Tuesday, October 08, 2013

"Cos! Call me a cab!" "Okay, you're a cab."

 I was going to be good today and bring an end to all of these random, pointless editing posts. But then I spent a couple hours in front of my computer editing and that plan went out the window. That and my hand isn't really working right now even with my brace.

 The creators of the Lizzie Bennent Diaries are putting together another blog video program. (If you haven't seen the Lizzie Bennent ones you MUST watch them, even if you're not a Pride and Prejudice fan. They are really well done and a lot of fun.) 
 The newest one is called Emma Approved and is about Emma Woodhouse. I've never read the book or seen the movie - I'm trying to get my hands on the copy with the dude from Elementary but haven't been able to yet. I am excited for this series though because my friends used to say I'm a lot like Emma, so I've been curious to see what trait we share. 
 I watched the first one, which you can find HERE!!!! I like Alex Knightly already.

 Okay, anyways, moving on. Now, since I can't really type right now, I think I will just shower you with random pictures. 

Rory is not amused

I'm sorry, Doyle, but not sorry enough to stop liking Sherlock

Wait till she sees The Dark World

Because House of Hades is out and the author in me has a VERY bad feeling about Percy

There, my fan girl word of the day, I've been practicing

His poor, broken heart

Pretty much my home town

World's greatest mysteries
Kirk's face...

And Dean's face...

 Okay, that's it. I need to stop typing, and homework....it is calling for me. (And I just found out one of the back stories in Haphazard, a sad back story. I need to go away and sulk for the rest of the night.)

 Quote is from Singin' in the Rain.




  1. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries are fantastic. I loved watching them.

    Yay!!!! Emma Approved is finally out!! I shall watch it posthaste.

    I agree with Eleven. Patience is for wimps. (I hate being patient, too.)

    Hahahaha!!!! Hiddleston's mom about his hair!

    In reply to your comment on my blog:
    YES!!!! COULSON IS GREAT!!!! I nearly choked laughing at the truth drug scene! I can't wait to see Ep. 3- hopefully tomorrow night. I think I shall save any further gushing about Agents for an email to you. (But, I won't give you any spoilers. I promise.)

    I'm thinking of doing a Christmas story. But, it's a big maybe. (More on that in an email, too.)

  2. I saw the Emma Approved video and I think it's going to be fun. Oh, if you can find the version of Emma with Gwyneth Paltrow you should watch that one. If you're a fan of Gwyneth, I guess. She does a really good job with that roll and the male character is awesome in that one.
    I saw the one with the Sherlock Holmes guy and it's pretty fun too. But I liked the other version better. It could just be that I saw it first. *Shrugs* Either way, Emma is a fun story. ....And she's sort of a matchmaker.*Clears throat*..... Jack, are you a matchmaker? *Grins*

    Those pictures are all hilarious. Especially the Kirk one. :)


  3. I love your pictures!! poor Rory - he's like 'I waited two thousand years outside a box; don't talk to me about patience." Omgosh did Arthur Doyle really say that?? poor guy!! But... I'm still a Sherlock fan. ;)

  4. I love Firefly (though there are a lot of skippable bits that I fast-forward). It's one of those... "I love it... but I don't recommend it" sorts of things. :-/

    However, I can recommend the movie finale of the show: Serenity (you could watch it without seeing the show... but it will make more sense if you watch the show).

    I also really enjoyed Angel (I only watched the first 3 seasons of Buffy, as season 4 got raunchy and annoying, so I stopped watching). Joss isn't always super clean. :) But I do love a lot about his story-lines and characters.

    I have not seen the Lizzie Bennet Diaries... but now, if I ever get a free moment in my life again... I may have to look them up. :) They sound intriguing.

  5. ~hey, jack! Jack! Play this game:

    ~hehehehe this was the best name the generator gave so far:

    ~Okay, now back to the serious stuff *wears Herashio glasses* Yes yes that info about crows is awesome! Also, butterflies are so beautiful, but they`ve never seen their own beauty... :(

    ~IKR all the ponies are so unique and adorbs!! But if I had to choose one for my life, I`d pick Pinkie Pieeee!! She`s like the epitome of randomness!!

    ~Also, can I ask u how to become a published author? And are you joining NaNo this year?? :DDD

  6. Oh, I so want to see the Lizzie Bennet series. I've heard it's really good and I love Pride and Prejudice. My mom leans more toward Emma though.

    I like the Psych one. :) And the llama's editing face.

  7. lol.... lololololol.

    I dunno. I felt like the comment needed that.

    ANYWAY. Hehehe. Random is fun. I must watch Emma Approved. I really liked the one with Gwyneth Paltrow is the only version I've seen, and I LOVED Mr. Knightly in it. :D

    Is that picture of Cas confiscating characters at all related to the episodes you just watched?? ..... hehe.


    I've always wondered how chopsticks worked with rice.... silly. Forks and spoons are much better.

    He should have been quiet. Dean was trying to eat. LOL.


    As I told Jessica, so THAT's where Emma Approved has been hiding! Way out on the Pemberley Digital channel. I'm on my way to watch it now.

    Wow, it sounds like you've been getting LOTS of great editing done! Good job! Sorry your hand hurts so much, though. I hope that it gets better quickly!

  9. P.S. About Emma movies... Personally, I like the BBC one with E-Lock better, even though I saw the one with Gwyneth Paltrow first. It think mostly it's a matter of opinion. The one with E-Lock has gorgeous costumes, though, and a score that is to DIE for! I really need to get my hands on a copy of the Paltrow one again...

  10. ROFL! Those are hilarious! Thanks for posting them. Doyle's quote was a great one. I always knew he was not a fan of his own work, but I did not know he was that extreme. On the other hand, even Tolkien undervalued his achievement with the Lord of the Rings.


  11. Jack ~

    Of *course* a library is an exciting place. Have you noticed how often Dean and Sam end up at a library? (Yes, I am a nerd. The books in Supernatural delight me.) I would not be surprised at all, if Indiana Jones came in and started breaking holes in the floor. We had a fire-magician in the library one time, casually showing off, and when his wallet burst into flames, I didn't turn a hair. I am not sure what it says about me, or my job, but there it is.

    All of those editing-face pitures made me laugh, because I am looking like that right now. I have decided that in lieu of doing Nano this year, I am going to start working seriously on one of the 50,000+ word drafts of a book that I have laying about, and *do* something with it. So I am mostly sitting, staring at my writing, alternating between being mildly impressed with myself, and wondering how on earth I am going to make a story out of *that*, doing a bit of research that leads to hours of wasted time... I am not getting very far yet.

    (PS... that Duel Spires episode... What a weird place that was! And how I always want a piece of the cinnamon pie so very badly when we watch it :-)

  12. very nice post Jack.
    Keep writing.
    come by anytime-

  13. Keep on editing!

    Emma Approved so far has been good. I've not read the book or seen the movie either, so it's going to be a surprise!


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