Sunday, November 10, 2013

"Alfie, he likes that, but he prefers Stormengedon, Dark Lord of All."

 Wherein Jack has a fan girl moment. Or a moment where she admits what she does all winter long. Or a moment where she anilizes movies for the benefit of those who haven't seen them. (Whichever sounds best to you.)

 Around this time for the last two years I can be seen randomly skipping through stores, grinning to myself, and at times giggling and clapping my hands. This usually only happens when a movie I've been wanting to see for a long time comes out. (Tintin, The Avengers, Narnia, The Hobbit.) Only, during this time of year there is no movie release. It is a TV show release. Not just any show. The show which became a favourite the day I saw the first episode. Grimm. 
 For those of you who haven't seen it - and should! - it is about Nick Berkhart, a police detective working in Portland. (There is a special term for what he is....not homicide detective....but kind of like it. Maybe that is it. He works a lot of cases with dead people, but he also did some kidnapping ones.) Anyways, he's cool and a detective, that's really all you need to know. And his name is Nick. Nick is a cool name. But, because the writers didn't think that was cool enough, they made him a Grimm. (Like the Brothers Grimm.) He can see all of those creepy fairy tale monsters and it is his job to find them and stop them from doing creepy things. (For those wondering, the show isn't really that creepy. I just like that word.)
 Then, because the writers didn't think THAT was cool enough, they added a bunch more cool characters. Like, Wu who rarely gets excited about anything. Hank, Nick's police partner. Rosalind, one of the fairy tale creatures who is sweet and fun and runs a spice shoppe and - she's sweet. Really sweet. I like her lots. Juliette who was SO annoying in season one and two but is SO much cooler in three! (She got less annoying at the end of season two.) And the captain dude who's name I can NEVER remember for the life of me. He's Nick's boss though and he's one of those characters where you don't know if he's good or bad but you're hoping good because he's cool. And lastly is Nick's best friend, Monroe, who is also a fairy tale werewolf creature who loves clocks and sweaters and history. And he is the best. best friend anyone could ask for, even though he's not supposed to be friends with a Grimm.
 And season three is airing! Which means I get to watch a new episode every Saturday night. Which means I randomly start giggling insanely in public.

 That isn't the only show I've been geeking about over. As has been seen, I've been using Agents of SHIELD quotes for my post titles. That is because it is another cool show and the more episodes I watch the more I like it. (What's not to like about it? Spies! SHIELD! COULSON!!!!!!) I knew I'd like it, because of Coulson, what I didn't know is how much I'd end up liking the other characters. 
 I adore the two nerds - I can't tell though if they are British or another nationality. Anyone's thoughts on this? They are so funny and I love how they panic every time they have to do field work. They almost act like brother and sister, but I have a hunch it is going to be one of those romantic things later.
 Skye surprised me. She's a hacker who lives in a van and has a problem with government and authority. All set ups for an annoying character. But she is so much fun! It helps that she likes Coulson and....seems to be....looking up to him like a father or uncle or something. Also, she admits she isn't all tough and would rather be sitting behind a computer than stealing someone's pistol. And she is sneaky and knows how to get out of pickly situations.
 May. She is the tough girl character, but I REALLY like her. Somehow they kept her from turning out annoying, the kind of, "You're a guy. I hate you and don't need you." It might be the fact she likes to keep to herself and is the only one who questions Coulson. Or maybe it is because she is so protective of him and worries about him. Either way she is cool and I like her lots. 
 Ward. I really like Ward. Next to Coulson he's my favourite. The tough soldier guy who can't handle a little hacker. (And he can beat up like, ten guys at once. All on his own. It would be hard for anyone to not like Ward.) Also, he is SO funny around Fritz - the boy nerd. They are like brothers, always bickering about how to do things and barely able to stand each other.
 Coulson. Because he is Coulson and he needs no other reason to be cool. And I don't believe he's a robot!!!! (For those claiming such.) Okay, I can see how they came to that conclusion....but he survived Loki! He's alive! They should wait to robotize him. I have other theories about how he survived and I've been scolding certain family members for not believing them. Besides, I don't see the huge change in him everyone is claiming is there. 

 Emma Approved.
 The new Web Video series by those who did The Lizzie Bennent Diaries and Welcome to Stanton - a spin off about Gigi Darcy. This new series follows Emma Woodhouse - I don't know what book she is from because I don't read a lot of JA books. Is her's just called Emma? Anyways, it is the modern re-telling of Jane Austin's Emma. 
 I really liked the LBD series and was excited for Emma's because all of my friends used to claim I was more like Emma than any of the other JA girls. I still can't find the connection....but I won't argue the point with them.
 Right now I think I am like Emma a tad bit more than the LBD ones, though I loved the sister story in those. I just really like Alex Knightly. Emma has nosy, annoying, "must control everything" moments and he is never too busy or scared to tell her to behave. I'm thinking of getting the book so I can find out what happens next - or at least the Emma movie with Johnny Lee Miller.

 And speaking of Johnny Lee Miller. Season two of Elementary came out, and yes, I'm watching it. It's a detective show and season two is better so far than one and Bell is in it. I just pretend it isn't about Sherlock and Watson - then it is pretty good. 

 Anyone else? Excited about new shows? (I'm scared to ask because I might want to add them to my watching list.) HAS ANYONE ELSE SEEN THE DOCTOR WHO TRAILER?! If not go and watch it now, speaking of exciting shows.

  Quote from Doctor Who.




  1. Hmmm, haven't seen Grimm.

    YES. I agree 100 % with everything you said about Agents of SHIELD. Absolutely yes. :D

    So far, I'm not enjoying Emma Approved as much as LBD, but I'm liking it well enough to keep watching. Alex is great. And I definitely recommend the Emma with Jonny Lee Miller. It's fantastic.

    YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've seen the trailer for The Day of the Doctor and I'M VERY EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The plot of Emma Approved is ... deviating a bit from the book (Emma). I've read the book, and watched four adaptations, and I still have no idea where they're taking this Web Series. Lizzie's Diaries followed the plot much better, so I at least knew where everything was going ... not so with Emma Approved.

  3. I kind of loved the LBD...I didn't know Emma had started! Definitely need to check that out. I don't watch a lot of TV shows (um, actually, not any), BUT, when I'm in holiday mode, I have been known to watch BBC's Hornblower series which is about a hundred years old and no one I've met has heard of it. I live in hope. ;)

    1. Hey Cait,
      I've watched Hornblower twice now! I love that show! It's the best. So now you know one person! ;-) Who's your favorite characters and which is your favorite episode? My favorite character is Archie (though I love Bush and Hornblower as well) and my favorite episode....oh gosh....nevermind, can't answer that. ;-D

      As for the rest of this post (and I should say, I have been hanging around here without commenting for a little while, so hi everyone! I feel like I kind of know you but not really! *waves*) I have not seen either of the TV shows you are talking about (oh wait, yeah I'm watching Agents of SHIELD! Hurray! Love that show! Simmons!) so I feel like I have nothing awesome to add to the conversation. But I had to let Cait know that she wasn't alone in the epicness of Hornblower. :-D

    2. Hello, Hannah!!!!

      Nice to meet you! I love getting comments from readers I've not had the chance to meet yet 8-D

      Simmons is wonderful. I love her, she is so much fun. And has a cool accent. Cool accents help.

      I've heard of the Hornblower shows and seen part of one episode but not more. I plan to get them someday and watch them as I've heard they are really good. Now I have more confirmation in that.

    3. I love the Hornblower series! Would definitely recommend them, both for reading and watching!

  4. I should read your blog more often. Infectious enthusiasm would be a word of describing it. I haven't watched enough Grimm, but I've always liked what I've seen. You may also be the first unabashed fan of SHIELD that I've come across.

  5. Grimm is a show I'm planning to watch someday...can't watch it now because it would scare my little siblings to death...and I can't watch ANYTHING without four or five kids hanging over my shoulder. XD

  6. I'm not the only one who actually likes Emma Approved more than the LBD, which I never really got into? Whew.

    DOCTOR WHO TRAILER!!!! *dies* No words. Really. I'm just too excited.

    Haven't seen Grimm, though. It sounds interesting, but it looks a little violent for me. I'm a little squeamish ;)

  7. Haven't seen Grimm, but have heard lots of good things about it, so it's on my "to watch" list.

    Really am enjoying Once Upon a Time lately (just finished season 2, and it was WAY better than season 1).

    Because we only watch TV through netflix or DVD I'm a season behind on Doctor Who, so I'm hoping that last year's season comes to netflix soon... because the DVD set is RIDICULOUSLY expensive. I LOVE it, but there's no way I'm paying $80 for it. Phew, had to get that off my chest, apparently.

    I love Emma - have you seen the movie with Gwyneth Paltrow? It's beautiful.

    SHIELD... I have mixed feelings about it. I really want it to be fabulous... but so far I feel like the characters just aren't very compelling. I want to love it, but I just... don't. It doesn't feel very "Joss" to me for some reason.

    I think the scientists' accents are Irish... but I'm not sure.

  8. Yes, Emma's book is called Emma. =D The only Jane Austen book that has it's main characters name for the title...I just realized that.
    I can't say that I know too much about all the TV shows mentioned... but I am enjoying Emma Approved! I like Mr. Knightley. And E-Lock is pretty cool this season! And yes, yes you should find the BCC Emma with Romala Garei and Jonny Lee Miller!
    AND THE DOCTOR WHO TRAILER! Wow. That's exciting.

  9. I've never watched Grimm...I have too many shows I watch as it is anyway xD
    I believe a friend of mine told me Fitz and Simmons' accents were Scottish, but I don't recall if that was what she actually said or not, so don't quote me on it. Still, I agree! Agents of SHIELD is a fun show. I really enjoy it!
    And I'm excited about Emma Approved too! I've never read Emma, but I loved LBD so I'm hoping its just as good.
    AND YES! Yes I did see the trailer. It proved to be a point of many conversations I've had in the last three days. If I wasn't sold on it yet, I would be now!

  10. I love Grimm! I'm so glad it's lasted---believe it or not I was originally afraid to watch it thinking it'd be too scary for me, LOL :)

  11. I am so glad you like Agents of SHIELD. I was excited and nervous when I heard that they were making it. It sounded so cool, but I hate getting my hopes up only to be disappointed. So, that is the next TV show on my list of things to watch. Treski has gotten me into Supernatural, which I am not watching fast enough to keep up with everyone else, so all other shows must go to the wayside as I try to catch up a bit.

  12. Agents of SHIELD is cool! And I really like Once Upon a Time . . . although I'm always a few episodes behind it seems. I'm not sure I like Pan being dark, but it makes for more interesting twists.

  13. I can't wait for the 50th Anniversary special! All Who, All The Time :-)


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