Thursday, January 09, 2014

"You bad dog!" "Affirmative."

 I was going to post about my newest writing project. (Newest, on top of all the others I am already working on?! Yes, but it is a different kind of protect so it won't take away the time I am spending on the Haphazard series, the Loyalty Trilogy, or Worth of a King, the book I am co-authoring.) However, I finished a book, and therefore, I am going to save the writing project post for next week. Because, finishing a book deserves a post all its own.

 In my last post I mentioned the cheating New Years goal of completing The Broken Blade before the year was out. Well, the day I put that post up I finished it. Yes, after five or so years of hard work, The Broken Blade finally has a completed first draft, now sitting snugly in my files. And I celebrated in proper author fashion.
 For those who don't know, that involves curling up under a fuzzy blanket and smiling and feeling like crying by turns. Finishing a book is a wonderful feeling, don't get me wrong, but it is also kind of painful and like getting stabbed close to the heard. (Finishing a series is like getting stabbed in the heart.) And it was even worse with this book.

 When I finished Haphazardly Implausible I almost cried. I had another three books to spend with Peter and the others, but they weren't going to be the same as in book one. They were changing, and in book two I knew Peter would be a little more serious, a little less clueless about life in general. And it was sad, saying goodbye to that part of Peter's life. And that, for me, kind of sums up how it is finishing a book.

 Having a completed project, ready to move on to editing and publication is wonderful. But ending something, knowing the characters are going to be different when you meet them next, is hard. And I didn't write The Broken Blade in a few months like I did with Haphazard. This book I've put a lot of painstaking work into. I knew a lot of the characters even before they made it into this book, and while I didn't get to really know them till I sat down with the determination to finish it a few months back, I've become very, very fond of them. (That, I've heard, is a good thing. If an author doesn't like their characters then it is likely neither will the readers.)

 And moving on, watching them change and watching their world shatter around them wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. Unlike other books, where I just throw everyone right into the middle of the action and give back stories later on, this one I began with a slower setting. (Okay, yes, I tried something from The Lord of the Rings. I wanted to begin with them at their homes, living normal lives, going to school, looking forward to Christmas. They were just normal - ish - boys, doing normal things.) I didn't think it would work. I thought it would be too boring, which is one reason it took me so long to actually get everything written. I don't know, still, if I managed it, but I will leave that up to my beta readers to decide.
 My point is, this time I SAW what their lives were like before the real adventures came. I was there with them, and when their lives were ripped away from them I think I was just as sad as they were. (Although, in the end, I was still safely tucked away in my room while they were left out in the snow.)

 Since finishing I've been enjoying that time of sulking where I forget the world exists and work on book two in an attempt to make myself feel better. (Also, I watch TV shows in the company of John and my newest writing buddy, Sammy the moose.) It has helped, which is the reason I can't end this post on a depressing note.

 I will not leave you with a few things which will, hopefully, make you want to read the book and adhere to my new goal of talking more about my writing.

 This was my second attempt at writing with elves. (I'd say third, but one of them was a half elf so he doesn't really count.) I'm still not sure how well I have them down. It is all well and good reading about elves, but have you ever tried to handle one? I'm never sure if they secretly laughing at me or planning to shoot me in the back.

 There are seven boys all total whom this series is going to be about. Two of the boys are twins and pretty much only count as one - and I had WAY more fun with them than I probably should have.

 On top of this being my second book with elves it will also be my second series with dragons. My artist and I have been having a lot of fun with the dragons, namely the Dragon King who we are working details on to figure out how he should look, since he's the king and all.

 I set up a playlist to listen to while writing the book, but a lot of time reverted back to Lorenna McKennitt's music. Because she is amazing and her music is very elves and dragons and quests.

 I still am looking for a sword to break so I can use it for the cover. And I am working on costume ideas because I have cool ideas for the covers.

 One of the characters I did a character post on a long while back was Striker, the stranger who lost his memory. For years I thought I knew everything about him, him more than any of the others. I thought I knew his back story, his lost past, and what would happen to him in the book. Then, at the end of The Broken Blade he did something that caught me, the other boys, and even himself completely off guard and now he and I fear we may have been WAY off on his back story - which right now is posing a little bit of a problem.

 To make me finish book one, the boys kidnapped me, locked me in my room, and took turns holding swords to my back till I was done. Then, we were on such a roll, that they refused to let me go and I am now up to chapter five of book two.If it wasn't for school starting up again I think they would force me to have this one done before the end of January. I have to keep reminding them that my homework is going to have to come first.

 I probably shouldn't be talking about book two yet, since book one isn't even edited. But this bit I can't help. I added a Wizard to the series yesterday, and I am insanely pleased with him. (He was one of those characters who kind of showed up, took over the chapter, and I could only sit back and watch him run wild.) Now I have a whole order of Wizards planned and I am excited to work with them because I think they will be fun.
 They aren't the magic working Wizards, though they do carry wands and staffs, because I don't know which is the proper Wizard..weapon...beating stick...thing of choice, so they get both. And I will have to do a post on them soon because I like them that much.

 There is probably more I could say, but the boys from The Broken Blade want me back - and I am almost half-way through the last Ranger's Apprentice book and it is getting to the part where it is hard to put down.

 Quote is from Doctor Who, the one where 10 meets Sarah Jane and K9. (I think my mum has finally decided to give him a chance.)




  1. "K-9!" *big grinny face*

    I can't wait for this book. It sounds so cool. Very fantasy-esque. And with wizards too? Cool! And dragons. And elves. And I love that your showing your characters at home... I've been thinking about that lately. Not many people write like that anymore. I think it's a good storytelling method, especially for fantasy.
    How many books are you planning on having in this series?

  2. This book sounds really cool! You're like an ideas-machine (and a seem to churn out these books preeeetty dang fast....good on you!).

  3. Looking forward to reading this one! :) It's such a feeling of accomplishment to finish a book, isn't it? It's sort of like getting to the top of a mountain and looking out at the view. It's beautiful and thrilling, of course, but also a bit heart-breaking, because the climb is over and you have to go back down eventually.

  4. Oh, and I love that episode of Doctor Who! Partially because Uther is in it :) LOL (or Giles, which is who he will always be to me)

  5. Congratulations on finishing it!
    Sometimes the character changes from one book to the next are fun though. Byron was borderline unlikable in my first book, so it was refreshing to write him as more mature and likeable in the next one.

  6. This sounds like a book I would love to read. I love to write boys and read boys and so this is fabulous. It sounds like a mixture of "The Lost Boys Hijack Doctor Cornelius and Run On An Adventure To Steal Smaug from Lothlorien." And I would PAY to read that.

  7. Eeeeeeeee. I love your book so much already. I love watching the author go through the process of writing a book. Can't wait to read it!!

    I'm so not looking forward to the end of my book. So close. I started it in NaNo in 2013 (as not to get confused with 2012 or anything like that). If I started writing now, I should be done by March. But I don't want to finish it. Aghhh. I can't wait till I do. ;-) It's a mix of feelings.

    Good luck to you and your books!


  8. K-9!!

    Okay, so first of all, BROKEN BLADE!!!!!!!!!!! STRIKERRRRRRRRR!!!




  9. Congratulations on finishing a first draft! And I know that bittersweet feeling of finishing a draft, too.

    I need my characters to start acting like your boys-- lock me up and make me edit with a sword to my back. I love writing and all, but I have been terribly lazy about it lately.
    ~Robyn Hoode

  10. This sounds like such a fun series! I cannot wait to read it. :) I'm glad you're so excited about it and are enjoying the characters. That's the best part about writing. :) Have fun with book 2 and edits!

  11. Congrats on finishing it!!! It's always so amazing finishing a book, especially one you've been working on for so long. On the other hand, I totally know what you mean about how hard it is. It's like saying goodbye to your best friends for a very, very long time. And I know from experience that that is not an easy thing to go through.

    You already had me at elves. I mean, ELVES. But then dragons, too? YES PLEASE. I NEED this book. Actually, I need ALL your books! One day when I'm not broke (haha, like that will ever happen) I shalt purchase your undoubtedly superb novels!

    Also, one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes ever! *high-fives*


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