Monday, December 09, 2013

"It's Sunday and I promised my dog I'd take him to the park."

 I have no clue how to begin or end this, but I wanted to share the prologue with all of you today - before I begin reading the book again. So, I hope all of you enjoy it! 

Wherein a Promise is Made
After spending so much time at sea, and coming home to find his little sister murdered, Hogan found little joy in life. Sometimes he felt like all he had left was Peter, and he couldn't even rightly call the boy his.
At five, Peter was the only one who could get Hogan to smile. It was understandable why Peter's parents – Hogan's best friends – failed in lighten his dark moods. They were caught up in the middle of the affair which had taken his sister and brother-in-law's lives.
“Why didn't you save them?” Hogan had demanded of Noah and Olivia Jones the day he had found them alive, and learned of his sister's death.
“We tried.” The grief, pain, and hurt in Noah's eyes curbed some of Hogan's anger. Of course Noah would blame himself for Aggie and Dan's murders. He had been the one who promised to keep them all safe.
“Ten months before Aggie and Dan were killed I lost contact with them,” Noah explained, his voice heavy, “I did everything I could to locate them, but I didn't get to them in time.”
Knowing his bitter words only cut Noah's wounds deeper, Hogan tired to keep his next civil. “Morcoft did it, didn't he?”
“We have no proof,” Noah murmured. He fiddled with the parts of his pistol which he was cleaning.
“I'm so sorry, Sebastian,” Olivia whispered, tears shimmering in her eyes. She looked even more grief stricken than her husband so Hogan said nothing about her using his first name, a privilege he usually only
allowed to his sister.
“I know you would have saved them if you could,” Hogan whispered, humbled but still feeling as if someone had torn his heart out and cut it in two.
He had taken care of Aggie since their parents' death, when she was only five. She was all he had ever had in this world, and now he would never see her again.
“Margret says, if you need to talk or – anything – you can go and see her,” Olivia murmured gently.
The smile which tried to appear on Hogan's lips took all his willpower to keep back. “Is she with Abelard?” he asked, trying not to sound too lethal.
Noah's eyes almost twinkled as he shook his head no. “No, she's not.”
That was the only good news Hogan heard that year. The year after he learned that Olivia and Noah were going to have a child. After that, visits to land weren't as horrible because there was little Peter to see. It also helped when the Jones' made Hogan the boy's adopted uncle.
Hogan loved the boy as his own, having long ago acknowledged that he would never have children, thanks to Abelard.
“If only Aggie had, had children,” he murmured one day as he sat in the Jones' parlor, watching Peter play with a model aeroplane.
He tried to not talk about his sister when around Noah and Olivia but, sometimes, things slipped out.
“You know you will always have a family with us,” Olivia tried to cheer him up, “and we know that no matter what happens, we can rely on you to keep our son safe.”
“I would never let anything happen to him,” Hogan promised.

 There, what do you think?

 Another Columbo quote. Because I like him.

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  1. Nicely done.

    And a Colombo quote...also nice.

  2. Colombo is so much fun :)
    Sounds like you've got a great premise for a story here!! :)

  3. Really, really great, Jack. Talk about a lot of heart and depth!

  4. Cool contest! That is an incredibly heart-wrenching prologue too.

  5. Ooh, I love it! (:


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