Thursday, December 12, 2013

"Mrs. Peel! The first thing a ghost learns is to walk through walls."

Wherein Jack is anything but ready.

  I'm releasing the snippets a day early, because the next two days will be insanely...insane for me. I am also setting up shall we call it? "That doesn't look like a party..." to celebrate when the book is out. I will have more details Saturday, when the book is out! For now, enjoy these sneak peaks, and I will see you all again on Saturday!

“I thought we'd just sit back and have some dinner!” he roared.
“Can't you French think of anything aside from your stomachs?”

“Yes, my uncle needs to speak to the queen,” Aden spoke up, hoping to be helpful.
“You came to London to visit the queen?”
“That sounds like it could be a rhyme,” Lewis whispered to Louis.

Darcy doubled up with laughter and Isidore silently glanced from one to the other of them. Peter thought about trying to explain some of what was going on but then decided he didn't owe this stranger anything. He could be baffled, it would teach him to be a possible Morcoft spy.

 “You stabbed a map,” the constable informed Hogan, leaning forward in his saddle.
“Yes, I did.” Hogan smiled.
“May I ask why?”

“It was being unhelpful.”

 “A girl?” Kirk sounded surprised.
“Yes,” Peter admitted. “I thought a girl broke your heart so you joined up with pirates. Tony told me that's why a lot of men become pirates.”

 “This is Anthony Verne.” Tony clenched the radio tightly, feeling a little better already. “I need to speak to Captain Hogan.”
“Verne?” the voice demanded. “I thought you'd be dead by now.”
“Thanks, so good to know you have such high faith in me. Where's the Captain?”
“He went into London.”
Tony almost threw the radio at the window but refrained because Steed was armed and just a couple feet behind him.
“Where at in London?”
“Knowing the Captain? Likely everywhere, looking for you. Where are you at?”
“I'm in the air.”
“Did you turn into a bird?”
“Who is this?” Tony demanded. He wanted to be able to strangle him when they finally met up.
“No you're not. Lewis is Irish.”
“It was worth a try.”

 “I was a bit busy. And I almost died, several times,” Tony muttered.
“What did you do? Eat some more of your Russian bacon?”

 “Where did you get to?” he demanded.
“I went to get an apple.” He held up the core and Tony plucked it out of his hand by the stem. He wrinkled his nose but Peter didn't offer to take it back.

A Speeder rattled past and splashed water up from the gutter all over Peter. He didn't slow, but his boots suddenly became slippery. Water squelched in them as he took two more steps before loosing his footing.
Desperate to keep upright, Peter flung out his arms and grabbed hold of the only thing nearby – Steed. Clutching hold of the Air Pirate, he hoped the taller man would keep them both up. Instead, Peter's flaying arms hit Steed in the side and when he turned to punch him he got tangled up in Peter's hold. Losing his balance, he went down, pulling Peter with him.
In the most undignified way possible, both crashed onto the cobblestones, right in the middle of a crowed of Londoners. Peter fell half under Steed, which he was grateful for when he saw how many eyes were peering down at them.
“Really!” one woman huffed before turning and walking off.
A man held a handkerchief to his nose. “This is why we need to have those pubs closed!” he exclaimed before turning and leaving as well.
“Why I ought to!” Steed thundered, but thankfully no one was left to hear him. Turning their noses up, the Londoners gave them wide berth as they walked around them.

 “Yes!” Peter hoped he sounded threatening. “Don't try and run! I will shoot!”
The man clicked his tongue. “You would shoot me? Before we've been introduced?”
Peter didn't see what difference it would make. If the man really wanted to introduce himself he wouldn't stop him, but he had no intention of giving out his name.
“Well, tell me your name if you want,” Peter said, keeping his finger on the trigger.
“You mean you don't plan to tell me yours?”
“The thought hadn't crossed my mind,” Peter answered.
“I can't tell you mine then,” the man murmured, “introductions don't work like that.”

 “Oh, do I get to meet the queen?”
“You'd probably have to take a bath first,” Peter answered, wrinkling his nose.
“You pull a pistol on me and insult me? What else do you do? Steal candy from babies?”

It was Isidore he finally came across, sitting out in the garden. He had a bench claimed all to himself and was almost sprawled over it, except Germans didn't sprawl. He had his feet resting on one arm rest and his back up against the other. His eyes were half closed and if he hadn't been German Aden would have said he looked content.

 “Oh look,” Hogan muttered, “it's the Archduke's missing table.”
Tony stared at Steed in disbelief. “You stole a table?”
“No. I flew over his mansion and it jumped on board.”
“You stole a table,” Tony ignored him. “Who flies around in a huge, silent airship and goes, 'Oh, you know what would give me a good reputation as a fearsome Air Pirate? Stealing a table.'?”
“Do you even see it?” Steed exclaimed. “Do you have any idea how hard it was to get it out of his house?”
“You got five guys to lift it-”
“Five?” Steed scoffed.
“You're right. Three.”
“You can't lift that table with just three men.”
“Want to bet? Aden, Pete, help me lift this thing-”

 “Says who? You?” Steed snorted. “You're Russian, of course you'd defend them.”
Swiveling around, Tony scowled. “I know my people. They would not attack unprovoked.”
“And why should I believe you? You always attack me unprovoked.”

His uncle and Captain Steed looked the little man over, as if hoping to find something defective with him so they could return him for a better version. The man just stood there and let them stare at him.
“Well?” Captain Steed finally asked his uncle out of the corner of his mouth.
“Well nothing, I guess,” Hogan whispered back.
The short man held out his arms and Aden backed away, just in case he was inviting them all to hug him.

 Quote is from the old Avengers TV show.




  1. I love your snippets. They made me laugh. :) All the characters are so much fun together. I'm not sure I could pick a favorite. I'm definitely ready to read the book.

  2. I LOVED all the snippets. They sucked my right in and had me snickering a few times. I am really looking forward to this book! :)

  3. Ooooh, great snippets, Jack!!!!! The ones about the table were hilarious.

    I look forward to the book's release!!!!

  4. These were really great! Your writing style is very fun to read.

  5. I was giggling over the snippets nearly the whole time. Hilarious! And I totally noticed the quote.. ;) in the newer movie, Natasha was like, "I don't really see how that'" It made me laugh. :)

  6. Oh my gosh---these are FUNNY, Jack! Really. I really enjoyed this. Sounds like such a fun adventure story!!!

  7. Oh, man! I really enjoyed those, Jack, and laughed aloud over a few of them too. Thanks for posting them.


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