Tuesday, December 03, 2013

"I'll be doing whatever snow does in summer!" "I'm going to tell him."

 Wherein Jack thinks of hot coco, fuzzy slippers, and ice castles.
 And wherein she reviews a movie

 It is close to my bed time....well, how about the time I curl up in bed and watch TV?
 Right now I am in the middle of three different projects, one of which is a paper for school due in two days. (For the record, I am not that much of a procrastinator. I had it done last week but accidentally deleted it.) Another is a book trailer for Abolished. Not one of the fancy, brilliant ones like last time - yes, I said brilliant. Because I had brilliant actors. Instead, it is one like I did for the Loyalty book. Just for fun till I can get the official one done.

 Right now, since I have survived my first NaNo while doing school, and editing, I am taking a bit of a break until after the New Years. I am trying to get my History read, and a book report done, and then try and figure out how I am going to handle finials. My dad informed me today what they are and they sound daunting. Currently I'm torn between getting in some massive study and running away and moving to Peru. "Peru?" "Relaxed guardianship laws." "Relaxed guardianship laws?" "Did I say that out loud? Darn nero toxins!"

 Enough of that though. I will go into more detail about the future of my writing later on. Right now, just know, that it is going to involve some editing, publishing, and The Broken Blade.

 I am actually posting this because I have a movie review to share!

 The other day I got to go and see Frozen, Disney's newest princess movie - after the success of Tangled.

 I don't really know what I was expecting out of this movie. I don't know the original fairy tale it was got from and had never before heard anything about it. But the trailers looked fun so by the time we went I was excited.

 Unlike a lot of Disney movies, this one was a family story - a sister one.It is about two princesses, Elisa and Anna. (I think the story is placed in...like...Russia, but I don't know for sure. I couldn't place the accents, which means if it is Russia Tony is going to throw  his boot at me. If it is Germany than Isidore won't speak to me, but that is nothing new. I think it is one of the two though. Anyone who knows for sure, please do tell.)
 Elisa has the magical power to make snow, which Anna loves. (The story starts with them as little girls.) However, one night, Elisa accidentally harms Anna. Some trolls save her life, and erase her memory of Elisa's power. Elisa and her parents lock her away so no one will ever discover her secret and she won't harm anyone else. But it always gets worse and more powerful and Elisa refuses to play with Anna anymore.
 When they get older, their parents die, which leaves Elisa as heir to the throne. When she is crowned, her power is discovered and she flees. Anna, who blames herself, goes after her sister with the help of a gruff, but kind, man who sells ice (and his pet raindeer. Yes, raindeer. And somehow, he makes it manly to have a pet raindeer.)

 The story was sweet. It was nice to watch one centered more on family who loved each other and wanted to keep each other safe. There was romance in it, of course, but it was sweet and fun and I rather enjoyed it.

 Anna was a lot of fun, I really liked her. I'm not sure if she passed Rapunzel as my favourite Disney princess, but if not she is tied.  

 The snowman - those who've seen the trailer know who I am talking about - was hilarious. I loved him. If you have doubts about the movie, go and see it for him.

 The animation was so pretty! I loved the ice castle especially. I want one, even though my constant drinking of tea might present some problems.

 The only thing I found weird about the movie, at first, was that it felt more like a musical. Like an actual one, even more than any of the other movies. The music I wasn't expecting. But once I got used to it I really came to like it. It gave a different feel to the movie and it made me want to see it again now that I know what to expect. (I'm actually thinking of just buying it.)

 Oh, and the ending was unexpected, which I loved. I like endings that take me off guard.
 So, go and see it! And take me! 

 I was going to say something else, but it ran away to Peru.

 So good bye.

 Quote is from Frozen, when the snowman is singing about summer and what he will do when summer comes, and the hero of the story wants to tell him what he will really be doing. 




  1. Oh, I really want to see Frozen! I'll have to wait till it comes out, though. (We went to see Catching Fire and we're going to The Hobbit, so we have to save up.) It looks great. I love Elsa's hair!

  2. Becca and I really want to see this movie too. Ever since we saw the preview, we keep quoting "it's so cute! It's like a little baby unicorn!", whenever we see something cute or tiny. Maybe this weekend... :)

  3. I've been wanting to see that! Maybe I'll kidnap my little siblings this weekend go!

  4. I shall have to come back to this post, as I want to see the movie before I read any reviews...

    This was one of my favorite fairy tales growing up (The Snow Queen) and I am afraid from the look of the previews that I might have to disassociate the fairy tale from the movie in my head, because it looks as though they've changed the entire premise for the movie. However, I found an older BBC cartoon titled The Snow Queen on DVD the other day, so I'm hoping to be able to watch that some time... as it sounds like they actually followed the fairy tale more closely.

    Merry Christmas!!

  5. Jenelle, it's one of my favorite fairy tales too! Unfortunately, Frozen is not very much like it, which was kind of disappointing. BUT I did actually enjoy Frozen, because I kind of separated the two in my mind right before it started.

    Jack, I may be wrong, but I think that they used the landscape and possibly accents of Norway as their guide. :-) I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    So everyone else, go see it! Go! For Olav (the snowman) if not for anything else. Oh yeah and Idina Menzel. Woooooeeee, that girl can sing.

    1. Norway, yes, I can see that. I spent half the movie trying to place Kirstoff's accent...his slight one. Like, "It kind of sounds like he's supposed to be Russian, but nothing else looks Russian, and Hans isn't a Russian name. He can't be Russian. Well...maybe." (And I kept calling him by his raindeer's name, and now I feel bad. Because his name is really cool now that I know it.)

      I know, right?! I've been listening to Let It Go over and over. That is a great song, and her voice! Just, wow!

  6. I need to talk my siblings into going to see it with me! ;) it looks really good from the trailers.. :)

  7. Frozen has caught my eye, and I'm glad to hear such good reviews of it! Maybe I'll get a few of my friends to go with me to it for a Christmas dealio or something. (Also, I've heard it takes place in Norway, which would explain the reindeer. Germany and Russia don't have reindeer as far as I know.)

    To answer your question, yes, Nico reveals emotions about Percy. It's kind of odd and out of the blue, but I think the author handled it well despite completely catching me off guard with it.


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