Thursday, October 03, 2013

"I work level six, I know Coulson died in New York." "Welcome to level seven. I'm sorry, that was a really dark corner and I couldn't resist."

 Today I am taking part in Kendra's Character Encounters. You can find the link for it HERE. Go there to find details because I don't feel like explaining them.
 I tend to avoid kitchens. Not only are they full of pots and pans, they are the perfect place for murderers to hang out. Don't believe me? Then you don't watch enough detective shows. However, I was hungry, really hungry.

 Leaving the safety of my room, with its mess of scattered school papers, open books, and the document I was editing open on my computer, I ventured into the kitchen in the hopes of finding a quick snack so I could get back to work.

 The house was quiet since everyone else was at work. It was strangely eerie as I opened the fridge and peered in, disdainfully eyeing the milk and left overs. Nothing snack worthy there. Before I could bemoan this fact I heard a creak behind me. Episodes of detective shows flashed through my mind as I turned, expecting to come face to face with some grinning goon wielding a frying pan. Instead, I stared in disbelief at two grinning red-heads who were trying to look innocent and failing miserably. If there identical looks hadn't been enough for me to identify them then the mischief in their eyes was.

 "Jespert and Jaspart," I murmured, not sure if I should be pleased or lock myself in my room.

 "Hello," one of the twin brothers exclaimed - their own mother cannot tell them a part, there is no way I - even if I am their author - was going to try.

 "What are you two doing here?" I asked. I found myself wishing Ryder-Adair had gotten out of The Broken Blade with them. No one but he could keep the mischievous twins in line.

 "We just-"

 "Came to-"

 "Say hi," both of them finished the sentence together. I blinked. Striker was right, it was a little disturbing how they could finish each other's sentences.

 "You two never come to say hi," I informed them, "what do you want?"

 "Do we have to-"

 "Want anything?"

 "Yes." I tried to act stern but knew it was a lost cause. After a month or so of working with me characters learn they can pretty much get away with anything they like and I won't put up much of a fight.

 "Well-" Both of them drew out the word, then grinned at each other before looking back at me.

 "We just had to come-"

 "And make sure you hadn't-"

 "Forgotten about us."

 "I've tried to forget about you two, it doesn't work." I tried some of RA's sarcasm but knew I wasn't convincing.

 "You've not-"

 "Been by in-"

 "Awhile. You spend-"

 "All your time-"

 "That that Peter fellow."

 Now it was my turn to grin. "Aw, I think you two are envious!"

 "I'm not!" one of the twins yelped. "He is!" He pointed an accusing finger at his brother.

 "You were the one who wanted to talk to her, Jespert!" the other exclaimed.

 Good, now I knew who was who, at least until they moved. "Look," I tried to speak reasonably even as I thought of the pile of homework on my bed, "I didn't mean to abandon you two. I really miss all of you. I've just been so busy with school and editing and everything."

 "You don't love us," Jaspart pouted. He has a persuasive pout. Puppy dog eyes and everything. I felt instant guilt.

 "What if I promise to try and write again next week?" I offered, hoping it would appease them.

 Both looked doubtful but finally nodded.

 "I guess," they said together.

 Smiling, I motioned to the fridge behind me. "Good. Now, are either of you hungry?" And the moment the words left my mouth I knew I'd made a mistake. Never invite twin brothers in their teens over for a snack. Never.
 Quote is from Agents of SHIELD - another Coulson line.




  1. Ah, I LOVE Coulson's little dramatic entrance in this scene!!!

    Oooh, I really liked this CE!! I don't think I've met these twins before (but, then, it has been awhile since I've been able to read your blog regularly, so...). They sound like so much fun- but they also sound like they are trouble.

    Yes, kitchens are the PERFECT place for murderers to hang out. When I read that line, I immediately thought of one particular episode of Psych. :)

  2. Those twins remind me of the Shining.

  3. Oh, your poor refrigerator. I hope they left SOMETHING for you, and hopefully not just the food that is no longer food but Darwinism.

    I wonder why so much murder happens in kitchens? I love kitchens. Warmth, food, cookies. Sad that so much mayhem is wreaked therein.

    I really want to watch S.H.I.E.L.D.!!!

  4. *snickers at quote* Probably my favorite part of that episode.

  5. Your twins remind me of the Weasley Twins!:) I love them!

  6. Twins can be such fun ... and so annoying at the same time. Thanks for taking part in my character encounters!

  7. I'd love to meet these twins some day, especially considering they're red head. I love red heads. And dear Jack, please don't tell me you actually FORGOT a character. They get ever so touchy about that and the villains may even come to blows over it. You mustn't abandon them. Ever.

    Oh you've seen Agents of Shield!! What do you think of it??

  8. Oh wow, I think I adore them :D
    Oh man, I wanna watch Agents of SHIELD so badly!!! Ughhh everyone else I know has seen it, it's unfair!


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