Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"I saw me life flash before me was really borin'"

 Wherein Jack gives away a spoiler

 I've been trying to decide for - probably months - if I want to do this or not. (No, actually, I've been trying to decide for a lot longer than that.)

 I'm doing another character introduction.

 19. Light red hair and light green eyes. He's tall and thin. His hair is shaggy and hides his ears.
 Theobald lives with his adopted older brother and father. He is skilled with the sword but he has more interest in herbs then fighting - mostly tea. He loves tea. He puts the British to shame. And he is very good at finding tea plants. (Whenever Maddock helps disaster strikes.) Theobald is always a healer.
 He is Maddock's best friend, in fact, Maddock is the only one besides his father and brother that he's told his secret too.
 (Insert Spoiler Here.)
 Theobald is half elf. In Hemlock this is bad. The elves and men don't get along, at all. But being a half-blood means neither would like him if they knew they truth. Theobald feels like he doesn't belong anywhere, sometimes not even with his father and brother. It's worse for him though.
 Theobald's mother was an elf, but his father was crown prince to the Hemlocian throne. (I will go into this more later, maybe....not sure how many spoilers I want to give away.) Theobald is the only living heir to the throne and has to take it back from Ulrich, but even though he'd make a better king no one would accept him because he's a half-blood.
 Because of this secret, and the fact he has steal back the throne that is rightfully his, Theobald is withdrawn, quiet, and likes to be left alone. (Being friends with Maddock means this is impossible, but I let him go on believing it anyways.) He does have a strong sense of revenge as well. Not meaning he goes out and stabs everyone who has ever picked on him, just that he is never too sulky to get back at Maddock when his friend plays a prank on him. 

 And now I am going away to sulk because I don't like giving spoilers away. But next time everyone asks for one I'm pointing here, because this clears me from ever having to give away anything ever again. Right?

 Before I go though I have a picture. I lay no claim to this picture. I don't know who drew it and I am declaring right now it isn't my characters. I found it on Pintrest and it looks so much like them, everything about it, I saved it. But it isn't them. I don't know the artist or who they are supposed to be or anything. (There, that is my lack of copyright claim. Now I can't get thrown in a dungeon.)
 But, I still think it looks like Maddock and Theobald.

 Another quote from Chicken Run.




  1. The drawing is really nice!
    Knew it was another Chicken Run quote.
    Half-breeds are fun to write about because of the conflict between races.

  2. I love that picture :)
    Your characters sound neat! In one of my stories that may never go anywhere, I have someone who is part elf too.

  3. Yay Theobald { But Ulrich is still my favorite}! I'm so glad you're going to write this Sherlock!

  4. MORE red hair and green eyes? This book is going to be dreamy-sigh worthy. I love the name Theobald too. It sounds very Beowulfish.

  5. Awwwwww, poor Theobald. I like him already. *headdesk* The last thing I need is another person to like. :(

    That picture is freaking GORGEOUS. *That* is the way I want my pictures to turn out. :) lol

  6. Love the picture! After reading your character descriptions, I can totally see that it is a perfect depiction of Theobald and Maddock. :)

  7. That's awesome!! :D I love him. <3 He sounds fabulous. and Half elf is so freaking cool.

    loooooove that picture. <3

    {P.S. Love the Chicken Run quotes! :D )

  8. I'm gettting really excited about your characters! I already like Theobald and I barely know him. I bet you're gonna make his life miserable cause that's what writers do. JACK! *headdesk* Please leave your characters alone!!

    That pictures is so awesome! I must pin it

  9. Ooh! I love half-elves in worlds where half-elves aren't supposed to exist. They're so much fun to work with! They're just so unsure of themselves! I'm really looking forward to hearing more about this book - and eventually reading it! And I completely understand about divulging spoilers. It can be very painful.

    Oh, and not to distract you from NaNo or anything, but how's your chapter of Worth of a King coming? Just want to know where it stands before we take the plunge into NaNo.

  10. I love red heads with green eyes. He sounds awesome. :) And not just because of his hair, either.

    That picture is brilliant. I love pencil sketch-y pictures. I like them better than color a lot of the time. I'm not sure why....


  11. That sketch is hilarious! It really does look like them. That's so neat. I wish I could hang it on my wall.

    I immediately love Theobald. It sounds like him and Maddock are a riot together. :) I can't wait to read this book.


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