Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"If a girl can't tell a man to go and boil his head without him rushing into the arms of another then what kind of world are we living in?"

 Wherein Jack shares an interview.

 Last Wednesday I took part in a cover reveal, for the book Fly Away Home. This week, I have had the chance to interview the author, Rachel Heffington! (You can find her blog HERE!!!!!!!)

 And now, I welcome Rachel!

All authors are usually asked this question, and I cannot resist it because on your blog you mention a lot of different books. So, how long have you been writing?
Since I was twelve which makes a grand total of nine years. Nine and a half. Gee Whiz. This summer will be my 10th writing anniversary. O.o

What is your favourite genre to write and have you ever considered writing a book in one you've never tried before?
I am like the Anne Shirley of literature: “I never make the same mistake twice”. ;) Which is as much as to say: Yes, I try new genres all the time. I like hopping back and forth between my favorite genres and trying new things which is one of the reasons I went the independent route with my publishing: freedom. “Patriotism and...all that.”

What part of publishing did you like the least?
Formatting was its own kind of Hell when you are as technologically impaired as I am.

And, of course, which did you like the best?
Seeing it all come together. Getting my beautiful cover-design and finally having a face for the project.

Do you have plans to publish again soon? (This is me hoping it is a yes 8-D)
I do I do I do! I am currently writing a 1930’s-era mystery which I hope to finish this spring. I have one children’s fantasy that needs an overhaul and completely massive rewrite. I also have several half-novels that need looking at and plenty of new ideas. So yes: I do plan to publish again before an eternity has passed.

What first made you decide to become an author? And have there been days when you regretted this choice?
I am one of those lucky cases where there was a defining moment. I have always been a voracious reader with...refined taste, you might say. Mama taught me from the earliest age to sort “twoddle” from worthwhile books. By the age of twelve I’d read through all our books, all my cousins’ books, and what I deemed the only “good books” at our little public library. The next logical step (to me) was to write my own because I’d finally run out of books to read. A funny little cock-sure decision but no, I have never once regretted that choice though I understand it differently now. :)

While editing did you find you over used a description? (For example, this seems to be a habit with all authors. We over use things like, He Smile. She Laughed. And for each author it is different. Mine is, He nodded.)
“(he/she/they) smiled” without a doubt. I’m stubborn about this one. I smile all the time, myself. A big, wide, cracking smile. So naturally, my characters smile too. Many of them are good-natured blokes and quite frankly, I think the words “grin” and “smirk” sound mean. Plus, if you fish around for too many synonyms to “smile”, it has about as smooth an effect as always supplanting “he said” with some elaborate phrasing. I do have to edit out lots of smiles but most of them are intentionally placed as a sign of Goodwilltowardmen.

If you could travel back in time which era would you go to and why?
Oooh! Gosh. I’d want to make a stop in the 1950’s first, just to see the setting of Fly Away Home and so many of my favorite movies and see if it is anything like I thought. Then I’d spend quite a long time in WWII because that time period fascinates me. I’d like to be in Buckingham Palace during Queen Victoria’s reign, America during the Revolution, Scotland at any point in time, and...you know...why not swing back to Ancient Rome just for a peep?

When you get writer's block what do you do to cure it?
I try to push through and if that doesn’t work, I go do something entirely un-word-related. I spend some time in doing creative things to replenish my creativity. I go for a long walk. I people-watch. I sing Broadway show-tunes with my sisters at the piano. It usually works.

Would you rather go for a walk in the rain or sit in front of the fire with a good book?
Walk in the rain. And then sit in front of the fire. :)

And lastly, where did you get your inspiration for Fly Away Home?
The inspiration came from a short story called “How About Coffee” that I wrote on a whim. I couldn’t stop thinking about the story so I started working with it and about the same time I saw Roman Holiday (1943) starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. Peck’s character was a charming journalist so I sort of combined the original Mr. Barnett with the appearance and boyish good humor of  Joe Bradley and had the foundation for the events. My characters always come before plot which can be a vexation and a delight at once.

Thanks so much for the chat, Jack! I loved popping over here for a bit. Cheers. :)

Thank you for coming by, Rachel! It was lovely to have you!

 Fly Away Home will be released on Valentine's Day. The perfect present for all you fellow, single book worms out there. 

 Quote is from Jeeves and Wooster. I've probably used it not that long ago, but I like it, so I am using it again.




  1. Ahh! I cannot wait until it releases! I'm so excited--it looks and sounds most intriguing! :-)

    1. Doesn't it though?! I am so excited to read it!

  2. WWII fascinates me too. Great interview! I'm looking forward to this book!

    1. It is starting to really interest me. I never read a lot about it until recently.
      I am too!

  3. She certainly writes in a variety of genres.
    I agree that when you're stuck, go do something else completely different.

    1. Me too, I always forget to do it though. But when I do remember, I find walks help.

  4. Wonderful interview! Congrats, Rachel! And formatting does take some getting used to, but at least it does get easier. :)

  5. Great interview!!! I love that Rachel writes in multiple genres - I think that's a smart move. Congrats on your book!

  6. Thank you, everyone! :) And Cherie, you are quite right: I had to re-format all my margins because my program neglected to save them, and they were so much easier the second time 'round.


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