Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"One more thing."

 Wherein Jack feels pulled in two

 As should be known, House of Hades is out - the fourth book in the Heroes of Olympus series. (Sequel to the Percy Jackson books.) I was planning on buying it almost the day it was out, because the last one ended on a cliff hanger and I - like so many others - want to know what happens next! (Even though the author in me is very worried for Percy. VERY! I'm considering kidnapping him and keeping him safe until all the books are out.)
 When Mark of Athena came out, the book before this one, I went to buy it and found the third book in the Larklight series by Philip Reeve. I ended up buying that one first because I didn't know when I'd ever find another copy. Well, when I went to get House of Hades what should I find but the first book in the Larklight trilogy. I'm now thinking it is a conspiracy, man! Someone is trying to make me pick between Art and Percy, and it's an unfair competition, because I love both of them the same. But, of course, I had to go with Art again because it is next to impossible to find those books here and I know there isn't going to be a shortage on House of Hades books - not unless booksellers want mobs of angry readers storming their buildings. 

 I got my first official fan art the other day! (Well, I'm not sure if it was my first or not...I did get one before that, but since that one was sent in by Clair, who did the pictures in book one, and was what lead to those pictures...I'm not sure what it would classify as...) Either way I was pretty excited. 

 I'm looking for minons to help me take over the world. The only qualifcations is that you must be short, fat, and yellow. If you have one eye you stand a good chance at becoming a favourite. 

 Am I the only one who thinks Ramsbottom in Dispicible Me 2 is just the cartoon version of Mycroft Holmes?

 I found another Singur, this time an older version.

 I got a new background for my site! I'm all official now, with a dominion name and everything! What do you all think of it? I was looking for something like a cross between fantasy and Steampunk, the two main genres I write. I really like how the designer managed it. (You can find the link to them on my sidebar.)
 I also got a new space heater. Mine died tragically during the summer. At this moment, as I'm sitting in front of said space heater, I can't say if I'm more excited about it or the new background. (I might even be more excited about my cup of hot tea. It was cold all day today, and I love the cold, but I also like insides to be warm - including my insides.)

 I had a nerd moment in school today. We're all supposed to be writing papers on subjects which interest us. All of my classmates picked sports of political issues. I am doing one on Columbo. My teacher thought it was cool but when we had to explain the others who Columbo was I got a good many snickers. Not that I cared. I find Columbo far more interesting that which sport team is doing poorly.

 I was going to make this whole post random, but NaNo is getting closer, fast, and if I keep up the randomness I won't have all the posts related to my NaNo book done.

 I was going to do a character post, but I thought it might be kind of weird to do one of those without telling everyone what the book is about. Therefore, I shall do that first.

 Summery: (Bear in mind I'm still working on it. This is just a rough outline-ish thingy.)
 Maddock is a shepherd. It isn't the job he would have picked given a choice, but his father was a shepherd and his brothers are shepherds, and by King Ulrich's law he has to be one too. Maddock is discontent, but if he says anything about it he will end up in prison. It is a life Maddock isn't happy with and one he wants to change. To do that, though, means he has to stand up to Ulrich. Maddock and his best friend, Theobald, train for a fight in secret, knowing if they are caught not only will their lives be in danger, but the lives of everyone they love. 

 Like I said, rough outline. VERY rough. But at least you get the basic idea.

 Now I think I should go. I have some editing to do. Speaking of which...I am sorry I got behind on answering comments again. This week is going to be very busy for me but I will try my best to answer everyones.

A Columbo quote....because




  1. I love Columbo! He's one of the best detectives out there. I like how he plays stupid with the murderer. It's so hilarious. Now whenever I watch the Princess Bride, I think, "It's Columbo!" I wonder what else he plays in.

    I like the new design. Very cool. The gears are a nice touch. :)

  2. Larklight books are impossible to find. I'm glad you could find the first one! And hopefully you will be able to get the Percy Jackson book too, soon.

    Haha, the Ramsbottom guy does look like a cartoon Mycroft! That's hilarious. And your comment on which sports team is doing poorly had me giggling.

    Ooooo...! Your NaNo book sounds so interesting! Shepherds! you don't read too much about those... I find it a pity. And the names! I love the names for your characters!


    I love the cartoon Mycroft...I haven't seen that movie, but I agree, they have a lot of similarities that I can see just from the picture! Lol at the Singur one, as well...

    Good luck on NaNoWriMo! I'm doing it this year as well and I'm more nervous than ever! Also, congrats on your first fanart -- I'd love to see it if you are willing to share it :D

  4. A King named ULRICH!!!! That's one of my favorite names! I haven't used it in any of my books, but I was in a RP once and one of my characters was a guy trapped in the form of a wolf, and his name was Ulrich. He had to be disenchanted by being ticked with a raven feather by his true love, a lady named Lupa. And then ...

    Wait, he's a villain???? I'm not sure I'm going to like this ....

    Just kidding! Your plot sounds quite intriguing, and I think I know know to what the "Sheep?" picture you found on Pinterest goes to, don't I?

  5. Jack ~ I absolutely love the background. It is very cool, very steampunk, very classy! The colours are great, the lettering is great...

    I think it is awesome that you're doing a paper on Columbo. We was such a brilliant character. He looked so small, and untidy, and harmless and distracted, but he had the same sort of mind and powers of observation as Sherlock Holmes. I think that teachers must get so bored with the same old papers on sports and politics, and that reading about Columbo will be a blessed relief!

  6. Your new backround looks very nice, and love the different fonts for the header! It's a very nice blend of steampunk and fantasy.

  7. I love the new background!

    I just finished Mark of Athena (Riordan isn't going to kill off Percy... Percy is his bread and butter). (Maybe that's wishful thinking on my part... but it's also logical).

    I think I'm going to wait on House of Hades and hope someone gets it for me for my birthday (coming soon, so I won't have to wait long) in the meanwhile, I'm reading the Serpent's Shadow (I kind of really like his Kane Chronicles, but then, I've been a fan of Egyptian stuff ever since I fell (hard) for Stargate SG-1).

  8. IT WASN'T EVEN A CLIFFHANGER. THEY /FELL/ /OFF/ /THE/ /CLIFF/. *chokes* auuugh Rick Riordan is so cruel. Also, my dear, I'm so glad you like your design. It is quite pretty, if I do say so myself. ^^

  9. I like the header, background, and steampunk image.
    Sorry, don't have any Minions, but I do have clones.

  10. I came over and was like, wait, am I on the right blog?! *blink blink blink.* The colours are awesome. It's a fabulous layout. Verra, verra nice.

    Columbo is awesome. I can't even remember what started us watching them. I've been hooked on them for as long as I can remember. I love the trenchcoat-over-the-suit look he goes for. :) Plus, he's Italian!!!!

  11. JACK, YOUR NEW BLOG LOOK IS EPIC AND AWESOME AND I LOVE IT TO PIECES. It's very cool and professional, but still *you* and steampunky and I lurve it.

    Percy better be okay. I want to read the House Of Hades when you're done, kay?

    AAah, fanart is cool!

    *snort* Cartoon Myrcroft. *cue minion giggles*

    LOL all your different pictures of 'Singur" crack me up.

    That is awesome that you're doing a paper on Columbo. Columbo is cool. THOSE uncultured swine! Fancy not knowing who he is!

    Your NaNo book sounds good. I think I won't be able to do it this year. But I'm going to try to write MORE during the month of November in the SPIRIT of NaNo. :-\

    And hey, thanks for the lovely comment on that post.


  12. You're new blog is epically amazing, I love it to bits an pieces.

    Great Jack, your character are forever ruined for me *giggle*

    OH NO! Now I'm afraid to Read the House of Hades. LEAVE MY PERCY ALONE!!!

    You're doing a paper on Columbo? you are the coolest ever! Don't worry about those ridiculous students who don't know who he is. They're stupid.

    You're NaNo book sounds really good. Have fun :D

  13. I love the new design of the blog! It looks very clean and professional. And I love the little gear thingymajig on the side! (I don't know what to call it.)

    You've got more of a plot than I do for NaNoWriMo so far! Sounds intriguing.

    Also...I don't have any idea what Columbo is. (*hides*) Please, would you explain?

  14. Your website is *very* impressive. Hurrah for you! I love the little steampunkish bits hear and there. I have a thing for gears. :) I think the site looks really awesome!

    Too bad I wasn't in the class with you! I would have been very excited to have someone else know about Columbo! He's such a fun detective....

    I am so impressed that you are managing to find time for nano! You are a crazy person! lol. I hope you do really well with it. It's coming so fast. October is just roaring by at a nifty clip, isn't it?

    *Pssst* Just as an aside, it makes me laugh the way you and Treskie call each other witch and jerk. It's so weird, ya know? Luckily I know why you two are doing that and it's just fun and sort of awesomely geeky. But it must seem strange to anyone who doesn't know. :)

    And now I really must go and read the Percy Jackson books. My whole family keeps talking about them and I hate being out of the loop. I read the first ones but it's been a while and I don't remember all that much about them...


  15. Psstt... I watched Rise of the Guardians tonight. Halfway through I realized that Jack Frost is Captain Kirk, and that Pitch is Watson from the RDJ movies. And it even has Mr. Conductor in it!
    =D I enjoyed the movie. Very much. Is the movie very much like the books?
    The Bunny was my favorite character... Mostly because he was a bunny and I love bunnies.


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