Tuesday, December 10, 2013

"I want you to take my bandage and go and take my pistol test for me.......I can't hit the target, give me a break."

 Wherein Jack lost her wrist brace.

 I was going to do a cool post before I released today's....book release....make you want to read the book thingy. I will think up an official name someday. But, I can't find my wrist brace. And since I can't type long without it, you don't get a long, brilliant post. Instead, you get....whatever I can type before my fingers stop working, so there. 

 Today I finished the FINAL reading of Abolished! It is now all ready to go, and is just waiting for the release date. Now that I have that done I can concentrate on finals. And The Hobbit, because everyone knows that is VERY important.

 Hm....even with my wrist brace I don't think I'd make it far with being brilliant. (Actually, I am trying to figure out how to change my signature and am not really thinking about brilliance at the moment. When I have it up everyone can see which one won the vote.) Hopefully I won't break my wonderful new background trying to find the signature thing. If I ever get rich and famous off my books I'm hiring someone to do all of the technical website stuff for me. I'll just point at it and go, "Make it do this!" and they will do it without blinking and I will be in awe of their skills.

 Okay, enough though. I've got to the point where my fingers don't want to work, so I will leave you with this! The title chapters from Abolished! (Friday's post will be filled with snippets from the book, and then Saturday the book will be out!)

Prologue. Wherein a Promise is Made
One. Wherein Steed learns he has to go to England
Two. Wherein Isidore has a bad day and Jack is given a warning
Three. Wherein the airship lands unceremoniously
Four. Wherein Singur meets his uncle's mortal enemy
Five. Wherein Tony attempts to save the day
Six. Wherein Singur gets some answers
Seven. Wherein Peter and Darcy meet a scowling detective
Eight. Wherein Germany is invaded and a life is lost
Nine. Wherein Mrs. Kirk feeds everyone
Ten. Wherein Singur tells the world his secret
Eleven. Wherein the airship is repaired and a confession is given
Twelve. Wherein Singur meets a rebel
Thirteen. Wherein Kirk goes visiting and almost everyone else repairs the airship
Fourteen. Wherein Singur blows up some Stalkers
Fifteen. Wherein the airship is repaired and the crew travels to England and is promptly attacked
Sixteen. Wherein it is uncertain whose side Singur is on
Seventeen. Wherein the crew of the airship has a run in with a bad-tempered, territorial Air Pirate
Eighteen. Wherein Hogan abuses a map
Nineteen. Wherein Tony contacts the Captain and Peter learns Alfie's full name
Twenty. Wherein Peter meets the Captain
Twenty-One. Wherein Peter learns who his parents were
Twenty-Two. Wherein Hogan comes up with a plan
Twenty-Three. Wherein Peter meets the Queen of England
Twenty-Four. Wherein Peter and Tony receive bad news and a meeting occurs in the streets of London
Twenty-Five. Wherein Steed and Peter finally have something in common
Twenty-Six. Wherein there are thieves in the Buckingham Palace kitchen
Twenty-Seven. Wherein Hogan acquires an airship
Twenty-Eight. Wherein Steed begins to doubt everything
Twenty-Nine. Wherein everyone flies to Russia
Thirty. Wherein the Black Beard arrives in the land of raw bacon
Thirty-One. Wherein Peter walks through a Winter Wasteland
Thirty-Two. Wherein Jack is captured
Thirty-Three. Wherein Peter comes up with an elaborate rescue
Thirty-Four. Wherein Isidore shoots Peter down
Thirty-Five. Wherein Steed betrays everyone

 And, just for fun, the Illustration titles.
1: Hiding From Darcy...25
2: Saying Goodbye...36
3: Unexpected Comforter...40
7: “Did you just shoot my airship?”...65
8: Death Of A Rebel...72
10: Singur Joins The Battle...84
13: Unwanted Company...102
18: Hogan And The Map...149
19: Loss Of A Friend...164
22: Unable To Get Along...190
24: Unexpected Meeting...214
25: Steed's Panic...218
26: Darcy's Vigilance...230
27: In Buckingham Palace...242
29: His Father's Bible...262
32: Sabotage...282
35: Betrayed...314

 Quote is from Columbo again, when he is avoiding target practice. He finds out he will loose his badge if he doesn't go so he convinces someone to take the test for him.




  1. I'm so excited for your new book!!! Way to go on getting it done, even with an injury. Take care of yourself, study hard, and then . . . enjoy the Hobbit!

  2. Aaaaah it's so close to the release of your book!!!!!! How much awesomely excited are you???


    "make it do this" that's awesome. lol. I know the feeling. After a couple tries of something, I tend to throw my hands up in a way that does my Italian heritage proud and mumble something about the evilness of technology. XD

    You work on those Finals, Jack!

    JEFFERSON STARSHIPS!! (sorry. We just watched that episode again. Had to shout it somewhere.)


  3. Hogan and the map ought to be good! I love that part of the book do the picture is sure to be awesome. I can't wait !

  4. I love that Columbo quote. :) Can't wait for the book to come out!


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