Friday, December 06, 2013

"On the high seas we don't ask...we order!"

 Wherein Jack sees an end in sight.

 I once went a week on about four hours of sleep. (Not a whole week, a five day week.) By the end of it I was as high strung as a cat, but I wasn't as exhausted as I thought I'd be. In fact, if anyone had asked me to run a marathon I would have taken them up on it. That was the tiredest I've ever been. Even all the other things I've done, that was the part I kept pointing back to and going, "Eh, this isn't as bad as that." Until now.
 I don't know if it was the last minute editing - I still don't know how I got so far behind on editing - my first year of school and all of the moment's of panic that brought on, or NaNo. (Yes, NaNo. It wears a person out to try and write a book which refuses to be written. I'd never felt more rested than the moment I gave it up and went back to The Broken Blade.) But whatever it is, likely a mix of all of them and work and all of the other crazy things I thought it would be fun to attempt my first year of school, I am worn out. I kept telling myself, "Just two more weeks. Two more weeks and you get a nice long holiday. You can curl up in front of the fire and watch TV for hours on end. Don't give up now." And then, just when I thought I could make it, someone said, "Oh! You have finales!"
 Finales? I'd heard of those dreadful things. People having mental break downs over them, not sleeping, not eating, sobbing on Facebook. But I never thought to ask what they were. If they were horrible enough to cause break downs I didn't want to know. But now I had one, so I dared to ask the question I've spent nearly my whole life avoiding.
"What's a finale?"
 It didn't help that my dad just laughed evilly. That couldn't be good. (For those who don't know, and I think everyone in the world does, it is apparently this massive test at the end of school.)
 I almost went back to bed when I found out. Giant, final test? Really? You're going to do that to me, right now? Excuse me while I move into my hermit cave, I'll see you in ten years. 
 How was I supposed to study for a massive test AND get my book ready to publish in the same week? Why would anyone do this to me? I was already running on fumes. "FUMES!" This was cruel and unusual punishment. School was insanity. What ever made me decide to go back? (And my whining thoughts went on for awhile.)
 I finally made myself chill out. I sat down and made a list of what I had to do and when they needed to be done by. I started working on it with feverish intent, only to arrive at school and find out I had missed an assignment and gotten an F. AN F!?!?! I can't afford F's. (Seriously. I have been working like mad to get good grades in every class I can to make up for my pathetic ones in Math.)
 Slinking, I went up to my teacher, ready to get down on my hands and knees and beg to be allowed to turn in my assignment late. To apologize in Tom Huddleston fashion about missing it.
 My teacher didn't even bat an eye. She didn't even let me start my begging and Huddlestoning. "Oh, yes, this assignment. Here, this is what you have to do for it, just bring it in next week."
 *Blink* But, I had my begging all ready and everything!
 My moment of relief was crushed when that annoying voice in my head whispered, "You know, this adds just one more thing you have to do before school ends. And you have to do a good job at it, you can't just scribble something out."
 "Thank you, Moffat, for your encouragement."
 I added the missing assignment to my list, and I got to work. I worked like crazy. I wasn't even aware what I was doing. In the end, I just know I looked up and somehow, in one day, all of it was done. I almost fell over. Done? Early? Did I miss something again? Another assignment which would land me that dreaded F?
 I breathed, and went to my next class, during which my other teacher said, "We have one week left of class. Your finale will be a paper." 
 A week? Not two weeks like I thought? A paper? One paper? You want me to write a paper for my finale? Is this some kind of trick?
 Okay, sure, the paper isn't as fun as the others were. It is a reflection paper, about me and some life changing event which happened to me. Fun. I hate talking about myself. Especially if it has to be a Chick Flick moment. But it beats a massive test so I didn't complain.

 The end is now in sight, and closer and easier to reach than I thought it was. Which is nice. Because I am so tired right now I am more high strung than a cat. My brother walked up behind me yesterday and I almost hit the roof. And I never jump - one cannot jump when they have nothing but brothers. You show no fear around them. You might have just had a heart attack but you keep a dead expression on your face and you don't flinch. (Girls with brothers get this, if you don't have them, you cannot hope to understand the importance of this.)

  Anyways, what I mean to say is, I have reached all new heights of insanity and after the 14th I am likely to drop off the internet world and not emerge again until after New Years. (At least, this is what I'd like to do.)
 I guess I just felt the need to warn everyone. If I start babbling and talking to myself - more than normal - you know why.

 But, everything is still working. I will have all of my school done by finales and my book out on the 14th. And there are some things you need to know about the release...

 I am holding a giveaway for book two!!!! You can find details HERE!!! 
 I re-uploaded the trailer. I forgot to save it in HD so the one I posted the other day is blurry. If you wish to see a clearer version of it you can find it HERE!!! at the bottom of the page. I was going to add something to this but I can't think of what so you're out of luck I guess.

 There was a tie on the pictures, so I eny meny miny moed it. The Buckingham Palace one won. (I guess it is harder to pick where there isn't a choice of someone getting punched or shot at...or whatever the last one was that got voted for and won by a land slide.) SEE?! This is why I leave you all with something dreadful in this book. You like watching my characters suffer, apparently, so you can blame yourselves for my evilness. *Nods and grins.*

 That is it though. I spent part of the morning watching Columbo - to recharge my brain - and now I need to do other things. Like read Abolished one final time.

 I have some things coming up this next week in honour of the release. Like I did last year, I will be releasing the Prologue, the chapter titles, and maybe even something else. I just have to decide what. 

 For now though....the picture.

In Buckingham Palace

Quote is from Columbo, said by Patrick Macnee. (If you don't know who he is you don't get cookies for a year.) But, Columbo is taking a cruise and someone is murdered while he's on board. And he is being his sweet, gentleman self, but Patrick Macnee is being his British captain self - which is wonderful Steed side popping up for visits.) (It was from the Troubled Waters episode. My new favourite.)




  1. Oh my! I'm exhausted just thinking about all you've had to do. Good luck with everything!

  2. Ah, yes, the wonderful finals. (Not finales. Finales are the end songs of musicals. Alas, not even choir has a finale for a final.) I've not got semester finals until the end of January, thank goodness, since I'm still in high school. Keep a calm head and you'll do well ;)

    I didn't even realize that your next book was coming out so soon! Super excited for it :)

  3. Get some sleep, dear Jack. And good luck on your finals. You're amazing to be able to pull off all this stuff at once.

    John, be sure she gets some sleep as soon as finals are done.

    ~Robyn Hoode



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