Monday, October 07, 2013

"I laugh at everyone's pain but my own. I'm French."

 "I haven't slept in eight days! I have the caffeine patch! You can stay awake for daaaays with no side effects. AHHH!"
 I've gotten really good at quoting that line. I think I quote it almost as much as I do, "We leave immediately!" "What about dinner?" "We five hours." 

 I've been keeping an eye out for more Singur like characters, but haven't come across any. It was pointed out to me, however, that Steed bears a lot of resemblance to the frog from Flushed Away. (Yes, Singur is like blue headed, brilliant Alien and Steed is a frog. This is the reason Steed isn't talking to me.)

 So, someone came up with the theory that, when  you get a song stuck in your head it means your soul mate is singing it in the shower. Apparently this means my soul mate likes to sing My Little Pony songs. And he takes an awful lot of showers...

 To be slightly less random and sleep deprived rambly, I am nearly half-way through the second part of edits for Abolished. 

 I've been writing so much my wrist brace has become a part of my arm. Usually I forget I'm wearing it until someone gasps and asks, "What happened to your wrist." And I have to sum up by saying, "I use the computer a lot." Which makes me sound like an unsociable nerd. I've since changed it to, "I've been doing a lot of homework." Then I sound brilliant, especially if I shove my glasses up at the same time. (Okay, yes, that still screams nerd but I'm a lost cause in the nerd area.)
 My favourite has been when people ask if I hunt it slugging my boyfriend.
 "No, I don't have one."
 "Yeah right. Come on, you can tell me."
 "No, because you're a complete stranger and he's been too busy singing duets in the shower to come and find me."

 NaNo starts soon so you can expect less random from me. (Hahaha)

 Now I have to go. Lots of homework and editing today.

 Quote is from Flushed Away.




  1. ~OMG I watched Flushed Away years ago, but I can still recall the part where the rat sings to the old granny rat and the slugs(the slugs were my fav!) the bad frog dude was funny too :3
    ~*squeals* MLP!!!! Who`s your fav pony?

  2. I think you need sleep! :)

    I had to get a wrist brace when I had my daughter because I was holding her in my left arm all the time... the wrist brace helped and made me switch arms... and then I had to get one for my right hand. LOL (Apparently there is a kind of tendonitis that only new moms can get because of all the holding/diaper changing/clothes-snap-snapping/rocking/feeding/etc).

    My favorite is Fluttershy.

    Your "he's too busy singing duets in the shower to come find me" line just about made me spray water all over my computer (note to self: do not take sips of anything while reading Jack's posts...)

  3. Flushed Away! Knew that quote the moment I saw it.
    My Little Pony, huh? You might not want to meet that guy...

  4. Oh, Jack! That theory is hilarious! And... I had an MLP song stuck in my head earlier. A sister's fault entirely (though I still like the show a bit), but it was still there. I'm most like Twilight, definitely, but I have sisters like Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow, and possibly two like Pinkie.
    YES! NANO FAST APPROACHES! (Want to buddy me?)

    ~Robyn Hoode

    1. Pinkie sisters would keep life interesting...
      The songs are so easy to get stuck in the head!

  5. Haha! What's the "We leave immediately?" quote from? We knew someone who used to say, "We left five minutes ago. We need to hurry so we can catch up with ourselves." which I find very applicable.

    I have not seen flushed away. :-|

    Singing in the shower huh?? Creeeeepppyyyyy. WAIT! MY SOUL MATE LIKES JOSH GROBAN. Whaaat!

    Wrist brace huh? Cool. :)

    Ohhh, I hate it when people ask me about my boyfriend and then get all, "There's no need to lie." when I inform them I don't have one.

    This post made me laugh. *fist bump*


  6. I haven't seen Flushed Away, but I love the quote you used.

    And I'm laughing over that whole soul mate shower song thing. My soul mate apparently really loves ABBA and The Village People.

  7. Haha!!! The whole thing with the wrist brace and non-existent boyfriend made me laugh. Some people just don't get it that not every girl has to have a boyfriend!

    My Little Pony? Really? Interesting....

    Best wishes on the editing!!

  8. All the best with editing. Loved your quotes. A fun post!

  9. Sounds like your fall's been about as crazy as mine! (My time has become as extinct as the dinosaurs.)
    Also, I love that theory xD My soulmate's got interesting taste in music, too. Ranging from cartoon shows to random songs I've heard once on the radio five years ago to regular old normal songs.
    Good luck editing!

  10. I always crack up reading your posts. :) Do you have a completely new story for NaNo? If so, you can share about it? I love hearing about other people's stories.

  11. This post made my day.
    Maybe you could come up with an interesting story behind your wrist brace? You could say you were flying back from the moon and made a crash landing on earth and injured your wrist. Or maybe you were skydiving from the Washington monument and injured your wrist? Or maybe you've been pushing through too many revolving doors.

    Back to editing now... only five more pages to type in! Then back to the top.

  12. Ha! I love the second answer. But the last one is better. :)

  13. "Too busy singing duets in the shower...." Bwahahahaha! Awesome answer!
    I'm pretty tired right now and that made me laugh probably more than is normal.
    I love random, rambling posts. They make me happy.

  14. Slugging your boyfriend?!? LOL! Aren't ordinary people adorable....

  15. Loved this :) your writing always makes me chuckle. You have a gift!

  16. Such a fun post! And love your answer for your wrist brace. :)

  17. My little pony! My little pony! Aahh ahhh ahhh aaaahhhh AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!

    Ooh, I should wear a wrist brace. Wha-a-a-at!

    Of course your soulmate is drowning himself in showers. Mine is too, and singing many Josh songs at the moment.


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