Thursday, November 07, 2013

"I don't like green food."

 Wherein Jack talks about clothing.

 I'm an author. A published author. Which means I should always be dressing like



 So that my clothes say, I'm a sophisticated author. Read my books. 

 I, on the other hand, have two modes of dressing. Sometimes I dress like Sherlock.

 And other times Benedict Cumberbach

 Nine times out of ten the Cumberbach side wins. Whenever I go out my family panics.

 "You're going out in public dressed like THAT?"
 "No, of course not. I'll gladly stay home, in my room, if you'd like."

 Starting school though, forced me to come up with a fall back, especially during my editing and NaNo moments. It is all well and good to wear this
around the house, but it doesn't go over well at school. School calls for dressing nice, a problem I've never really had. I have a required uniform at work, one they provided me with. Dressing nice? On days I'm editing? With no one to tell me what to wear? Not a good mix. Until I realized something. A person can look pretty fabulous in a pair of dark blue blue jeans and comfy sweater.
 Sure, this outfit isn't as comfortable as my editing clothes - which used to consist of whatever happened to be on top of the clothes pile on my floor. (Note above picture). A couple weeks ago, I improved this method of dressing. I found this warm hoody and a skirt perfect for curling up in chairs. Throw in the above miss matched socks and slippers and I was set. I threw this at the foot of my bed and when I come home from work I toss it on and am ready to go.

 Anyways, back to my school issue. When my family first saw me ready to walk out the door in my editing clothes - I put shoes on - they worried I had plans to wear it to school. School? Posh....of course I wasn't planning that......
 That's when I first discovered the blue jean trick. Pull those on, whatever sweater happens to be on top of my pile, and a pair of boots. Put on loopy ear rings and I was set.
 Walk into school and people go, "Wow, you look fabulous."
  I know, right?

(You can totally blame this one on my new friend. She started it. *You know who you are*)

 "You know the best part? I got this all off my floor."
 I used to be a good child and put all my clothes up before bed. Now I take them off, throw them on the floor, and yell, "DEAD JEDI!"

 So, what about the rest of you? What do you post about when you're so tried from writing all day that you can't think? What are your word counts at? Have you killed anyone yet to get them up? Have you set your dream cast for when your book is famous and made into a movie? Do you have dead jedis on your floor? Did you DIE? *Shifty eyes.*

 Quote is from The Hobbit.




  1. I absolutely loved this post :)

    My go-to for anywhere is jeans and a t-shirt.

    I think I need to broaden my wardrobe a bit... LOL

  2. *grin*
    Have I ever said that your posts are a lot of fun to read?

    People tell me that I look like I walked out of a book.
    I usually dress like I could have walked out of Haphazardly Implausible (on a good day).

  3. My dear Lewis, this is highly entertaining.

    Clothes? Clothes? Hmm. Clothes. Peculiar things they are. You know what's weird? Pajamas. PJs are weird. Why? Because I think that everyone's normal day-clothes should be just as comfy as their PJs. Then we wouldn't even need a whole extra set of clothes to sleep in! We'd just put on what we wanted to wear tomorrow and have light's out. Less rush in the morning, no ironing (because wrinkled clothes really don't kill) need.

    I really don't understand why this isn't a universal thing.

  4. Jeans, a turtleneck and a sweatshirt are my normal winter apparel, except when jeans are exchanged for leggings and a skirt. Since I don't have a job (yet ... I put in an application the other week, and because of where it is and how much family and friends I have who work there, I have a very high likelihood of getting the job), I wear the same thing all day long, and I find that I think better when I look my best.

    I had all of my clothes in my closet when NaNo began, but then I did my laundry ... and now they're all in a basket at the foot of my bed. Except for the jeans that are hanging on my shower curtain. I really need to put them away.

    I'm at over 12,000, though my mom is trying to convince me that I need to delete and rewrite about 500+ words. I see her point ... but I'm having trouble justifying the deletion during NaNo. Haven't killed anyone yet - I do have one death planned, but that's not til almost the end of the book. But I do get to kill him twice. The second time from his POV. No dream cast yet. Except that I want to play the author. Because, you know, I am an author. And she's funny. Very funny.

  5. xD My MC Daniel is ALWAYS dressed like Sherlock in expensive designer suits. In this novel, since he's going undercover, I'm making him wear baggy clothes and hoodies. He hates it. I just sit there going: >:-] Mwahahahaha...
    Anyway... sweaters are lovely. The best kind of winter clothes, if you ask me. And matched socks are so x amount of years ago! In those magazines in the pockets of airplane seats, they sell mismatched socks. Just take your cues from David Tennant. He wears the oddest clothes and no one comments on them. (Plus he has a whole bunch of Star Wars t-shirts that he wears during interviews.)
    No deaths in my novel yet. Actually, I don't think I have any deaths planned! o.O
    Speaking of The Hobbit... Have you seen the extended edition? We bought it yesterday. =D Now we just have to find three free hours to watch it...
    Good luck in NaNo!

  6. I've never had a problem with the dressing nice thing. Even in jeans. a hoodie, and boots. I rarely wear sweat pants. I don't really like them. Call me crazy. I'm a bit of a girly-girl, though.

    Oh, boy, oh boy, oh boy! I have an epic death planned! There's a mega super awesomely epic twist that goes with it! I plan to write that scene tomorrow because I'm super excited for it! It might get moved into book 2, though.

  7. Oh. My. Gosh.... Mr. Cumberbatch.... how could you? You like like someone who lives in my part of the world. 2 feet of snow on the ground? Folk around here go out to clear it away, dressed in shorts and a winter coat. I kid you not. I saw someone come into the library in a snowstorm, still wearing flip-flops.

    I tend to dress up a bit most the time. I find going out in public a bit intimidating, and find that I feel braver if I am dressed up - sort of like I am in character, or something.

  8. Oh wow! that was so funny :) It took my sister and I a bit the get the 'Dead Jedi' but then we couldn't stop laughing : D I've discovered the jeans/sweater combo too! those with my favorite hand-me-down boots and I look like a might have a sense of style : ) Love the Hawkeye pics, very cute- reminds me of my cousin : )

  9. My wife won't let me dump stuff on the floor. I dump it on my dresser instead so she can play the guessing game of whether it needs washing or not.

  10. Well, I know I should be a "grown up" and "neat" but I still pile certain clothes on the floor or on a chair in my room - you know, the "I wore those jeans once, and that sweatshirt is too comfy to wash yet" clothes. I think I dress like Benedict Cumberbatch once in a while too, and the sweater thing helps - it took me years to learn that one though, and my kids still don't like certain sweaters - I have an orange one that reminds them of Velma. I happen to like Velma, so I just wear it anyway.
    I'm sorry I haven't visited lately. I've missed your wonderful posts, your quotes, and your you-ness. Hope you have a great weekend!

  11. You know, I haven't ever really contemplated it, (my sister is reading over my shoulder, and she just said, "that is the problem. You don't ever think about what you're wearing!" Hehe), but I suppose I have two extremes in dressing also. Sometimes I'm very fastidious and make sure I look fine, but that's usually only when I know we have company over... Typically my editing clothes consist of some form of athletic wear, so I can at least look like a normal person... But I'm currently in the editing stage of a book right now, and had a bit of a fashion disaster last Sunday. I walked into church feeling pretty proud of myself for being dressed up, only to sit down and have a kindly older lady point out that I had two different shoes on. *blush* and that's not the first time the shoe thing has happened. *blush again*

    --Holly :)

    1. I think it is just a normal editing state. More than once I've put on different socks while editing and sometimes didn't even notice. With your mind so distracted with the order of words and how it is all supposed to sound it is just, hard, to pay attention to clothing. We can use it though, us authors, to spot each other.

  12. You're hilarious. Particularly the "l'd gladly stay home, in my room, if you'd like" bit.y (I'm going to use that out family.) But honestly. You cheated! What about a full person picture of yooooou? ;)

  13. Quite the entertaining post you have here, Miss Jack xD I'm glad you've discovered the magic of jeans making anything look like you put more thought into your outfit than you actually did. (It's like magic.)
    I am one of the few amateur writers who probably doesn't look like a crazy person by what she's wearing when she's writing xD I make sure I look presentable at school, and I'm too lazy to change into something more comfortable when I get home, so I just tie up my hair a la Violet Boudelair and get writing.
    I'm also behind on my word count because of my school work, but today I plan to remedy that!

  14. Wow...I think I can relate towards your problem, Jack. I too feel like choosing clothes is such a petty waste of time...but it's some we have to do in order to go out in the public eye. I think I dress as Benedict on some occasions, a mishmash of clothes all wrapped into one goofy outfit.

  15. *Cough cough cough*

    That was me. Choking on my drink. For real. I don't know how I missed this post, because I only just saw it. But it's freaking hilarious! So me being me, I had my coffee, and I was like, "I should check Jack's blog." So I started reading, I took a giant sip, and I got to the Cumberbatch picture. SPROOOOOOF! Coffee *everywhere*.

    Thanks for that. XD

    I dress fairly casually, for my family, I'm one of the only ones who wears Tshirts and jean skirts on a regular basis. But I have this thing... my socks must. match. I'd rather go without than wear socks that don't match. I'm weird that way. lol.

    .......... anyway.

    This post made me laugh.

    *wipes up coffee*


  16. Oh yeah. Those pictures also cracked me up. For some reason, Hawkeye feeling fabulous never fails to produce a giggle from yours truly.

    SAMIFER! Mwuahahahahahahaaha! I know who I am! (like Jack Sparrow, shaking his compass, "I know what I want, I know what I want, I know what I WANT.")


  17. I usually leave all of my clothes on the floor, dead-Jedi-style. But Mom doesn't like that. XD

    As for dream casts... those are usually the first things I come up with. XD

  18. I'm like you Jack, when it comes to clothing. My outfits are always mismatched and not quite there. And, like you, my family freaks out about those little things. I've decided that when they comment on my clothing I'm just gonna be like "Yeah, its cool. Rainbow socks are cool." Then they'll get angry and I'll just smile.

    I'm at a good word count, 3000 something. I'm terrified because we're half-way through November and I hardly have anything done. By the 20th I'm gonna be like "WRITE ALL THE WORDS!!!!!" *Grin* why did I do this?? what is wrong with me?

    That Sam picture isn't funny. At all. I know enough about s5 that I have an idea of what's happening there. And its not okay, at all, to do that. As for Hawkeye? Hawkeye.... Stahp.

    Speaking of Avengers, I am on a Thor buzz now. I think Thor as an avenger is really underrated. He isn't my favorite but he's still amazing and I love him. And watching his movie last night almost killed me. Almost.

    No I'm not dead. Or maybe I am. maybe we're all dead and living in a computer world where nothing ever happens. Or maybe I've gone crazy, because only crazy people would write a sentence like that. Either way, I'm here and I'm talking. And I DO know where I am. Which is good.



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