Thursday, October 24, 2013

"Indian giver! No...not you. I was insulting a whole other group of Indians."

 Wherein Jack wishes writers would stop being mean to brothers

 I finally saw Pacific Rim the other day. I think I will review it, I just don't know when, so don't hold your breath or you will die. It was pretty good, better than I thought it would be, but I am so tired of reading and watching things were a brother either dies or turns bad. I sat through the first part of the movie - this isn't a spoiler because it is in the first five minutes or so and is the whole plot of the movie, so there! - going, "Don't kill the brother. Don't kill the brother. Just this once, let both brothers live. Don't kill him. Don't kill him. Don't kill him. Don't. Kill. Him. DON'T KILL killed him."

 Okay, so anyways, that said I will carry on. (That is my attempt at sneaking in a geeky reference without making it obvious, and this is me making it more obvious.)

 Today I am going to introduce one of the girl characters who will be appearing in my NaNo book. I'm kind of nervous about writing with her, because I've had the hardest time since she first appeared. She is always either too whinny or too "I can do everything by myself! Leave me alone!" I'm hoping I finally found a balance since she is kind of important and I can't just shove her under my bed and forget about her - like I did with Peter's sister. (She was shoved in the closet. I only shove characters I don't like under my bed with the monsters.)

 Cadwyn. (More commonly called Gwyn.)
 17. Wild, curly red hair. (Think the girl from Brave and you pretty much have it.) Green eyes. (Yes, again. It is the hair and eye colour in Hemlock.) Short, slightly plump, and a lopsided smile.
 Gwyn is an orphan who was adopted by a man she and everyone in the village call Uncle. He's a craggy old man who is missing an eye and refuses to wear an eye-patch. Gwyn is the only one who can almost make him smile. (He's a good father to her and she loves him to pieces.) Neither of them know who her real parents were but are pretty sure Ulrich killed them or was responsible for their deaths.
 Gwyn is quiet. She doesn't like to talk much but she does love being around her friends - Maddock, his brothers, and Theobald. She likes baking but what she dreams of doing is writing. Only a few people know about this, Maddock being one of them. She has a kind of weird sense of humor and has the kind of giggle that makes other people laugh as well.
 She is an apprentice to Maddock's mother, who grows herbs and sends them to the castle. Gwyn likes herbs but what she really likes about it is digging in the dirt. She loves being outside and the moment most of the snow has melted she ditches her shoes. She likes to help Maddock with his sheepies, going with him and his brothers as often as she can.
 Gwyn's best friend, next to Maddock, is his adopted sister Adalee. Even though they are as different as anyone can get they get along as if they are sisters.

 I was going to add something to that but it is late and I'm starting to fall asleep and therefore cannot remember what it was. So I won't bother. Instead, I will just go to bed.

 Quote is from Psych.




  1. You can never not have enough red hair (I almost wrote green hair...). Gwyn sounds cool! Good luck with writing her. And again, I love the name... You always come up with great names for your characters. I like the name Adalee too.

  2. I agree with Abbey on the red hair, and your character names.

    And I thought that quote was from Psych...can't wait for the musical episode coming up!

  3. If you think she's too whiny, you'll either have to tone her down or give her a really redeeming quality that balances the whine. I had to tone down my main character in my first book.
    Always dig a Psych quote!

  4. Gwyn sounds like so much fun. :) I think I can relate to her, a lot.

    Evil brothers or dead brothers. . . *cough* Oops.

  5. You know, now that you mention it, killing off/evilifying siblings does seem to happen a lot in movies.

    I'm really liking the names you're using for your NaNo book! Gywn sounds like a fairly solid character.

  6. That Psych quote cracks me up every time. That one and the "It is STUPID to make food this hot!"

    And that is precisely why we love that one show so much. The brothers are awesome, they work through their fights and they don't die!!..... well they DO die, but they come back, and that makes it okay. Ish.

    Obviously, I caught the geeky reference even before you made it obvious.

    Wait whoa. Peter had a sister? Haphazard Peter?? MY Peter? (Heh.) I did not know this.

    One can never have too much red hair. There is a decided lack of the stuff in the real world.

    I think you have so much disgust for the "I CAN DO IT MYSELF" girls, that you'll write Gwyn fine. I LIKE your girl characters.

  7. OOO! I caught your sneaky reference. You did a good job with being sneaky too, as I thought that it was just me, watching too much of a certain show, and making connections where there weren't any. Brothers do die on each other rather a lot, don't they? I'll admit the main reason I watch That Show is because the brother relationship is so spot on. (The other is because I am a total nerd and get a kick out the folklore and research in the library aspect of it.) I'm still not sure how crazy I am about the show itself, but I have just gotten past the last episode in season 3, involving debts coming due, a ravening hellhound, and one brother, in the most dire of straights, calling on the other for help, without any hope that he'll be heard... and I was very upset for a couple days after, so I am far more vested in the show that I thought I was.

    Good luck on your nano story. Gwyn sounds like a good character. It is a pity so many stories just try too hard to make their girl characters tough and independent. A really good girl character should just *be* a smart, brave girl - not someone who is constantly trying to prove... something to.... someone...

  8. Gwyn sounds like an awesome character. But then, you always put an incredible amount of thought into all of your characters, therefore they are always awesome.
    I like how well-rounded she is in her interests and talents, and it sounds like her relationship with Uncle will be a good one :)

    I have a feeling she won't be too whiny, though, you know? And adding to the comment above about *being* smart and brave without trying to prove it -- that can be a great character arc. She may have a reason for feeling defensive about her abilities, and for wanting to do things on her own. And maybe she needs to learn to address the problem behind it so that her personality can grow and she can be more likable.

    I've noted that many of your girl characters have a bit of the independent streak in them, with the exception of -- oh, and don't be mad because I am totally blanking on her name -- the girl in Because of Loyalty. Magda!!! Right?? Anyway, I think she is my favourite of all your female characters. You perfected the balance of heroine and normal girl with her. I might even compare her to Clara a bit, who isn't as aggressive and tough as many other companions, but has a bit of a hesitant attitude toward her adventures.

    This is getting long but I am so into the idea of Gwyn's character right now. I know you don't always care for the "I'm so independent" girls, so you kind of fight it a little bit, while still retaining that defiant attitude at the same time -- Darcy and Jack are great examples, particularly Darcy -- but I think if you don't worry about that aspect of her character, Gwyn will turn out just fine. Just let her be "her." Herbs and writing and a little withdrawn and defensive.

    Good luck on NaNoWriMo! I am so excited to see how your story will turn out! I don't know if you can add writing buddies from the young writer's site, but I'm listed as an educator there this year and I'd love to be your writing buddy. I think, I hope, that I've finally figured out my novel for this year!

    (And ohmygosh I wanna see Pacific Rim soooo badly!!!!)

    Okay, yeah, REALLY long comment. :)

  9. That is one of my all-time favorite Psych quotes. *Snicker*...I love the way Psych doesn't get all politically correct. It's kind of refreshing. :)

    That Show....I can't decide if I love it or hate it. It gives me sadness and creeped-outness and 'Oh my goodness, I LOVE these boys" issues. But I don't know if I actually like the show or not. I just keep watching it. LOL. And the end of season 3 was brutal.

    I know! I don't want to wait until spring to see more of Captain America! Though I have a feeling I"m going to get all sad for him. If I grew up in the early 1900's, there's no way I'd be all that keen to stick around in the this time frame. Poor guy.
    *Psssst*...I just noticed something. Captain America 2 comes out April 4th. Easter is April 20th. wanna go see it together? *Grin*

    Honestly, you say 'red head' and I'm like, "Bring it!" I love red heads. Gwyn sounds like a really good character. Though I have the same problem when I try to write good female characters. They either come off as wimps, or they're "I am woman, hear me roar!" ...bleh.

    Anyway, it's late, I'm tired and rambling and I'm pretty sure half the stuff I said doesn't make sense.

    Good night!


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