Thursday, November 21, 2013

"I'm Captain Jack Harkness-" "Stop it!"

 Wherein Jack comes back.
 I am Jack Lewis Baillot, and I've come BACK!
 Yes, I got that, welcome back....

 If I was a soldier I would be shot. But I'm not. I'm an author, so I'm allowed to go AWOL. Besides, I'm an author who is editing and doing NaNo, so I have a good excuse. Also, it worked. I got caught up on both and now, if I can keep on track, I will finish everything on time. (I didn't comment or read blogs though, so I failed there. But I did get to emails. So I win there.)

 Anyways, okay, enough of that. How is NaNo going for everyone else? On track? Behind? To the same point I am where you feel like writing, "And they walked, and they walk, and they walked, and they walked." Speaking of which, has any of you seen Month of a Novel? If not, and if you need a NaNoing break you should check it out. It is so very accurate to how NaNo goes it is funny. Here is the link. Watch them all and pretend it counts as NaNoing work.

 I have to keep this short. I have a chapter in a school book to read and I want to see if I can squeeze in a Grimm episode. (HAHA). And sleep.

 But, this is Friday!!! So, you know what that means, right? Four weeks till Abolished comes out!!! (Or is it three? Go count for yourself. I'm too worn out.) But it means for sure you get to see a picture! (These will be appearing in the book. If you want to meet the artist or read her wonderful blog you can find it HERE!!!!)

 And without further rambling.....

Consoling a Friend
 TADA! What do you think?
 And, I meant to say something else but I don't remember what it is. Oh yeah. I am going to attempt to get back to my normal blogging this week, but don't hold me to it. Right now I'm trying to make it to the holidays so I can do that funny thing normal people call sleep.

 Now I am going. 

 Quote is from Doctor Who...because THIS SATURDAY!!!!! 




  1. Oooo very nice picture! Though it makes me sad too... I love the clouds in the background. And, of course, Kirk's kilt (that's really hard to say) is lovely.

  2. Oooh, I love the illustration. Treskie, you're really talented. (:

  3. Glad you've been immersed in writing! Looking forward to your release.

  4. I love it! So awesome....

    As for NaNo, I'm on track with my word count but I don't know about if I'm on track with my story.....I'm hoping it'll stretch out to be 50,000 words, but we'll see. *bites fingernails*

    It doesn't help that I am constantly distracted by counting down the days until The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug comes out. *sigh*

  5. Lovely illustration! And yes, I totally know what you're talking about. NaNo makes hermits of us all. (or at least, more hermit-like than normal.) (Also it doesn't help that BBC America's played only Doctor Who all week, so I've had something shiny to distract me...)

  6. Yes! Abolished is coming out soon. :) I love the picture too.


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