Saturday, November 02, 2013

"Fitz wants to know if you packed snacks."

 Wherein Jack tries to plan ahead.

 So far nothing has popped up to mess up my plans for getting my book cover tomorrow. I should finally have a cover picture! Which means I can release the cover on the 14th of this month!  *Waits to see if anyone cancels. Proceeds with caution.*

 Since doing my first two covers I've come to discover a thing as a cover reveal. It is where I call on a bunch of my friends and say, "HELP! Please show my cover off on your blogs so everyone can oo and ah over it and want my book."
 I've never had an official one of these, but this is my third book, so it seems like a good time. So I am going to hold my first cover reveal.
 Dear friends, would any of you be interested in taking part in Abolished's cover reveal on the 14th of November? I would love to have those interested show off the cover on your blogs so people and Oo and Aww over it and want to buy my book. 
 Okay, seriously though. If anyone is interested please email me and I will send you the cover - you will get to see it early (throw in some bribery there) - and the summery for my book. I've noticed some authors allow the revelers to ask them questions which they post along with the cover.  So if any of you want you can ask me questions and post them with the cover. 

 I am going to keep this kind of short because I have one more chapter to edit. But I wanted to let everyone know. Lulu set up hard copy books which don't cost an arm, leg, and your first born child. I put out a copy of Haphazard in hardback and ordered a copy to see how it looked. I was surprised at how nicely they did it. The pages open and stay open so nicely. (A dream come true for those who like to drink tea while they read.)
 Anyways, Haphazard now has a hardback edition if anyone is interested. (I will suggest waiting though. Those who have read the book have mentioned noticing some grammar mistakes. I will go into this more later, but right now I am working on fixing some of them with my kindred spirit. So, it might be wroth it to wait. *Sheepish smile*) But if anyone is interested in publishing through Lulu and is wondering about their hardbacks, take my word for it. They are nice!

 I'm going for real now. Again, please email me if you are interested in taking part in the cover reveal!

 Quote is from Agents of SHIELD when Ward and Coulson take Fitz, Simmons, and Skye on a field work mission, and almost instantly regret it.




  1. Jack, if I wasn't on vacation that week, I would! I'm sorry.

  2. Ditto the above comment...
    Also, I'm dying in anticipation over here! Did you get the picture or not? I hope so!

  3. Haha! Books that open and stay open so that we can drink and read at the same time are AWESOME! So many new books don't. *frowney face* (see what I did there?)

    And yes, I will take part in said reveal. Never done it though, do I just post about it and freak out? You know my email. XD

  4. I love hardcover books. I would own all my hundreds of books in that format if it were financially feasible. :)

    I would love to take part in your cover reveal - will send you an email later today!

  5. Ooh, it must be so exciting to get a cover - as though the books is inching ever closer to reality. Congratulations!

  6. OOH...Jack, I love your new blog design! Also, I haven't visited here in far too long. I'll have to start visiting more often. Hope you're doing well, and that NaNo is going fantastic for you!

    decked out in ruffles


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