Monday, November 25, 2013

"Oh the round things." "I like the round things." "What are the round things?" "I have no idea."

 Wherein Jack talks about nothing of great importance

 I thought I had 38 chapters in Abolished, but I only had 36, which means I got done editing a whole day early! 
 Right now all I have left to do is add in some of the pictures, send in for my copy to check on formatting, then add the rest of the pictures and hit the publish button. Simple...right? *Insane laughter in the background*

 Whoever decided to do NaNo AND the most important part of editing in the same month really needs to be hit over the head with a frying pan...oh wait...

 My boss called in and said I didn't have to come to work today if I didn't want. I almost cheered but I don't think that is a good employee reaction. (Note, I LOVE my job, but I was having one of those lazy, didn't want to do anything days, perfect day for getting called off.)

 I gave up on NaNo.
 JUST KIDDING! Actually, I'm not sure what kind of response I was expecting from that. What I really did though was give up on The Shepherd Knight. I know, all that planning and outlining I had done. But something is wrong with the story and I was slaughtering it without mercy. I was to the point where I was writing, "And he smiled and thought about his past for the hundredth time in this chapter because his author is in dire need of her word count for today and she has no clue what should be happening. And oh! He saw this adorable rabbit and he had to take a 1000 words to contemplate how much he would miss sitting out in the sun and watching adorable rabbits."
 It was torture, for me, the plot, and the characters. Hopefully I can someday find out what is so wrong with this book and fix it. Till then, however, I went back to The Broken Blade. It was like someone had pulled a knife out of my ribs and I was able to breathe again.

 John and I watched the 50th Doctor Who last night. I squeezed the life out of my blanket. I plan to review it once I get my thoughts wrapped around it.

 I'm also going to review an episode of Agents of SHIELD. Because I loved it to itty bitty piece and it gave me warm and fuzzy feelings. I don't know WHEN I will review it because my life is going to be insane until NaNo is over. But, I am going to review it.
 So there.

 Have I mentioned I don't like adding pictures into documents. It is fun when they are in and all nice looking and arranged. But getting them in and positioned is slow and painful work and I end up banging my head on things while I do it. Which is why I am posting and not working on it.

 Lastly, I am changing my signature. I have two to pick from so I'm making all of you help me pick - for two reasons.
 I'm your evil overlord and I can do things like this and order you around as much as I like.
 And two, I am being lazy and don't feel like picking on my own.
 So, which do you all like the best?

 Good bye now.

 Quote is from the 50th, because I had to. No spoilers though, so those who haven't seen it are safe.

 ALLONS-Y!!!! (*Sin a very 10 accent.*)



  1. Didn't watch the Dr. Who special, but I am hooked on S.H.I.E.L.D.
    Both signatures are so unique. Not sure which one. Yeah, I'm a big help, aren't I?
    Sorry the one story wasn't working. Know when to fold 'em they say.
    Enjoy your day off!

  2. I quite enjoyed the 50th special myself. Watched it twice...Once live, and once again with my sister who was too busy to watch it live :p I certainly didn't complain. (Also, the magic of DVRs.)
    It's a shame the story didn't pan out, but at least now you can move on to other projects! Sometimes letting go is the best option, even if it seems like quitting.
    Personally, I'm more inclined to the latter signature. The first just seems oddly spaced to me, though I do still like what I think is the idea behind it.
    Have fun on your day off!

  3. I haven't watched the 50th, yet. Me and my sister will get to it soon, I hope...

    I know exactly what you mean about slaughtering a NaNo novel regardless of the planning and care that went into it. I've done that too this month.

    I think I like the second signature better.

    ~Robyn Hoode

    1. From what I've heard, this was the month for NaNo slaughtering. You and I weren't alone in it. I feel your pain. Have a cookie, or three. *Hands over a plate.*

      I hope you get to see the 50th soon...or have! It is Fantastic!!

    2. *takes a few cookies* Thank you, Jack dear.

      Now that NaNo is over, I am still writing my NaNo novel, but not so fast, and I will be getting back to editing.


    3. But you are still writing. (Said in a very Jack Sparrow tone of voice.) Which is always good.

    4. Yes. And while I am somewhat anxious about editing, I am excited about it, too.


    5. Editing can be daunting because that is the moment you have to tell the characters what to do and force - sometimes - them to obey. Chocolate helps, and tea. And accepting the life of a hermit.

  4. Ack! That is too bad about your NaNo story!
    Hmm...I kind of like the first signature better, but from what I've read and seen of your blog (I have been reading through the archives to get all caught up!:)), I think think the second one is a little bit more you-ish. Or maybe not, I don't know! I like them both.

    1. That is okay. It has too many fans for me to strangle it like I'd like to, so I will just have to keep trying.

      Thanks for your vote. It helps, because I cannot make up my mind, ever. I'm naughty like that.

  5. I absolutely love the 50th!!!!!:D

    I like the first signature better:)

    NaNo is killing me! GRR!!

  6. Hi Jack ~ Oh, I am glad that you were able to watch the 50th. I didn't, because I was at work. But my sisters reportedly decended upon a friend with cable, and got to see it.... I have succumbed to Agents of SHIELD, which I had no intention of doing until the whole first season was out. I was fed up with Supernatural, though and decided to take a break from it. I am hopelessly hooked. Coulson is so cool and I just love him to bits, and take it personally when people do not give him the respect he deserves. I have decided that Tahiti is a creepy place and that I never want to go there (not that tropical islands have ever had much appeal for me anyway). And I am mighty fond of Ftizsimmons too... they are so darling.

    I like the second signature - the white version of the one you currently have.

  7. I like the first siggy. It's pretty much awesome.

    1. Aw, thanks for your thoughts! It helps my indecisive brain 8-D

  8. Wow, congrats on finishing your editing early! That definitely deserves a cookie or two. (Or three or four. Did John ever find the cookie thief?)
    I'm so sorry your NaNoWriMo book didn't work out! I hope that someday you can work out what's wrong and fix it.
    Eep! The 50th was super cool! I'm glad you liked it too!
    As for signatures... I like the one you have now! The brown offsets the gears nicely. It brings some dark into an otherwise very light blog.

  9. I like the first signature. The red one that looks slightly mathematical and smeampunkish. It's very cool. :)

    Surprise days off are the best! .....And very infrequent. lol.

    I haven't watched the 50th yet, but I want to. I am NOT looking forward to the Christmas special. Endings aren't my thing. Especially not 11's ending. *Sniffles* But I must admit, the new guy does look pretty good.


  10. I loved the 50th! I still want to watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It looks very good.

    I like the first signature best. :D

  11. YAY for finishing editing early!!! *fist bump* have pie.

    Unexpected days off are the best..... with anything, really. :)

    lol... your NaNo experience sounds like how I was last year. *snortle*

    SHIELD!!!!!!!! I LOVE SHIELD!! I haven't gotten to the warm and fuzzy one. (which episode is that? ) I love Fitzsimmons, they're adorable.
    And because of something Amy said, I'm worried about Coulson. What the HECK happened in Tahiti!? (It's a magical place. WHY does he always say it's a magical place!? JACK! WHAT'S WRONG WITH COULSON!?!?!?!)

    I'm sorry putting the pictures in is giving you trouble. Have pie and tell them firmly to stop acting like Cas. XD

    Anyhoo, I like the first signature. It's cute and Steampunky and totally different from the one you have now. Do that one! :D

  12. YAY!! You got to see the 50th!! I was quite proud of myself because when I saw the Round things I knew they were from Four's TARDIS and I got all Classic-Who fangirly. I was like "THE ROUND THINGS!!!" I loved how Ten and Eleven acted together, it was amazing! I realized I still love and Miss Ten, and though he isn't my favorite Doctor he was still really good.

    I've been really emotional because I lost most of my NaNo book last night and was so emotionally disturbed I gave up. The story wasn't working out anyway. tried, I failed I can do no more. Also, I've given up on having a life outside fictional structures. I often wonder if its healthy how emotionally involved I get in the events of make-believe. Should I cry THIS HARD over things that never happened? I dunno, all I know is the two brothers causing this misery are going to destroy my Fan-Feels forever. Not that I have many left after all the talking on Eleven's regeneration. Did you hear that its "Traumatic" and "brutal"? Yep, that's what Jenna said. Apparently she was an absolute wreck after finishing that scene. Well that's Moffat for you. I hate moffat.

    I want to watch SHIELD but my sisters started it without me. Mean, evil sisters.

    I'm sorry about your NaNo stuff :'(

    I like the second signature better. It looks more Evil-Lord to me.


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