Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"Allons-y, Alonso!"

 Wherein Jack should be clever but is too tired for it
 And, on top of that, my internet is glitchy. 

 I woke up this morning to the sound of birds singing and the sun coming in through my window. It sounded and looked like spring so I pulled out a springy shirt - which was blue - which naturally lead me to fishing around for more blue clothing. I added my 10th Doctor shoes and was only lacking a sonic screw driver. "What makes it sonic?" "It makes a nose." *Knocks it against the door* "See? Sonic."
 By nine I was all ready to go to the park and have a nice walk - but the winter came back with cold and wind and clouds so I had to give up that brilliant idea and hide under my fuzzy blanket with my mini heater. Whoever invented mini heaters is a genus.

 As I mentioned in my last post, I completed the second edit of the second Loyalty book. I am not really sure what to say about it. I will be revealing the title next month, on the 14th. I am trying to get it more organized, maybe come up with some fun ways to reveal it, but I will have to give it some more thought.

 I was surprised at how the book ended. It was a NaNo book, so when I started this edit I knew some things would have to go. During NaNo, writers get desperate trying to reach the word count. We put in silly plot twists just to keep the story going and plan on "fixing it later." I did this, of course.
 One of the twists I put in was bringing Magda and Stefan's fathers back into the story, their supposedly dead fathers. And they were part of a secret organization trying to find a good ruler. Because nothing gives you a word count boast like bringing back two dead guys and giving them a secret mission they've been working on for years while their families assume they're dead.
 I thought I could revise that bit, but the more I looked the more I realized it had to go. So I chopped it, and just wrote, and the story kept working itself out. Then bad things happened.

 I've had book three planned out for a few years, ever since seeing The Last Legion. (If you haven't seen that movie watch it, it is good. Really good.) I thought book three was going to take place two years after book two. I KNEW how book two was going to end, but the closer I got to that ending I started to realize that it couldn't complete the way I thought it was going to. There wasn't enough time to resolve everything. And then some more things happened, a lot I didn't see coming till the last chapter, and it only got worse....and it ended it a not so nice cliff hanger.
 I feel rather rotten about that bit. I do end in cliff hangers sometimes....Abolished....but I try to make them where they aren't horrible ones. The only one which was supposed to have one was Abolished. Everything else had milder ones, where it just left things open for the next book. Because we all love a nice cliff hanger sometimes, right? 
 So, this is my advanced apology. It just kind of happened, and it left me in shock over it, and I am going to do my best to make it kinder. And hopefully I shan't give everyone cause to chase me down with flaming torches.

 I now have to stop typing. It is very late and I want to sleep before morning comes. Because sometimes I like sleep.

 Quote is again from Doctor Who. I even know why he used it, which I think makes me even geekier because I get a movie reference in a movie reference. 

 Allons-y! And Bonne Nuit, Lune. (And I shall give a cookie to anyone who gets that reference without looking it up.) 



  1. I'll have to try the bringing back some dead guys trick.

  2. Not another cliffhanger! *groan*
    Oh well... I'll live. xD
    Congratulations on finishing your first round of editing! I feel the teensiest bit bad for Stefan and Magda's father's. "You're dead! No wait, you're alive! No no, you're dead again!" Then again, it does make me want to chuckle maniacally...
    It's all springy here this morning too. I woke up and started singing Mr. Roger's theme song. My mom says it will start raining again soon, though. Which I guess is a more accurate interpretation of spring anyway (April showers, May flowers, etc. etc.). So I guess what I mean is that I woke up and it was all summery this morning, but my mom says it will start to rain again soon.
    Hee hee, I have an Alonzo in my new story! He's a cat. And since it's fantasy, I'm trying my very best not to put "Allons-y Alonzo!" into the story. Maybe I could put "let's go, Alonzo!" instead. Hey, that rhymes. "What is it you Frenchies say? Touche? You see, I am a poet, and you did not know it! What."

  3. You want to know a secret? I actually love cliffhangers. Especially with books. I like that feeling of complete and total, "Oh my gosh, did it just *end* there!??" ....As long as I don't have to wait two years to see how it works out. *Grin* But honestly, a good cliffhanger really keeps me interested. :)

    The weather got cold where I live, then it warmed up enough to rain for a good two days and now it's sort of warm-ish. *Shakes head sadly* Mud. Mud everywhere. :)


  4. so long as we don't have a two year hiatus I can live with cliffhangers. Abolished though.... I sent you an email on that. Jack.... Jack....

    Not okay Jack

  5. I hate to admit but evil cliffhangers drive me nuts. I've actually stopped reading certain series because of them - I like to have some kind of wrap up with the ending. But as an author I know it's because they work! :)


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