Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"Where are we? Who are we? What are we?"

 This is me at dinners.

 Everyone always sits around and tells funny stories and jokes. And it always sounds like fun, but I'm too chicken to join in. Mostly because I only know a couple jokes, and the only joke which ever comes to mind at dinners is as follows.

 Three guys were rafting down the Amazon when they were captured by a bunch of natives. The natives told them they were going to kill them, boil them, and make them into canoes, but they'd give them each a last request. 
 The first made asked for a cigar. He was given this, which he smoked. Then he was killed, boiled, and made into a canoe.
 The second man asked for a big dinner. So, he was fed, killed, boiled, and made into a canoe.
 They went to the third man and asked him what he'd like.
 "A fork," he said.
 "A fork?"
 "Yes, a fork."
 It wasn't as bad as making another huge meal, so they gave him a fork. As soon as he got it he began spearing his arm and yelling, "HA! Make a canoe out of me!"

 No, that wasn't my reason for posting.

 Today is the 14th, one month to the release of Abolished Impracticality. Which means....COVER RELEASE!
 Also, I talked to this book's artist, and we decided to do a picture reveal, like Clair and I did for Haphazard. There are three Fridays before the book is out - if we don't count this Friday and the Friday before the book is published. And, since Fridays are fun anyways, I shall just about them release days.
 Treskie and I have decided to give all of you the chance to vote on which pictures you would like to see. I will have the voting box back up by this Friday, and the three pictures you can vote on, to find out which will be the first.

 And that is about all I have to say. I have editing awaiting.

 Oh want to see something, don't you? Okay.


 There, what do you all think? (I might be tweeking it a little before the book is published. I'm not sure how I feel about the gears and the sharp contrast.) But, there it is!

 Quote is from Lucky Luke, his horse after Luke wakes him up.




  1. It looks fabulous! Congratulations! :)

  2. I like it!

    ~Robyn Hoode

  3. *boing boing boing*

    I am so excited! This is fun. I like. You managed to make all the Ls visible in my name, and that is fun. XD




  4. Oh, I forgot what else I was going to say.

    Did you go to a dinner party? I hate them. They're awkward unless you know everyone really well. And then people either ignore you, (which is what they do to me.) or they try to talk to you. (which also happens. I'm not sure which one's worse.) And I tend to effectively kill the conversation by saying something stupid like, "I'm not wild about the Hunger Games." lol.

    I've heard that joke!! It's hilarious, isn't it? haha. Except, instead of saying, "Ha! Make a canoe out of me!" we say, "I hope your canoe sinks!" To pull a Shawn, "I've heard it both ways." lol.

  5. Haha, I like your joke! That's funny! The only joke that I know off the top of my head is "What do you call a homeschool mom who talks to herself? A parent teacher conference."

    Lovely, lovely cover. =D I agree with you about the gears... They are pretty sharp in comparison with the rest of the cover. The attention is drawn more to them, than to the words, since they cut off the gray around the words (if that makes any sane sense at all).

  6. Jack ~ that is me at dinners too, although, I would *love it if someone told that joke at a dinner, only, I tend to laugh rather too much when I am amused and nervous at the same time, so maybe it is just as well that no one has.

  7. Yes, yes! Can't wait to read it. :)

  8. Oh, Jack - I don't think I've ever told you about my grandfather's pet skunks!
    Well you see, their names were In and Out, and when In was out, Out was in, and when Out was in, In was out.

    One day, Out came in. "Hello Out," said my Grandfather. "Where's In?"

    A few seconds later, Out returned with In. "How'd you find him so fast?" Grandfather asked.

    On another note, I'm so sorry about not posting your cover on Thursday - I meant to, I really did! But I got behind on NaNo, and had to speed type to catch up, and then we went all over the place on Wednesday (and I picked up the extended version of The Hobbit so now I can finally watch it!), and then I had to babysit ... I've got a post scheduled to go up tomorrow though ...

  9. Lovely cover! And I thankfully don't go to many dinner parties that aren't family affairs, otherwise I'd probably just sit and drink my tea and nod in agreement and laugh when the occasion arose or something.


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