Thursday, January 16, 2014

"You're mad." "You're right, I look ridiculous with one shoe."

 Wherein Jack talks with Adrian.

 I mention this a lot, but I like to repeat myself. And I'm your evil overlord so there is nothing you can do about it.

 I am co-authoring a book with my friend Kendra. It is called Worth of a King and it has princes, princesses, dragons, and winged horses in it. And all kinds of other things. And it is fun to write and should be fun to read and might even be done this year. And you all know you want to read it. (If you can't tell, I'm a bit high strung right now. I had trouble getting up this morning and I've been feeling lazy all morning, which has left me feeling I've forgotten some important school assignment. So I'm jumping all around going, "No! I did that one! And that one! What did I miss? Why do I have all this free time?!")
 But, that said. Kendra and I have been having a lot of fun with this book - at least I assume she's been having as much fun as I have. She's an author, and tormenting characters is fun for authors, and that's what we've been doing to them. Though right now I've been tormenting more than her. Though the time is coming when her character is going to get a horrible bout of it.
 Both of us have mentioned this book off and on on our blogs, and if we have it done this year we figured it was time all of you got a chance to meet some of the characters. So today we are both interrogating our main characters. (Her post will be HERE!!!) You should check it out, because she has a fun character.
 Now, without further ado, I introduce you to Adrian.

 Welcome, Adrian! Do you want a cookie or a slice of pie? I'd ask about tea but everyone I interrogate has to have tea.
 Um, okay. Thanks. I guess I will have a cookie.
 *Grabs the plate.* Oh, sorry, looks like John ate them all. You'll have to have pie.
  Eh, I can't help it. I have a hungry pet. Just be glad Sammy hasn't eaten all the pie yet.
 How old is this pie? Is it the same one you had around when you interviewed your friend?
 Don't ask. Now. Why don't you tell us a little about yourself?
 Well, my name is Adrian. I'm a printer-
 Fine. I was a printer until I found out I am the son of the dead king. I'm the crown prince and now I get to go the castle where my father's murderer is ruling and convince him I'll make a better king than he will.
 Convince....nice choice of word. How do you feel about being a prince?
 Hm. I hate politics. I'm not crazy about anything that has to do with government. My father was killed for his crown, so you can guess what someone would do to me to take it. Oh yes, and the twin sister I never knew I had is marrying the son of the man who killed our father. How do you think I feel about it?
 I didn't mean it, put the sword up. This is a no weapons allowed interrogation! Well, except for my sword.
 Don't you have any nice questions you can ask me?
 Sure, if you want nice. I have two, then I will probably go back to mean ones. First - and this isn't a question so much as an order - tell us about your adopted parents.
 They're not my adopted parents. Maybe I'm not their blood son but they are as much my mother and father as any parents can be.
 Okay, okay, well, tell us about them.
 My father is a printer. I was supposed to take over when I finished school, but that kind of didn't work out when I found out I am a prince. My mother used to be a mid-wife when she was younger. She doesn't do much work like that anymore, not unless someone really needs her. She takes care of the sick a lot.
 And do you have any siblings?
 You're enjoying this, aren't you?
 *In Rory's voice* Yeah, a bit.
 *Sigh* I have a brother - if you want to get technical, then he isn't my blood brother. He is the son of my...parents. Not the royal ones. I also - just found out a few days after my sixteenth birthday, nice surprise, right? - that I have a twin sister. She got to stay behind in the castle after our father was killed because she was no danger to the new king. Not like me. If I'd stayed, apparently, I'd be dead right now.
 Don't feel too bad, that happens to a lot of my characters.
 They find out they have twin sisters?
 No, that is Star Wars. They find out people want them dead, or will kill them if they find out they're alive. Or...well, you get the idea.
 Can I ask for a new author?
 Too late. Do you like ducklings?
 I like ducklings.
 Good for you....
 Does this mean we are done?
 Aw, we just got started! And I have more pictures of you I have to randomly put up.
 Is my sister having to put up with this kind of thing?
 No idea. Do you want more pie?
 You're running out of questions, aren't you?
 I've been trying to edit all day, and now my head hurts. So yes, I am.
 So, is my interrogation over with?
 Yes. I guess so. I've picked on you enough, and I want to go and enjoy my tea and my book. 
  The pictures are from the TV show Legend of the Seeker. (I can't say much about it. I saw episode one and it was good, but don't watch it because I said that and find out it is terrible and throw things at me.) Kendra and I found the pictures and the two main characters look a - shockingly - a lot like Adrian and Obsidia - his sister. So we've been using them. There is probably some copyright thing, but that is why I am telling you right now, they are from that TV show and I don't really have this fellow locked up in my closet so I can take pictures when I need inspiration. None of these pictures are mine.

 Now I am leaving, because I really do have a book. "And a cup of coco, it's really lovely."
 Quote is from when the Doctor is with Martha and the Judoon Platoon upon the moon.




  1. Hello Jack!
    It's daft, "I look daft with one shoe!" sorry, but I had to tell you :)
    Lovely interview by the way, I should try one with one of my characters sometime…

    1. DAFT!!! Thank you! I knew I'd gotten something wrong, I just couldn't remember 8-D
      You should, I'd love to read it!

  2. Replies
    1. Can't think of anyone, even Flynn Ryder likes them.

  3. Adrian sounds awesome! The book sounds like it's a lot of fun to write.

    1. He's a fun character. He's one of those well behaved ones who doesn't get mad at me when bad things happen to him. A lot like Peter. (Like Peter was. Not meaning Peter got mad at me 8-D)

  4. "Thank you Mrs. Finch, I can look after this."
    "...Hey kid, is that you? Open the door!"

    "You're wrong, Leia. You have that power too. In time you will learn to use it as I have. The Force is strong in my family. My father has it. I have it... And my sister has it."

    Ghost (of Hamlet's father): Revenge (my) most foul and unnatural murder.
    Hamlet: Murder!
    Ghost: Murder most foul, as in the best it is; but this most foul, strange and unnatural.
    Hamlet: Haste me to know't, that I, with wings as swift as meditation or the thoughts of love, may sweep to my revenge.
    Ghost: I find thee apt... ...The serpent that did sting thy father's life now wears his crown.

    This has been your daily dose of quotes that your blog post reminded me of. (Though all of them I had to look up... give me credit for knowing where to find them all, and having the scene play in my head while I looked them up.)

    Anyway, I can't wait to hear more about this story! I think it will be a fun one to read. I look forwards to reading Kendra's post.

    1. BAWHAHAHAHAHA!!! That was brilliant!!! I got all but the Hamlet one - well, I got that, because you used the names. But that wasn't the only one I'd not heard before 8-D
      You get major points for knowing the scenes. (I have to look up quotes too sometimes.)
      I hope it is fun to read, it is fun to write.

  5. Great interveiw, Adrian and Jack! At the current moment, I'm not entirely certain that I'll have Obsidia's up today. I suddenly lost access to internet, and while I now have internet, I don't have my computer where I have the interveiw written up. However, if I don't have it up today, it WILL be up tomorrow.

    1. Eh, internet trouble 8-P Been there far too often.

  6. Major points for Whovian quotations! (And I like ducklings, too!)


    1. Oh yes, Whovian quotes 8-D (I know, ducklings are pretty amazing.) Thanks for the comment!

  7. are you re-watching Doctor Who? cause it seems like you are :)

    Wow. That character is cute. You leave him alone, why must you hurt him? why do good characters never catch a break? He is too nice to be mean too. Oh and did I mention he's cute? When is this story coming out, I need it.

    Bare feet on the moon!

    1. Re-watching Doctor Who? Whatever gave you that idea? *Blink, blink*

      I can't say what will happen to Adrian, Spoilers, Sweetie, but most of my characters get happy endings. I try not to be so cruel they are miserable the rest of their lives. It depresses me.

      Judoon Platoon upon the Moon!

  8. I love their names! Obsidia and Adriana..they definitely sound like sibling names!

    1. Glad to hear they do! 8-D I think we picked Latin names for most of them, or something like that.

    2. Obsidia is a form of Obsidian, which is Latin, and Adrian is also Latin. Not all the characters have Latin names, however. Obsidia's fiance has a Irish name.

    3. I recognized that Obsidia was made me so happy to see Latin being used in modern times!!(: I'm a bit of a Latin nerd and Greek geek. ;) ~Holly

    4. Also, in my former comment, I really did mean Adrian. I'm afraid I wasn't paying as much attention as I should have when I typed it though! So sorry! :-P

    5. I actually lean more towards Germanic and Gaelic names, usually, but I was reading though my baby name book (I have two, for strictly writing purposes), looking for one to fit the princess and discovered that Obsidian means "besieged" and I thought it fitting considering the events surrounding her birth. I don't know why Jack chose Adrian for the prince, though. I know it means "dark," and that's actually a bit fitting, since they both are dark haired, and since their birthday was a very dark day (that's the day their father was assassinated). Also, Obsidian is a dark gem so ...

      Yes, I overthink character names.

    6. Adrian got his name because it was Latin, and I wanted him to have a Latin name like his twin sister. I just looked up boy Latin names, and I liked Adrian. But now that I know the meaning, I think it fits him even more

    7. But not all of the characters have Latin names, Delaney (the guy Obsidia is engaged to) is an Irish name meaning "son of the challenger" which I thought fitting since his father did do some challenging.


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