Friday, November 15, 2013

"Nice to meet you, Rose...Run for your life!"

 Oh look, today is Friday.
 Oh look, I don't have the little vote-y thing up yet. 
 This, my dear readers, is what happens during NaNo.

 I'd think of more to say, but I haven't even started NaNoing today. So, I shall leave you all with some snippets, and the voting options at the end of this post. (This is for which picture, from Abolished Impracticality, you'd like to see first. I will post it next Friday.) I will also be putting up the box on the sidebar, so put your votes there. If they are put in the comments and not there I might loose them and not know which ones were picked.

The following snippets are from my NaNo book, The Shepherd Knight.

 Clyde ignored him and dropped a bag to the ground. It clanked and Maddock nudged it with his toe, making it rattle.
“Did you rob the castle cutlery?” he exclaimed.

 “He has to use a new fork every time he takes a bite?” Maddock asked from his stump.
Clyde's forehead creased into a scowl and he plucked one of the forks. “There is a fork for each course. This is a salad fork.” He set it back down and picked up another. “A vegetable fork. Fruit. Fish. Cheese. The main course. And dessert.”
Maddock wanted to ask more questions but was too flabbergasted. He wasn't sure what shocked him more. The fact that so much was eaten at one meal or that each plate got its own fork.
“And that is just for every day meals,” Clyde went on, “when you are entertaining delegates or nobles there will be even more courses.”
If Clyde wanted to ensure Theobald didn't take the crown he was doing a good job of it. If his father hadn't been sitting across from him Theobald probably would have jumped up and ran off to some remote part of Hemlock were no one would ever be able to find him.
“It is important you learn this,” Clyde continued. “You have enough going against you as it is. You are going to have to prove to the men of wealth that you are just as kingly as those who have ruled before you, even if you were raised in the Under Forest.”
Miserable, Theobald wrapped his feet around the legs of his chair and Maddock had to grind his teeth to keep from saying anything. It wasn't fair, everything Theobald was having to go through, just to take the throne he didn't want and rule over a people who wouldn't want him when they learned he was a half-blood. No one was going to let Theobald claim the crown without a fight, which was why Maddock was tirelessly training beside him. When his friend became king he was determined to stay by his side and fight for him. He'd need someone when all of Hemlock turned against him.
“Now, which fork is this?” Clyde didn't seem aware of his son's distress.
“Salad?” Theobald attempted.
“Dessert.” Clyde set it back down, his tone level and informative. He was already lost in his lesson, unaware of emotions or anything else going on around him. “And this?”
“Good. This?”
“Salad. This?”
“Main course?”
“No, fruit. This is the main course. This one?”
Clyde smiled and held up a spoon.
“None of the above,” Theobald murmured and Maddock saw his chance to lighten the mood.
“What does he do if he finds a hair in his soup?”
Setting the spoon back down, Clyde slowly turned to look at Maddock. “What?” he asked.
“What if he's eating dinner with all those delegates and there's a hair in his soup?”
“Are you being serious?” Clyde grumbled.
He had meant it as a joke but now that he'd asked it he was curious. “Yes.”
Theobald quit bending the tines on one of the forks. “What would I do?” he asked.
“I-” Clyde tried but Maddock interrupted because he had what felt like a brilliant idea.
“Since he's the king would he get to pull it out and throw it on the floor? Or would he have to order all the cooks beheaded?”
Theobald was quick to join in. “Would I ask if anyone else got one?”
“Should he hold it up and ask the delegates if it belonged to any of them?”
“Call all of the servants in and see who's hair it matched and give it back?”
“Jump up yelling and act like he'd been poisoned?”
“Ask if someone else would like it?”
“He'd have to eat it and pretend it wasn't there!” Clyde cut in before they could go any further. “And hopefully you'd get one too, Maddock and you'd both choke on them and I wouldn't have to put up with you two anymore.” He tried to sound angry but there was an unmistakable twinkle to his eyes and crinkles around his eyes which showed he was trying not to laugh. Theobald was less subtle and grinned.

"Just think. In a few days everyone will be bowing to you and calling you king."
"If you can't say anything cheerful then just don't speak."

"Are you actually a thousand-years-old or something?"
"I'm only nineteen! I've told you, I'm only half-elf!"
"Yes. He gets all the love of herbs and trees without the long life and good looks."

"Why if it isn't my good friend Maddock."
"I despise you."

Quentin smashed the door down with his shoulder and temper.

"I burned a pie?"
"Maddock beat it to death with a shovel."

"Look at what he's doing, Gwyn! He's kidnapping the prince! You can't trust him!"
"We're borrowing the prince!"

"We need you to look after him, Adalee."
"Why me?"
"Because we're kidnappers. We don't qualify."

"Hand me my tea and no one gets hurt."

"I'll fight by you till the day I die."
"You know that might be sooner than we think."

"Mad sheepie on the loose!"

Maddock had no problem breaking Reid's nose.

And...that is the end of my snippets for this week.
I have the box up, but the three pictures you can choose are...
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Quote is from Doctor Who




  1. The quotes from your book are MOST amusing. I especially liked the tea one. That created a most wonderful sensation of inspiration in my brain. ;-D

  2. "Why, if it isn't my good friend, Maddock."
    "I despise you."

    That. Was. Brilliant. XD Seriously, I cracked up so loudly over that. lol.

  3. I feel sorry for the people who don't know that's a Doctor Who quote.

    I burned a pie?"
    "Maddock beat it to death with a shovel."

    L.O.L :-D you and Treskie should get together. What with the two of you I'm always like "My story sucks." *pout* Just teasing. but you're book sounds brilliant!

  4. That was brilliant, Jack. I loved it. (:

  5. Looks pretty good so far, and I LOVE Dr. Who! Best of luck with NaNoWriMo.


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