learns of it, and if they are - say - an Evil Overlord...and if not all the books are out yet, then the author has the ability to break the reader's hearts in cruel ways. Kind of makes you glad you don't know any Evil Overlords, doesn't it?)
 Anyways, after posting about ships and how I wouldn't be getting my own ship, I logged into my email to find this waiting for me.

 Isn't she a beauty? And she only cost me a pound. (Okay, shew as free...) Anyways, I am taking her out on the high seas for an adventure. Maybe chase down some pirates. Find a jar of dirt. Fight off Red Rackham. Have a magnificent garden party. Anyone care to join me? I'm in need of a crew.

 I was watching Megamind the other day when came to the realization. If Singur were evil and an Alien....he'd pretty much look like this

 I got another random email the other day. With another picture.

I was lego-ized! In the words of Vector..."Oh yeah!"

 I had a huge fan girl moment today when I learned that Episode One of Agents of SHIELD is now on Hulu. "You don't know what this means." Anyone who doubted Coulson living now gets a HUGE "I told you soing" from me.

 I finished round one of edits for Abolished and have began the next round. "Who's up for round two?! Oh...tell the kid to be more careful.."

 Since I spent the summer with my nose in a book, I've been having a TV show marathon now that fall is here. I think I should take a moment to talk about my skills, because I should get a cookie at least....Between school and editing I'v still managed to finish almost two seasons in about two weeks. Come now, admit it, you are in awe of my skills. (I know, all that talent. And just think, people are out there drawing master pieces or writing songs...)

 I get a ton of emails a day, but most of them are from the same person. I've considered putting them all in one email when I reply to them, but I like getting bombarded so I haven't gotten around to it. (And we talk about the same thing in all the emails...)

 And now, since I mention math in my introduction, I guess I should mention it now. Not that I want to. We don't get along, at all. Like how Frodo didn't get along with Shelob. Tintin with Ratopocolus. Anakin with lava.
 I've heard people usually only use one side of their brains. The math side or the creative side. I realized I am so creative sided I don't even grasp the simple concepts of math. At all. You should see my math teacher and tutor, and parents trying to teach me. (When this is over I am burning my workbook while laughing insanely.)

 Now I should take a serious moment. (Don't die of shock)

 I am looking for help. (Not the mental kind.) I have been trying to figure out background and header designs for my renovation as I set up my official website. I don't know how to get the designs I want though. (I know what I want, just not HOW to do it.) If anyone knows anything about those kinds of things, if you could please email me, I would like to talk over some things with you. *Blink, blink*

 And, now, before I end this randomness. In the post below I have things going on. You can have chance to ask me anything you can think of - it is for my new homepage. (Those who have already asked, I am starting work on it now, so you might see some of your questions answered already. And if you think up more you can keep asking. I will be keeping it going until next week sometime. Probably next Friday.)

 And I remembered one more thing. I was holding a contest, which I posted about HERE! I am now going to annoyance the winner. But first, I will let you all know which song inspired which character.

 Song One: Isidore Thaddeus Reichmann
 Song Two: Darcy Steed
 Song Three: Hannah Brown
 Song Four: Captain Shamus Steed
 Song Five: Jack O'Malley
 Song Six: Tony Verne
 Song Seven: Singur
 Song Eight: Peter Jones

 I liked reading the guesses, by the way. And, as some of you said, the songs could fit more than one character. And, since only two guessed, and since neither of the guesses matched mine...I shall declare both winners. (I shall be emailing you both, Treskie and Kismint and you can pick what sneak peak you'd like.)

 Okay, that is all. I am going.

 And I am leaving you with a funny, heartbreaking Rory and Amy quote.




  1. "I have come baaaack to liiiiffee."

    Oh my goodness that Lego you is amazing! That's so cool. Lego is cool in general.
    And you have no clue how hard the Alien-Megamind-Singur made me laugh... and the part about Anakin not getting along with lava. xD
    Good luck with your math. Surprisingly, I'm actually doing better in math than previously... It's science that's killing me now. Blah.

  2. I'll join your crew. We can carry swords and not do math at all. It shall be unfathomable (adj. "without fathom") good fun. Especially not doing math. I can't grasp the basic concepts, either. Every time someone mentions fractions, I'm either out like a light, or I start creating brilliant new fictional characters in my head. Perfectly beastly business.

    If you need any help doing your site, you should go to , because the people there are lovely *wink* and you can request tutorials or something. Or whatever.


  3. I love math. Which is weird... I know... but I'm one of those strange, ambidextrous-y people already, so.... why not?

    I would love to be part of your crew. Signing on for adventure on the high seas and reporting for duty with Cap'n Jack!

    I loved the first episode of Agents of SHIELD... and as all the billboards featured Coulson fairly prominently, I've been "I told you so-ing" for some time already!

  4. Two seasons is good! I can usually get through one a week unless there is a lot of movie watching in between.

  5. Creative people can't do math? Um ... in my family (both my mom's and dad's sides) it's the mathmatical people who are the most creative. My mom majored in math, my dad in Computer Science (which involves math), his dad was a math professor at our local college, and there are plenty more. Personally, I love math (Just came from watching a video about probability), and we all know I'm creative.

    Ah, well, I already knew I was a weird author. (Oh, by the way, I take math with a site called Khan's Academy. Completely free, and they have videos explaining EVERYTHING!!! Also does science and computer programming, but I've mostly hung out in the math.)

    Oh, and Jack, I think I do know an evil overlord. You'd better watch your back, since I've told Clara about a certain something, and she isn't pleased with it.

  6. I'd join you on a sea adventure. Sounds fun!

    I can sympathize with the math issues. While yeah, I'm technically 'ahead' in math, it still sounds like Greek to me when I'm learning it. Lucky me, I live with two mathaholics who think using the quadratic equation is a fun puzzle. (They're crazy.)

    The Agents of SHIELD show started already? I need to track down what channel its on then! Sounds interesting.

    Good luck with the graphic design! I'm afraid I can't help you there.

  7. Amy and Rory!! *sobs* :'(

    Oh!! Can I be on your crew!? Pllleeeeaassseee?? :D

    I loved Agents of SHIELD! I watched when it premiered. :D Coulson is so darn cute it kills me. :))

    Thank you for forbidding me to leave, dear Evil Overlord. :D I hope I never do. <3 :))

  8. Yes. I'm very glad you are not an Evil Overlord. World Domination is one thing...breaking readers hearts is quite another. :)

    Math is just the worst. I don't like math and I blame it for many of my self-doubt issues. lol. I hope you start having better luck with it and that something in your brain just clicks and math starts to make some sense for you.

    Did you watch the first episode of S.H.I.E.L.D? And was it awesome? I am so excited about that show! I love Coulson! I really hope the TV show can match the feel of the Avengers movie. That would be awesome. :D Superheroes are the best. Well...the Marvel ones, anyway. I'm not a huge fan of Batman (don't get me wrong, he's ok and I like Christian Bale as Batman) and I haven't seen any Superman movies. I want to see the new one that just came out. That one looked rather good.


  9. You seem to have tendencies of Evil Overlordship sometimes. Just sayin'. lol.

    Sign me up for your crew. Arrrrrrrr.

    Okay, that thing with Singur as Megamind made me laugh out loud for real. I was reading along, lalala, and then BOOM. "BAHAHAHAHA."

    I was SO Excited when I saw that trailer of Agents of SHIELD!!!! I was like, dancing around the house, screaming, "COULSON REALLY DID FREAKING LIIIVVVVVEEE! LALALALALALALALLA!!!!"

    Actually, I AM in awe of your skills in marathons. You're past Amy and Maria now, and neither of them have college. lol. *fist pump* you're catching up to me! ......Eh. I'm fairly sure I'm the person bombarding you with emails. *covers face* lol..... aaaaaaaaaawkward.

    Holy cow, I got like.... the whole freaking list wrong. LOL. I don't think a single one of my guesses matched yours. *eyeballs you.* But hehe.... seeing as I managed to win anyway... I'd like to know how You-know-who survived.

  10. First I read your post title and got all misty and upset and then I started reading your post and cracked up and clapped and got all geeky, especially when you said the Megamind bit. LOL.

    So.... I heard you are done with S2 of Supernatural. Dang it Jack, why did you have to run through it so fast?? I wish I owned it. Too bad I can't watch them alone. How do you feel about Sammy? Dean? Are you a Dean Girl or do you like both equally? I like both equally. I can't choose which one is the best. I love them both.

    Now for questions. Now is my chance to ask you ANYTHING. OH BOY!! First off, what is you're least favorite character ever written? do your character Actually DO things you don't want or does your story happen to take twist that forces you to change the character? What kind of books are your favorite to write? What is the worst book you ever read? Do you get easily get addicted to TV shows or does it take you awhile to become obsessed? would you consider yourself a fangirl? Do you like Marshmallows in your cocoa? How do you like your coffee? What is your favorite time of the day? When did you first decide becoming an author sounded like fun? Who is your favorite villain (either your own creation or someone else's) Do you like rainy days or sunny days more? Do you enjoy fangirling or does it annoy you that you're a fangirl? Do you watch SHIELD? Do you usually wiz through TV marathons with a weekend? what is your favorite TV show? Which are you the most likely to get geeky about? what will you be doing on November 23rd? Do you like bunkbeds? Have you ever wanted to be a spy? how about a time traveller? Milk or Apple juice? Do you like Pie? do you enjoy getting rave emails? What is the absolute best smell to you? Sam or Dean? (optional)

    Now I shall go. carry on my waywar--- what is wrong with me? I'm turning into Teresa!! :-D

    If I become a pirate with you does that mean I don't have to do anything?

  11. ~AAHH!! Shipping is one of the best feelssss!!~~

    ~Woah that legolized image is one of the most unfathomable images ive ever seen o.o Two seasons in two weeks is pretty amazing! I can only do that for anime since episodes are short in anime and cartoons!

    ~I`d love to help you out with the website building, but I know as much about it as I do about History(which to say, is close to nothing) Sorry :( I`m good with maths though, but Idk how to relate it with website-y stuff :(

    ~What`s agents of shield about? I`ve recently watched Game of Thrones, Hannibal and American Horror Story(gonna start Breaking Bad cause everyone keeps telling me how awesome it is)

    ~Man I miss blogger and reading posts and chatting here sooo much!!


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