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"Another thing, don't let me eat a pear. I hate pears! John Smith is a character I made up and he won't know that and he might do something stupid like eat a pear. I don't want to wake up three months from now and taste pears."

 Wherein Jack talks about books

 With the restart of school I was certain I'd not get as much writing done, as happened the first semester. I've surprised myself. Somehow I've been able to keep up on my homework as well as write a chapter a day. I am almost halfway done with book two in the Legend of the Blade series. I've also been able to keep up with editing, somewhat. I ran into some trouble with the second Loyalty book but I think I've fixed it and should be done this week, which means I need to start planning its release. Also, I've begun the re-write of the third Haphazard book. 

 Because of all the progress I've been making with the Blade and Loyalty books, I've started working on the rest of the world in which the stories are set - I was even doodling the other day and sketched up a rough map. I just meant to position each of the kingdoms and figure out where they would go, but it turned out much better than I was expecting and I might end up posting it. (I say might, because I wasn't being serious with it and put in some of my random comments and used words like foresty and jungly, and I want everyone to believe I'm a serious Author and no longer use those words.)

 My plan now is to start working on all the books and different kingdoms. I am still working out details for some of them, and two of the book series don't have complete plots, but it is moving along faster than I thought it would. I have the series all titled and the kingdoms named. The only problem one I am having to deal with is Trystan's home kingdom. I know nothing about it and haven't found out where it fits into the world and the stories. Trystan has always been a stubborn character -  it took a lot of work to get his back story out of him. It turns out, it is not just his character, its his race. His whole kingdom is like that, and they are refusing to help me out.

 I did some work to my book page, moving things around and adding in the new world. (Don't worry, I finally named it. So it no longer sounds like I am talking about America.) I don't have a lot up yet, but you can see most of it HERE!!!!!!! I've dubbed the world Oleander, which is a poisonous plant. There, a little tid bit for you. It all started when I named Hemlock and later discovered it was a poisonous plant. When I went to name Nightshade I figured why not use another deadly plant, since I wouldn't have to do much thinking then. So it only seemed fitting to name most of the kingdoms after poisonous plants, as well as their world. (I think only one or two kingdoms ended up with different sorts of names, but I explained it a way.)

 I've still been trying to figure out my sword problems for The Broken Blade. I found a sword for sell that would work - amazing detail on the hilt and the blade. The right length, everything. But it was so pretty I would hate breaking it. I do own a sword I wouldn't mind breaking as much, but still - I've this thing with swords. I'm very fond of them, and breaking one seems like such a crime I don't think I can bring myself to do it. So, I'm going to play around with lighting and angles this week and see if I can find a way around it. I have an idea for the covers now, it is just getting the sword to work, and finding enough young men who would be willing to pose for them. I'm hoping to start work on costumes really soon, I found a lot of nice cloak patterns and thanks to Treskie, I don't have to make costumes from scratch, I will have something to go off now.
 Speaking of which! I will have another character post this week! I am VERY excited about this one. (I'm a naughty Author and I have favourites in my books and the character I'm doing this week is my favourite from the Blade books.)

 I had more to talk about but I can't think right now. I'm still playing around with the comments, to try and get the annoying spam to leave me alone. I really don't want to put the word block up, but they've been bombarding me lately, so I will have to see. Right now, though, I have a book calling. It sounds like a good book too, but I've not heard much about it before so I am a little wary starting it. Have any of you ever read the Blinding the Blade series or the DragonSpell series?

 Quote is from the Doctor, a deleted scene from Human Nature and Family of Blood. Watched those two with my mum the other day and was delighted to find she actually loved them as much as I do. I was reminded how long I've been wanting someone to like them so they wouldn't get upset when I said things like, "Friend of mine." "Mum of mine." My mum even joined in and now she is Mother of Mine and I am Daughter of Mine.




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  2. This might be a totally bonkers idea...
    In Soul Surfer, the girl playing the main character (who loses her arm to sharks) obviously couldn't go and cut her arm off, so I think they did some green screen with it - covered it with green material.
    Cameras evidently can't pick up green screen, or a certain color green, or it just comes out as green or something... but it allows you to go over the green part and put in CGI or other things.
    You could look into trying something like that for your sword, so you wouldn't have to break it.
    I have no idea if it would work or not, but it might be worth looking into. *shrugs*

    That's cool with the poisonous plant names! I really like that. It makes them sound fantasy-ish, without being impossibly difficult to pronounce. (Thank you for that)

    And wow, you're getting a lot of writing done! Good job!

    1. That's a rather good idea actually...even if it doesn't work with the green, I am planning on doing it close to dark, so maybe I can wrap the top part in black cloth and it will be enough to disguise it. I just need it to warm enough outside so I can try some things. It is below zero again, and too cold to go out for pictures.

  3. It's great you're getting so much writing done, even with school and homework. When I was in school, I used to do a lot of writing right in class. My grades, perhaps, could have been better. But I guess we'll never know...

    I love the poisonous plant name idea.

    I have a thing for swords, too. And I'm also an author who has favorites among her characters.

    1. I've been tempted, especially in Math class, to work on my books instead. They are so much more fun than fractions.

      It is nice to know I'm not the only one who isn't able to snap a blade. I think I'd sit down and cry if I ever have to do it. Hopefully I won't.
      HURRAY! I'm not alone in having favourites! Now if I have to run away and live in a cave when they get mad I will know someone to invite over for tea

  4. No, don't break the sword!
    Your book plans are so ambitious. I can't imagine detailing out a world with so many storylines.

    1. The different characters in all the books are fun, but I'm starting to have plot problems. It is so much harder thinking of plots which can all fit together.

  5. Sounds like some awesome goings-on are happening! I love it when the writing ball is rolling, and you just don't ever want it to stop. :)

    You definitely should try to read the Divergent series. It's awesome. :)

    Have you heard of Leviathan by Scott Westerfield? I just started it the other day. It's interesting. I love the world, but I'm still undecided about the characters.

    1. I do too! it is so much fun, though then other things come up and it is hard to stop writing to do them. It is during those fun writing days that Authors really become hermits.

      Oh yes! I love Leviathan! I felt the same way about the characters, till the end of book one I think. I really love them now, and the last book is fantastic! Actually, those were the books which gave me some ideas for the Haphazard series. (They were a lot of the reason for Darcy.)

  6. I love hearing about all your future writing plans!

    I would have a hard time breaking a sword, as well... I completely understand your dilemma.

    Sorry you've been getting spammy comments :( that's not cool. I'm not as familiar with blogger, so don't have any advice... :( hope you get it figured out.

    1. Swords are just so nice, and not cheep to buy, it is hard to break one. That and I've still not found a safe way to break it. Not completely, so maybe it will be better all aruond to find another way.

      I think it is my titles for my posts. Some of the spam is worse with the Star Trek and Doctor Who quotes than others, but they are serving their purpose for the most part, so I hate to stop using them.

  7. You're doing awesome with your goals! :D

    And I wouldn't break the sword either. And love your names for your worlds!

    1. It is so nice to know there are so many who like swords as much as I do 8-D
      Goody! I am glad you like them! It was fun, looking up all the plants to use.

  8. I'm still so impressed that you can be in college, have a job (or is it two?) and *still* do as much writing as you do. And blog! It's awesome. :D You go girl!

    Oh you should totally post the map picture! I love map pictures.

    Good luck with the whole broken sword thing. And the costumes. I find that making costumes can either be really good fun or one of the most frustrating, time consuming things ever. Not to jinx you or anything. lol.


    1. I think it is about three jobs now, because of the editing work I've been doing. Though that one isn't so much for pay but beta exchange, and that one is kind of fun. Actually, all three are fun, so that helps a lot. I think I'd be going insane if I had to do three jobs I hated. That is one of my life goals, never get a job I hate.

      I need to remember to post the maps! I was going to Wednesday and forgot because of editing and Tom Hiddleston....I will have to remember for tomorrow.

      I agree about costumes. If everything works and the sewing machine doesn't eat them - which happens to me more than I like - it is a lot of fun. I was able to get a new working sewing machine, so hopefully no snacks. But the patterns are still a problem. I have the hardest time reading patterns.And my Kitty likes to walk over them and tear them. She has evil hobbies.


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