Sunday, January 05, 2014

"You should work on your grip,'s a bit womanly."

 I was supposed to have this out before Abolished Impracticality was released, but between everything else it got behind. However, I'd still like for all of you to meet the illustrator of Abolished, my friend Treskie! (And don't forget, you can see her wonderful drawings in Abolished, which is out now in paperback and Kindle. I am sorry for all of you who use Nook. I've run into a bit of trouble getting it up on Barnes and Noble but I'm going to work on it this week and hopefully have it out by Friday.)

Welcome, Treskie! I would offer you a cookie but John ate them all. I do have tea.
That was very cruel of John to eat all those delicious cookies. It's a good thing you have tea, or I should be quite inconsolable.  
He says he is sorry but he didn't sound it. He's kind of like a certain someone and pie.*Passes the tea*
    *Glares at him* I feel like I should say something amusing, but I'm drawing a blank. 
      It is called lack of cookies...

 It's very nice to have you today.It is always fun to have my illustrators over. I guess I should begin this interrogation...I mean asking you to introduce yourself. *Holds out microphone.* 
*Takes microphone* 
Uuhhhhmm. This is going to be hard, I'm never sure how to do these. (darn you, Jack!) Let's see. Hey! Treskie's not my real name, but I'm guessing you all probably gathered that. I'm eighteen, I'm number seven in a family of eleven, I'm Catholic, and I firmly believe that when I turn fifty Gandalf is going to show up and take me on an adventure. Allons-y!
How's that for an introduction?
*Snatches microphone back* MAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh still need this, don't you? *Hands it back* Sorry, my evil over lord side comes out at random times.
    Yes, that works as a good introduction. You get a slice of pie. 
    Your evil overlordiness manifests hilariously. *grin*
    Pie and tea is a lovely combination. Gimme. 

 Now I should ask the obvious question. How long have you been drawing?
Since forever. I can't remember not drawing. I used draw graphic novels.... Honestly!
I'd say something witty but I've got this image of you being born with a pencil in your hand and it is hard to think of something witty with that.
    ....................Thanks for that. I just got a mental image of me being born with a pencil in my hand and I honestly have no comeback. *eyeballs you*
     This is why we make such an odd team.

 Did you teach  yourself or did you get lessons from someone?
I'm mostly self-taught. My older sisters would occasionally give me tips and stuff, but other than that, I pretty much figured everything out on my own. 
 Okay, I'm envious. And I'm impressed. I'm impressed by anyone who was able to teach themselves to draw. Have some more pie.
    Awwwww. Impressed is good. I like impressing people! But honestly it wasn't that difficult to do. However, I shall accept more pie. Join me. 
     I never turn down a free offering of pie. *Looks around for a fork*

 What do you like most about drawing and what are your favourite things to draw?
Oh... hmm. Drawing's cool, because it's mine. I don't know... I just really like creating things. 
As for favorite things to draw, I like drawing people. That's what I've always done. 
My PRECIOUS! I'm glad you like drawing people too. Because then you can draw tragic scenes from my book for me.
    Tragic scenes are ridiculously fun to draw. I'm sure that turns me into a raging psychopath, but they really are... Are they fun to write? You seem to sulk somewhat when you have to write them.
     They are fun to write when I know it is all going to end happily. They are sad to write when they effect characters I love, or I know it isn't going to end well. But don't worry, since I write them I understand the raging psychopath feeling, so we can be psychopaths together.

 And on the heels of that question one must know, what is your least favourite thing to about drawing and to draw?
Least favorite thing about drawing??? Drawing. It's hard and frustrating sometimes. 
Least favorite thing to draw would have to be animals, and buildings. We hates them lots. They are hard, my precious.
Sounds like writing. if I was to ask you to draw a horse would you throw something at me?
    Yeah I would. Probably the horse. 
    Actually, no. Horses are fairly easy animals to draw. Saber tooth lions, on the other hand, are not easy. 
       You know I'm going to add a saber tooth lion into one of my books now, don't you?

 What are your thoughts on the price of rice in China?
What does that have do do with the price of eggs in August?
Because it effects the price of jelly in the summer
   Would you like a jelly baby?
      Only if you have a new celery stick to go with them. Mine is welting

 What are some of your favourite pastimes?
A list! I can do lists. I love lists. Lists all 'round! Ehem. Besides drawing? I like reading, and blogging, and watching a truly ridiculous amount of television shows. Yeah. I'm a bit lazy.
LISTS!!!! You watch TV? I never would have guessed that one. *Cough, cough* You're creative and artistic, we tend to be lazy. Because being brilliant takes a lot of work.
    Yeah, I know, right!? You'd never think it to look at me, but I do appreciate a good telly show. *Wheeze* I like how you said 'we'. That makes me feel good because it means you are lazy too. Brilliance is so arduous. 
      I excel at laziness, it is one of my few talents.

 If you had to pick between coconut cookies and apple pie which would it be?
But I'm not wild about apple pie, so coconut cookies are delicious. (are those the ones that John ate?)
  You like coconut? You and I need to sit down and have a talk. *Hides the cookies* You have to eat the pie. Or...wait, this might work. You can eat the cookies and I can eat the pie and we are both happy. *Gives them back*
  I do like coconut. Is that a crime? Do you not like coconut? How can you not like coconut? It's yummy stuff! *takes cookies back* You eat your apple pie and be sad. 
     Coconut is evil. Bad, bad coconut! *eats pie and is sad*

 Would you stay with Captain Norington or is your place between him and Jack? (This is hoping you get that reference. I'm watching the movie right now, so I had to ask a question related to it.)
Oh bother. I hate choices. I think I'd stay with Norrington, because he's very cool. Jack is without doubt, the worst pirate I've ever heard of... but I have heard of him, so he could probably do fine without me. 
It's Captain. And why is the rum gone?
   Oh right, Captain Jack SparrowWhy is the rum always gone? Steed probably stole it and drank it. He is French, after all.  
     Oh, you must have read book three. All this time I was wondering where Steed got it all

 What kind of pencils do you like best to use while you draw? (As you can tell, I'm no artist and therefore don't know many artist related questions.)
This is going to sound very un-artist-like, but I mostly use mechanical pencils. The things are amazing. They never have to be sharpened! When I do shading though, I tend to use ProArt HB pencils. 
I know, right?! Aren't they, like, the greatest things ever! (Though, I keep breaking mine while doing Math...)
   They are! I have a set that ranges from super light to black matter, and it's most enjoyable. (You're lucky you only break pencils during Math. I think I broke my brain last time I did it. Very painful. Oh! THAT explains my mental state!)
    They have different shades?! I never knew that. Math does that, because Math is EVIL!

 Have you ever sneaked your drawings into a fancy art show and met up with a man traveling around the world in eighty days and his Jackie Chan companion? (You knew my canoe joke, so you'd better know who Jackie Chan is!)
I don't think my drawings are epic enough to be sneaked into a fancy art show. 
I've only ever seen the first half of that movie... A really long time ago. So I'm afraid I cannot answer that reference with a reference. 
But yes, I do know who Jackie Chan is. Who doesn't? 
*High Fives* Knowing Jackie Chan makes up for the coconut. Everyone should now about him. (Did you know he sings?! Like, at the end of all his movies?)
   I did know that! I know everything about everybody. (I've been studying Sherlock's Science of Deduction.) Did you know when he came to America he didn't speak English?
       I got so caught up in the fact of his singing I forgot to mention that your drawings are good enough to sneak into an art show. At least I think so. But yes, I had heard that, about him not speaking English. He said he learned it watching TV in fact...see, there's hope for us yet! We can learn a cool talent or something.

 Describe your drawing process to us. (That was an order!)
Get paper. Get pencil. Sit. Left hand takes pencil to paper. 
Magic happens. 
MAGIC! WE MUST DESTROY IT!! Oh wait....I'm not Uther. I like magic. 
   Eeek! *hides magic* You leave it alone, it hasn't done anything to you. 
    From what I've seen the King of Camelot seems a bit.... obsessive.... about magic. 
      A keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means.

 I had a really good question for you but I forgot it in the shower. Don't you hate it when that happens?
I do! It's bothersome. 
 Thank you for feeling my pain
   No problem. 

 That wasn't my brilliant question but it was pretty good.
Nah, it wasn't that great. :)
Thank you for having no sympathy for my pain
    I'm an artist, not a therapist. *adjusts cuffs.*
      I'm a Doctor, Jim, not a therapist!

 What is your dream job? (Working with me... in living or dying, from this hour henceforth, until your lord release you, or death take you, or the world end.)
Oh, that ^^^ definitely. 
Have you the ring? 
Hehe. Illustrating would be kind of ideal for me. 
Well, that is good. Because I kind of meant that line up there. MAWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! *Eats a baby tomato.*
   Yeeeeeeeeees!!! *Happiness* Baby tomatoes right after apple pie? Nasty, Jack. that you mentioned that, you're right. Eww...oh and yes, I had the ring...but then I lost it.

 Do you speak in movie quotes? (I had to ask because I've been peppering this interrogation with them and I wanted everyone reading to know I'm not just doing it because I'm a geek but because movie quotes is our common language.)
Great snakes! I'm fluent in Movie Quotes. It's a fantastic language, (though, it does make non-geeks' brains go wibbly wobbly.) I acknowledge their pain.Whenever that happens I ask them if they'd like to split a pineapple.
I understood that reference
   And I understood that reference. 
     *Hugh fives*

Who is your all time favourite character? (We needed one evil question in here.)
All time favorite character!?!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! JACK, HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ME!? That question encompasses books, and movies, AND TV shows!
No, it's too horrible. I can't. 
I can only choose my favorite character at the moment
And that, is, of course, is a certain hunter who goes by Dean Winchester.
Get used to it, I'm evil and I ask evil questions. Dean. I should have guessed that one. Seriously....Have some more pie.
   "That's the worst part, you know. Getting used to it. It's one of those things you never really get used to.... But I got used to it." (I expect you to name that quote.) And of course it was Dean. Who else would it be at this point in my life? I'd rather have another cookie, if it's all the same to you. Pass the teapot, my cup is empty.
     ACK!!!! Why can't I place that?! It is going to drive me crazy now. It is Dean, right? It has to be one of his. It wasn't part of the one he said before the, "I'll man the flashlight," is it?
 *Passes the tea pot and a cookie and ponders some more.*

 And lastly...because I am not able to think of any more movie related questions as I've been editing for too many days in a you listen to music while you draw? If so, what kind?
I do, actually. Anything that I'm in the mood for. Lately it's been a mix of a few Imagine Dragons songs and Mumford & Sons. 
I KNOW WHY YOU LISTEN TO IMAGINE DRAGONS!!! I'm so proud of myself for knowing that.
   Yay Jack! *pats back* You know something! Okay that was mean. I apologize. *offers chocolate.* I LOVE THOSE IMAGINE DRAGONS SONGS! I listen to them every day. Scouts honor.  
    *Snort* I'm so proud of me for knowing something. "Those songs make me very happy." 

 I forgot to say thank you for coming. I meant to, but then the holidays happened and I had to work. So thank you for allowing me to interrogate you.

 For those of you who haven't found her blog yet, you can find it HERE!!!

 Quote is from Epic, the slug to Nod after Nod pulls him from a hole and the slug thinks it is MK.




  1. Nothing wrong with drawing graphic novels. Think that would be fun. Now, if Gandolf does show up for you, let us know. Nice to meet you, Treskie.

  2. That was one fast paced conversation! I really enjoyed it.

    I'm going to buy Abolished Impracticality soon. My parents gave me an amazon voucher for Christmas. I can't wait to read it!

    I loved Epic! Mub and Grub are my favorite characters.

  3. Such a fun interview/conversation.

    And I am always in awe of anyone who can draw well. The most I can manage is stick figures. And lopsided ones at that.

  4. I can't wait for my book to get here so I can see all the drawings!

    (Though I am a bit curious about the fate of the Loyalty trilogy... I got this hankering for a good fantasy/adventure story and since I just finished The Hobbit/LotR's not too long ago, my options were kind of run out... And then I remembered your book and I was like YES PLEASE! But then I remembered that it was at home, and I was Minnesota. So as soon as we got home, I started it. And was reminded of the evil [not to mention fiery] cliffhanger at the end.)

  5. What a fun interview! Loved it!!!

    Nice to meet you, Treskie!

  6. Best interview ever! It's great to meet you Treskie. I enjoy your drawings. But pie is better than anything coconut, sorry. It just is. Especially peanut butter pie. :)

  7. This was really fun to read! You and Treskie are cute together :)

    But you don't like coconut? :O my favorite kind of pie is coconut cream :)

  8. YAY FOR TRESKIE!!! Epic interview! And epic drawings! All around epic! Which basically leads to your quote...which we just watched that movie yesterday. *snickers at slugs*

  9. I am happy to say I was able to follow that whole interview. Geeks unite!!! Wow, you guys are HILLARIOUS together, I was laughing so hard! I can't wait until you come out. Any sane person stuck in the same room with us would be so lost and confused by the end of the night that we will have driven *them* crazy. Poor normal people, they don't understand the elloquence of our language

    Of course it was Dean Who else could it be? I knew she would say him. Its because she had no other choice....


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