Saturday, January 11, 2014

"You took a council ax from a council van and now you're digging up a council road!"

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 Right now I am running a slight fever and am sick in bed. I am trying to decide if I want to watch Doctor Who - with the first Doctor - or try and put up with the emotions of Merlin. But while I decide I thought it was time I began to take part in a rather exciting event. My kindred spirit and friend, Jenelle Schmidt, has a new book coming out soon! (I read her first book, King's Warrior, over the summer and reviewed it. If you like dragons and quests and battles I highly recommend it.)After I finished it I learned of what is going to be book two in the series, though a prequel to King's Warrior. It is called Second Son and is about my favourite character from the first book.
 To celebrate Second Son coming out, Jenelle is holding a Cover Reveal/ Book Release Party that all are welcome to take part in. And it sounds like a lot of fun - and since I am so excited for the book, I couldn't turn down the chance to join in. (For those interested, you can learn more about it HERE!!!!!!!!!!! and I highly suggest you take a look around her blog while you are there. She has wonderful posts and all this month there is a lot of fun things going on in honour of Second Son.)

 There are three ways to join in the party, but I couldn't pick just one. So I am cheating and doing all three. (And then you will hear three times about the book and hopefully want to read it as much as I do.)

 Today I will be interviewing one of my own characters. I had a hard time picking, because some of the ones who like attention all wanted to be the one I picked. However, since I am working on book two in the Loyalty Trilogy, it only seemed fitting that it should be on the characters from that book. So, let me introduce you to the elf, Ennion.

 Greetings, Ennion, thank you for letting me interrogate you.
 You're welcome, though you didn't really give me a choice.
 Well, elves are kind of popular and you didn't think I'd really attempt this on Trystan, did you?
 No one in their right minds would attempt this on Trystan so yes, I did think you would. But, does this mean I get pie? You gave pie to the last person you interrogated.
 Sorry, Sammy ate it all.
 Of course

 Okay, enough about that though. Would you like to tell everyone a little bit about yourself?
 I guess it wouldn't hurt any. My name is Ennion, I am an elf from the city of Aesoram, in the kingdom of Glothyrea.
 There should be a line through the O in Glothyrea, but I don't know how to get it there.
 That is the only thing you could think to say after all that.
 Yes. Why does that surprise you? Carry on.
 Do you want me to break out in song?
 No, just...carry on....
 Just making sure. Um, as I was saying, I lived in for many, many years - till the day I met Stefan, Magda, and young prince Lachlan. I am now on the run for my life in an attempt to save the prince from his older brothers.
 You said many, many many?
 You're as bad as the dwarves. I refuse to answer that.
 Come on. Give us just a hint.
 I'm your author and - *in David Tennant's voice* - I demand that you tell me!
 That's pretty good. Didn't know you could do a British accent.
 I have hidden talents.
 I'm more than a hundred, but that's all you're getting out of me.

 Two Dwarf brothers have joined your company since you first met the other three. How do you feel about Dwarves.
 Are you trying to get me in trouble?
 Just answer.
 I like Dwarves. They're a good race. Just, certain of them can be grumpy. And when they get grumpy, I kind of want to push them into rivers. And if Golon reads this, I am dead. So I hope you're happy.
 I am.

 How do you feel about Dragons?
 Dragons? Why do you ask about Dragons? They don't exist.
 You willing to bet your life on that?
 Not anymore...

 You travel through the Kingdoms in the winter. Personally, do you think this is a good time to travel or would you prefer summer?
 If I had a choice I would have picked summer. But I have an evil author and she made is go in the winter. Everyone else in her books got to go on quests in the summer - but no, not us. We have to put up with blizzards and almost freezing to death.
 That isn't completely true! The Broken Blade Boys are traveling in the winter right now.
 Right now. For half a book. You said that later they will be traveling mostly in summer.
 "I was just traveling." "Traveling? Traveling where? Why can't you tell me?"
 Are you going to start quoting that Doctor Who show all the time now.
 Why do I put up with this?
 I don't know, why do you? You weren't even supposed to be a main character in the books, so you can't blame this on me. Don't forget, I was just going to have them meet you passing through, but noooo. You had to beg and plead and then just invite yourself along.
 I can kind of see why those one characters aren't speaking to you. 
 You're very grumpy today, what happened?
 Golon attempted dinner tonight.
 Oooo...poor you. Here. have more pie.
 Thanks, that helps. 
 HA! Now YOU'RE quoting Doctor Who!!
 This isn't getting far. Can I go now? I have a prince to save.
 Yeah, sure. But leave the pie here. I need it in case I ever interrogate anyone else.
 I pity them.
  Okay...I'd say more, but I'm too tired.
 For those who were waiting, Abolished is now on Nook! Sadly, I couldn't upload it with the pictures, so I had to take them all out. I am really sorry, I don't know why it wouldn't take it with them. However, I know from my Nook that PDFs can work on them, so if a Nook user would like, I have a paypal account. You can just pay me directly and I can send you the book in PDF with the pictures. You can contact me if you would like to do this, if not it is on Barnes and Noble HERE! I am sorry it took me so long to get out. 

 Quote is from Doctor Who, the one with the little girl who was drawing kids and snatching them out of their homes. (My mum and I had a marathon today since she wasn't feeling well either. She watched Rose "die" and now I've got her so much hooked on the show I convinced her to watch the Classic with me when we finish these.)




  1. Feel better soon!!! Don't get even more sick, please.

    Haha, I loved this interview so much. It's especially fun 'cause I'm re-reading the book.

    And how exciting about Second Son! My copy of King's Warrior came in the mail a few days ago and I can't wait to start reading it!

  2. Oh hooray! I loved the interview :) and now I want to read this book even more!!! Elves, possible dragons, and WINTER!!! (I'm longing for Winter over here).

    Will be linking to this post on Monday!

  3. Ohhhh... I'm SO SORRY you're sick. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you... And I really enjoy your writing, Jack. Talent.

  4. Aww, hope you feel better, Jack!

    Haha, what a great interview! I think I've definitely got to read your books.

    Have a great evening m'dear!

    Chelsea @ (I'm a new blogger, so I don't have much up yet, but it's a work in progress!)

  5. Oh man, so sorry to hear you're sick! That's so not fun. :( My little sister is running fever herself. Hope you get better soon!

    I say watch Doctor Who, it's much happier. Although the other side of me is scolding myself for telling you not to watch Merlin because it's my favorite show but...ugh. The feels.

    Absolutely loved the interview. You are so funny!


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