Tuesday, January 07, 2014

"Does it mean he's coming or do I need to change the bulb?"

 Wherein Jack makes plans, reveals secrets, and is generally her geeky self.

 I don't make New Years resolutions. I wish I had some good reason for this, like they are overrated and I make little goals throughout the year which lead up to big ones by the time the new year comes in. But if I am honest it is just because I am lazy.
 I did make a few goals though. I am going to finish The Broken Blade this year. (GOING!) Well, that one is kind of cheating, because I am either on the last chapter right now or the second to last. But it is going to be a completed goal, so cheating on it shouldn't matter too much, right?
 Another goal is that I'm not going to be so secretive about my writing. I kind of went overboard on trying to hide spoilers. I am going to find a happy middle, somehow. 

 And, to start that wonderful new goal off right, I have some writing news! It was kind of asked me, but oh well.
 One of my readers asked about the sudden disappearance of the Loyalty books. Remember that book? Published in June? A Stretch of Loyalty, first in my fantasy trilogy - full of elves and dwarves and spoiled princes? Aw yes, that one. Well, for those who read it, you know it kind of ended on a cliff hanger. (In my defense, it wasn't a bad cliff hanger - as those reading Abolished will see.) But being a reader I understand that a cliff hanger is still a cliff hanger, whether it is leaving Sherlock alone in a pool room with Moriarty and a bunch of assassins or whether it is shoving him off a building and letting his best friend believe he is dead. Doesn't matter, cliff hangers hurt and the sooner they are resolved the better. *Cough, got it, Moffat? Cough, cough.*

 The good news to Loyalty's cliff hanger is that I do have book two written, and I am currently reading through it. When that is done I will be sending it to my beta readers - if they want it and are still speaking to me. *Waves sheepishly at them.* So yes, book two is going to be released! And, if I am able to keep up with it, it will be released the same time as book one. (And for those of you who don't remember the date you can just ponder till I officially release the release date.)
 I am exciting for book two, mostly because of the cover. To be honest, I had more fun doing Loyalty's cover than the Haphazard ones - Fantasy covers are just a lot of fun. And I have things planned for book two's. You know, when I can find someone insane enough to stand in front of the camera for me - again. This is starting to pose a problem, I'm running out of friends. (No, they are not getting arrested for standing in front of capitol buildings with swords, nor are they getting run over by cars standing in the middle of the road. I don't have many friends, so those I do I take good care of.)

 Coming soon, probably my next post, I have a new writing scheme to share with everyone, one I am very excited and pleased with.

 In a bit of a side note, I've noticed my geeky side showing up more and more lately. I finally convinced my mum to watch the 10th Doctor even though 9 is her claimed favourite and she didn't want to watch once he died. "It is the same Doctor," I had to keep saying, "he just changes his face, it is a Time Lord thing." 
 "A what thing?"
 "Time Lord. That is what he is. It was his - Alien race..."
 (We've had a lot of conversations like that. You know how when you talk to Whovains you say things like Dalek, TARDIS, Jack Harkness, 9, 10, 11, Judoon Platoon on the moon and they know what you're talking about? My mum isn't there yet.)
 "And he fought the Daleks-"
"The who?"
 "The Daleks."
 "Which are those?"
 "The robot Aliens who scared Nine when he met that one dude who got the whole in his head."
 "Oh yeah, them."
 Never fear. Leave her alone long enough with me, leave anyone alone long enough with me, and you will have a Whovain before the week is out.

 One of the things I am known for in my family is my on going complaint about the moving Sleeping Beauty. We all have that one Disney Princess we can't stand, and she was mine. I always thought it was silly, the way she "died". "Oh look, needle. I'm going to touch it." Who does that? Well, I owe her an apology.
 The other day I came across an old spinning wheel. I thought it was cool so I went to get a closer look and when I was really close to it I was filled with an over powering urge to....touch the needle.

 That is all. Except that I have been working on updating the pages about my books. An example of which you can find HERE!! The rest you can find by clicking on the other books' pages, I am just rather pleased with The Broken Blade's.

 Quote is from the Doctor Who Christmas special, The Christmas Carol, when the ship Amy and Rory are on is crashing and Rory is trying to get in contact with the Doctor.




  1. Well, you're not asleep (are you?) so I guess touching the needle went over okay? XD Congrats on nearly having The Broken Blade finished! And lots planned in the writing world for this year, eh? That's awesome. :)

  2. Just a question. Are we going to make a valiant effort to finish Worth of a King? Because I believe that we both have readers already asking for it ...

    And yay on a sequel to Stretch of Loyalty! Now to just chase book 1 back down on my kindle and finish it. I'm about half-way ... (Yes, I know. I've been slow. Took me forever to find the money to buy it, and then it got buried. I'll finish it after I finish me reread of Makilien. How does that sound?)

  3. Where in the world did you just happen to "come across" an old spinning wheel? Now I am intrigued. I think you should write a short story in which you dramatize this event... you could call it "My Encounter With Sleeping Beauty's Spinning Wheel"... except that seems like rather a mouthful for a title of a short story. :)

    We got Amazon Prime for the month of December and decided to keep it once we realized that Doctor Who Season 7 was available for "Watch it Now"!!! Hooray! We started watching it last night and I was instantly reminded about why I love that show so much! :)

    I like your New Year's Writing goals! I'm sorry I took the month of December off from helping you edit H.I. I spent most of the month without access to a computer - which was crazy! I shall get back to it this week.

  4. You had me worried there for a minute! Not sure I wanted to lose my Sherlock to a hundred years of sleep {no matter how much it sounds awesome to sleep for that long}

  5. Huzzah! More Stretch of Loyalty! And I think that cliffhanger is just as evil as Abolished Impracticality's! Anyway, I'm super glad it's not being abandoned!
    Oh wow, a spinning wheel! That's kind of cool... Not the finger-pricking part, but just that you could find one.
    And yes... what about the fate of Worth of a King? xD Don't get yourself stressed out over too much writing, though. For me, that's what makes me want to stop writing - when I get stressed about finishing stuff on time.

  6. I love the DW convo! Lol! My mom is a whovian but she still misses some of the referances. We started watching the show whenever season 2 was playing on TV so David is our first and favorite doctor. When he regenerated mom refused to watch any Matt episodes for like 9 months! She fell in love with Matt on his first episode. :D

    I still havent seen Matts regeneration.... im not looking forward to it at all! But I already think.I am going yo love Peter Capaldi so I am already better off this time. :)

  7. 10th Doctor is my favorite forever, but I warmed up to 11 by the end of his first season... and Amy and Rory... just love them!

  8. Glad you are finishing the fantasy series.
    It's like when someone tells you something is hot. You just have to touch it, right?

  9. Your mom sounds like mine :) only my mom does watch Doctor Who and tends to be spoilerific with new-bies. She's like that with everything really, even if she isn't super involved.

    Oh. I loved Briar Rose, she and Philip were the best prince and princes until Tangled, and I LOVE Sleeping Beauty.

    That was a good Christmas Special, I liked that Special

  10. Sounds like some exciting goings-on here!

    Sleeping Beauty, yeah. . . she was okay.

    Sherlock Holmes cliff hangers are the worse. :P Just killing.

  11. Ha ha! I'd probably touch the needle too!
    Maybe your mom would like some of the older Doctors? I'm still partial to Hartnell and Troughton - nothing like meeting the Daleks for the first time ever.
    Can't wait to find out about the new writing scheme!

  12. Yay!!!!! *clapping at the news about your books*

    Four was my mom's doctor. I showed her a little bit of Ten and she thought he was funny, but Doctor Who isn't really her thing anymore. (I wish you and I lived closer so we could watch it together.)

    I tagged you, if you have time to do it! http://thesplendorfalls.blogspot.com/2014/01/tags-part-two-elevens.html

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