Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mrs. Peel, you're remarkable! Oh...I've broken my umbrella...

 Wherein Jack introduces a lord

 I've been getting behind in everything again. I think I mentioned, but I've begun editing on book two in the Loyalty Trilogy. When I started I was determined to let nothing get in my way. I wasn't going to put it off until the last minute like I am known to do. I was going to have the first bit of editing done in two weeks and have it sent to my first beta reader. Then something happened - I'm still not sure what - and I'm behind again. But at least I tried this time.
 I'm not to the stage where I hate the book. I'm not sure, but I think - or hope - all authors go through this. The moments where they can't stand their books and wonder why they ever wrote it or thought it was worthy to face the world. It'll pass, it always does, and I will love it again. But right now I would like to stuff all of the characters under my bed with the monsters.

  And with that said.....
 I don't think I've mentioned this, but Treskie - who did Abolished - is going to illustrate The Broken Blade. The two of us have conspired together and decided to do character reveals for the book. She will draw one of the boys and I will tell you all about him.

 The first character I will be doing is BenArgon.

 BenArgon is the youngest of the boys. At the start of the series he is fifteen, a month or two younger than Ryder, who is fifteen as well. BenArgon is a lord - as I mentioned in another post, Nightshade is divided and lords oversee the states. BenArgon's father was a lord, but when he died the title was passed on to his son. Since he is only fifteen he hasn't been given a lot of responsibilities - other than learning his lessons. His mother, Lady Lorna, is in charge until he comes of age (eighteen).
 As a lord, there is a lot BenArgon is expected to know, but there is a bit of a draw back for him. He is blind. His tutor - who also happens to be something of an adopted cousin to him - is convinced this will diminish his respect in the eyes of the villagers and farmers. Trystan, his tutor, works on teaching him not only history, but also how to fight, how to do the same things a sighted person can do. Therefore, BenArgon can walk without any kind of assistance, for the most part.

 While his cousin is certain everyone in the world is going to use BenArgon's blindness against him, BenArgon just uses it to try and embarrass people. One of his favourite pastimes is to continually remind people he cannot see. (For an example....Swallowing, Lukeas again shifted in his seat before beginning. “He is just an acquaintance of mine who disappeared awhile ago. He's not very old, in his late teens, has dark brown hair and blue eyes. I don't suppose you've seen him?”
BenArgon's lips twitched and he had to bite the insides of his cheeks to hold back the evil grin which threatened to make an appearance. Beside him, he could feel his mother stiffen and suck in a breath, moaning to herself. Her moan almost made him reconsider his next words, but the set up was too perfect.
Keeping a straight face, he fixed his blind eyes on Lukeas and said, “No, I'm afraid I haven't seen him.”

 Since he was trained how to fight, BenArgon does know how to use a sword and he is dangerous with one - though it is yet decided if he is more dangerous to his enemies or his friends. The weapon he is really skilled with is daggers. He is always well armed with daggers.

 Even though he's a lord, he doesn't often act like it. He's more concerned with dinner than learning how to settle disputes between farmers - though he does care about the villagers.

 He is a loyal friend, even when others aren't as loyal.

 And now, since I am running out of things to say - and he is telling me to stop anyways since I'm embarrassing him - I will now let you see him.

 *Grin* Because I don't know what else to say. I've been that way ever since Treskie sent me the picture. (She designed the clothes. I'm really glad I'm leaving that bit in her hands, she is brilliant at it.)

 Now I need to go. If I can get a chapter edited before bed I will be back on track.
 I added Treskie and Clair's blogs to my sidebar - my too illustrators - so you can find them easier. You should check out both, they both write wonderful posts and are really fun girls. 

 Quote is from The Avengers TV show. One from Steed which kind of sums up his character. Really proud of his friend...and easily distracted.




  1. He sounds like a really nice character. I like the added touch of blindness... though when you mentioned swordplay, I imagined someone swinging a sword around blindly (no pun intended) and all his friends ducking and running away.
    There's a character in the Warriors Cats series by Erin Hunter who is blind. He wants to be a warrior, but can't because of his blindness, so he becomes the grumpy medicine cat instead. And he falls in love with a stick. He's the best character in the entire series.
    I know how you feel about the editing. The last few months of work on After the Twelfth Night were like that. I just wanted to throw it out the window and never look at it again. Now that it's done and out there I never have to read it again. I don't know if that's a good thing or not.
    Good luck on your editing!

    1. He's nice to write with. He's one of those well behaved ones who makes me smile every time he comes into the story.
      *Snicker* Yes. He fought in a battle in the first book, and that was pretty much how it went.

      Aw! I want to read the Warrior Cat books now! I like characters like that. All grumpy but loveible still. (The falling in love with a stick. That sounds like the best thing to ever be put into a book. Is he in just one of the books or all of them?)

      Isn't that such a nice feeling when you can publish your book and never have to read it again? And everyone can go on and on about how much they like it and you can just smile and say thank you while thinking it is horrible because you had to read it a million times - and none of those times just for fun?
      I am always happy to get to shelve my books and not have to pick them up again.

  2. Ohh! BenArgon looks and sounds like a fabulous character. And I can understand the fascination of making people feel uncomfortable with the whole reminding him that he is blind thing. There is something oddly reassuring about seeing other people squirm. (Oh dear. That sounded terribly sadistic. I don't think that came out quite right. :-P)
    The drawing looks amazing!(:

    1. He told me to tell you he is a fabulous character. (And so humble too.) He's pretty fun though.
      Hehehehehe, I share your sadistic thoughts 8-D

  3. BenArgon is a cool name.
    I usually dislike my stories most in the beginning.

    1. Not many people do that. I love rough drafts but when it comes to editing I often wish I was like that, and liked the editing more.

  4. I must find a friend who can draw, it would be a most helpful addition to my life! BenArgon sounds like an awesome character, love the bit about not having "seen" the friend.....I'm a big fan of smart as.....erm, smart donkey characters! ;-)

    1. It was to mine. I can't draw to save my life. (You should check out both Treskie and Clair, their blogs are on my sidebar. Both are amazing artists.)

  5. BenArgon sounds awesome! I love characters like that; especially the royal ones who insist on acting like normal people.

    1. I do too. I read one in...oh wait, I think you've read the book. Sarephina. Kiggs, he was like that. A prince who acted just like everyone else. I loved him the moment he entered the book.


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