Monday, October 28, 2013

"What do you like best? The view? Freedom?" "Solitude."

 NaNo is only three days away now. I felt ready until today, now I am ready to start running around in a circle yelling, "What was I going to write about? What is the plot? Who are the characters? Who are we? What are we? Why?" (If you get that reference you get two cookies.)

 I've been collecting pictures which authors have termed book inspirations. It's actually just an excuse for us to kill time on Pintrest and claim we're working. I joined in because I had a case of writer's block and editing and wanted to convince everyone I was working so they'd leave me alone. And I thought I'd share these pictures, ones which have given me ideas for my NaNo book.

 I claim none of these pictures. I got them all of pintrest.

Inspiration for Adalee - looks and dress

This is more of what the dresses look like, because at this moment I don't have planned for a girl to be sneaking in somewhere with the intention of stabbing someone. (That might change, one never knows with my characters.)

Inspiration for Gwyn and the main bad guy, Reid. (He will be in my final character introduction.)

Ideas for hair styles and dress style

This was just one of those pictures which gave me a scene idea. (The one with the darkest hair reminds me of Theobald's brother, Quentin. The girl of Adalee.)

This was one of the first pictures I found while writing the book - about six years ago before it went through it's ten re-writes. One of Maddock's fans found it and insisted the fellow was Maddock and the girl Gwyn. It no longer fits either of them, but had to be included in the picture post.

Dress and scene ideas for Adalee
Dress ideas again. If the girl was supposed to be anyone from the book I guess she would have to be Iris, Theobald's aunt.

An idea for a scene with Gwyn and Maddock and her book

I have a scene like this planned for the book - only the two characters aren't smiling in it.

An idea for Iris

 The last few drawings were the same person as did the sheep one. And that is about all I have. I'll be revealing all of the side characters and the title on Wednesday. Then on the first I have something really cool to share with you all, so come back for that. Because it will be worth it, trust me.

 Quote is from Agents of SHIELD, a conversation between Coulson and May. (And on that note, I am now convinced Coulson ships Fritz and Simmons since he calls them FritzSimmons.)




  1. Some really amazing artwork there. I'd be inspired as well.

  2. Love the artwork! Wish I was good enough to sit down and draw such scenes *sigh*

  3. Wonderful. I was curious about the person who did the sheep drawings (and all the others) so I followed the link from your Pinterest (I occasionally stalk my friend's Pinterests, even though I don't have one xD) to her DeviantArt account... and then to her website, where she does a webcomic. It's so cool! It's about cats running a speakeasy in the 1920's. I love the 1920's anyway... and comics about cats at the best (I used to be a huge Garfield the Cat fan).

  4. "It's actually just an excuse for us to kill time on Pintrest and claim we're working." <---This is so true.

    And I love the artwork you've posted here, and what I've seen on Pinterest. I really want to read your NaNo project.

  5. Very cool. And I am now kicking myself for not recognizing the SHIELD quote!

  6. I can definitely see why the artwork and pictures are inspiring you.

  7. So cool! It looks like the makes of a great story

  8. Ooh, epic fantasy! Great dresses, too. I wish I had a dress like those. Pinterest is awesome. Good luck with NaNo!! (I was going to do it, but we got back from holidays yesterday, so I'm not sure if I'm up to it.)

  9. Picture hunting is such fun! I haven't found very many that fit my book this year, not even character pictures. But most of my books have very large pinboards. Some of which include most of the pictures in this post. Ah, the many interpretations of inspiration!

  10. SO MUCH AWESOME ART! *dies* I'm going to pin a bunch of it. Wooo!

    This NaNo book of yours sounds/looks pretty freaking awesome. I want read it.


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