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"Does she stop saying 'bang' when she pulls the trigger?"

 Wherein Jack reveals the last of her NaNo characters.

 I've been asking myself why I am giving so much away with this book. Every time I do it I feel like a spy disclosing too many secrets. The reason I'm doing it with this one is I'm hoping to get it published kind of soon. This writing for NaNo is more of an edit for it, and I think it will be ready before much longer. (I can hope anyways.)

 These characters are the not so main ones. (Except for Adalee. I think she would classify as a main-ish character. But let's not get technical here. I'm not in a technical mood. I'm more in the eating pie and cookies mood. So throw them here and back away slowly.)

 I guess I should do Adalee first so it is known she is more main-ish than all the others.

 17. Light red hair which falls perfectly and does exactly what she wants. (You know, the kind of hair all girls wish they had but don't. Disney hair.) Green eyes.
 Adalee is small. She looks younger than what she is and often times helps this along by acting younger. She has a cheerful personality with a hidden, evil side which is only brought out when she's trying to get back at Maddock for a prank he's pulled on her. (She and Maddock have a kind of ongoing war between them.)

 21 - I think. I always forget his age, but I'll have it right before I publish the book. Anything before that is pushing it. Dark red hair which is always wild and disastrous looking. Green eyes. He's a little darker than normal Hemlocians. He's also taller and has bigger arms and the temper to go with it.
 Quentin is Theobald's adopted brother. As I said he has a bad temper, he can't stand to be around many people, and he has a low tolerance for everything. If things get in his way he knocks them over, sometimes just using his brawn other times just by looking at them until their shaking so much they can't stand up anymore. In other words, you wouldn't want him for an enemy - probably not for a friend either. But he is loyal and he looks after Theobald.

 Not sure what his age is. He won't tell me so we can all assume he's old. Really old. (He's glaring at me.) Looks a lot like Quentin, only not as big. He is Quentin's father and Theobald's adopted.
 Clyde is short on patience but makes up for it by having a really loud voice. He loves his sons and would do anything to keep them safe, even give his own life.

 (We're working on her age. I don't know how elf ages work yet.) Blond hair - Disney style - and brown eyes. She's an elf which means she's pretty, tall, and graceful. She is also Theobald's aunt.
 Iris is sweet and quiet and could probably get anyone to do anything for her just by smiling at them.

 20 or 19. Reid once flipped me off my bike and walked away laughing. We don't have a good relationship. (In other words the less we say to each other the happier we are. I'm on those kinds of terms with pretty much everyone in this book....) He has the typical Hemlocian looks with an extra dash of handsome thrown in - but just so you don't think he's like...(insert your favourite, dashing actor here....) he has a long nose. Thing Gru long. (He just hit me and insisted I tell all of you it isn't that long. "It isn't that long.")
 Reid is the main villain. He is sneaky, plotting, and undermining everything in the book so it will all turn out to his advantage. (Basically, if you are waiting for a villain of mine to dislike, dislike Reid. Even I can't stand him. {I should say here something like, "And I created him!} But I didn't. I rarely create my characters, and if I was ever looking for one to claim it would not and never will be Reid.)
 Okay, I feel better. I had a Reid rant.

 At this point I don't even know if she will be in the book. She's appeared in some versions and not others. If she lived in the 60's or 70's she'd be a hippy. "Going where the wind called her." She is annoying, flighty, and never tells me anything. She even surpasses The Broken Blade boys in that area. So, if she does appear I will only say she is Maddock's mortal enemy. If she doesn't least you know her name.

 He is Theobald's grandfather. An elf who is still trying to figure out his age. He is wise and sometimes the only one who gives Theobald good advice.

 He's about in his forties or late thirties. Probably forties. He is the usurping king and my dear Mycroft's favourite character so far. (I guess even usurping kings need a fan base.) Ulrich changed in this last edit and I think I'm going to have a lot of fun with him in my "FINAL" draft.

 Ulrich's almost five-year-old son who is around, pretty much, for the sake of looking cute and winning over hearts. Because why else have an adorable child in a book? Even I fell for his large eyes and sweet little smile and love of sugar. (At this moment I think he is one of the only characters I actually like and speak to...WAIT! That's wrong! I feel so traitorous. The reason I am not on speaking terms with anyone is because they stole the book from Theobald, who is one of my favouritests characters. I like him as much as Peter. And they all came in and changed his story. So, that is why we don't talk to each other. If it weren't for Theobald I'd probably stuff their book in a back document and forget about it. *Not that they'd let me...*)

 19. Looks a lot like Maddock, only taller and thinner.
 After that rant I now get to two characters who kind of make it invalid. I must admit, I have become very fond of Maddock's brothers - Julian of whom is the oldest. They are just SO much fun to write!
 Julian is the oldest of the three brothers and he is incurably lazy. He doesn't even try and get out of work, because that takes too much work. He never does anything he doesn't have to do. Unless his brothers are in trouble. He can be very dangerous if someone is threatening his brothers. (The same with Adalee and his mother.) He is VERY protective.

 17. Again, looks a lot like Maddock.
 I love Kenrick. He is completely clueless - for those who have read Haphazard think Peter and Singur, and then go ten times worse. If something is obvious Kenrick will completely over look it. Also, he has this thing with grasshoppers. He is convinced they are out to take over the world.

 And now, as promised, I will reveal the title of my book. Then I will go and edit and take over the world. (The usual.)

 It is entitled The Shepherd Knight.

 Quote is from Agents of SHIELD, another Coulson line where he's talking to Ward about Skye's training.




  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the title! :) And I've enjoyed your character posts, too! Fun!

  2. QUENTIN! *sobs* How I missed thee! And Clyde! *cries harder*

    *cough* sorry about that.....Just stopping by to say that.... *hops off while thinking fondly of my favorite character with a bit of a temper*

    Also - I feel really funny commenting on these last few posts because I know quite a bit about some of them {at least a few versions of the story back}. I feel like I must stay all hush-hush. :) *blink*


  3. All of your characters sound very interesting and I can't wait to read the book - and I love the title. So does my mom. Haven't told her yet that the MC actually hates sheep though ... she might be a bit disappointed about that.

    And I'm not sure what to make of your Kendra. Should I tell you to keep her in because I like her name and parts of her character (flighty, that completely describes me) or insist you leave her out because she sounds like she might besmear my lovely name.

    But Kenrick might make up for her. And possibly Ulrich, if he's well written.

  4. Oooo I LOVE the title! And the characters sound like so much fun... Though I can definitely see how they can be bothersome to you as Author.

  5. (Love your new background! It's really cool!)

    I'm extremely jealous of all this beautiful Disney hair.

  6. These characters sound fascinating! I'm delighted to meet them and can't wait to read their stories. :)


    1. Aw, thank you! I hope you do enjoy them.


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