Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"Hail his Majesty, the scourge of my life."

 Wherein Jack is a bit between giddy and nervous

 I was going to post yesterday. I started one, at least five times. But I was sick, and I used that feeling to being too miserable to get out of bed to finish reading The Runaway King. (For those keeping record, I finished both books in three days, the second one the day before the third one came out. I was rather proud of myself and went down to buy book three today  but I live in a very unimaginative town which believes these books aren't all that brilliant and not worth their money to get book three into the book store on the release date. I considered pulling an Evil Overlord order and demanding their heads but changed my mind and sulk out glowering and got my revenge by buying it on Amazon. I now must await its arrival. Impatiently.)

 February is almost over. It's been a nice month overall. I got a lot written and edited and didn't get behind on my school, including Math. I should get a cookie for that, and some pie, and a holiday. Which, I will be getting the holiday! (And here is where I lead up to my upcoming adventures.)
 Artist of Mine, Treskie, and her family has allowed me the honour of invading their home the last two weeks of March. I could not turn down the chance for creating havoc and other natural disasters in the home of my new friends and accepted the invitation. I was a good girl about it though, and I made sure my editing was done before the arrival date. (Done way ahead of time.) Now, the next few weeks before I go, I am going to do everything humanly possible to get caught up on school so I don't have to do it while there. (This won't be hard, except for the Math area.)

 This means all writing will be mostly put on hold. The Broken blade boys are already protesting loudly to this and threatening to kidnap me. Which will not work because I am going even if I have to hitchhike the whole way there. (I even bought a new book to take with me on the plane, so I am pretty much set.)

 Since this has become something of a long, pointless ramble I shall not bother with trying to make sense of it. It fits better this way, because I don't make much sense in anything. 

 This is my 440th post, not an all out amazing number, but I like how nice and even it looks. When I get to 500 I shall have a pie. 

 For those who ordered your Evil Overlord to eat the lollipop....I ate it. But not because I was ordered to do so, because I AM an Evil Overlord and I don't take orders. But it was very good, so those who ordered have good taste, but know this now moves you to the bottom of my minion list. I shall now only consider you if you are yellow and short.

 Speaking of world domination, I was able to fill in the general spot. One of my friends, whom I always thought would me a good general, brought his argument to me on Sunday about why he'd be perfect. (It involved us going over generals and second-in-commands who didn't turn traitor to their ruler. There aren't many. While we were talking about them his dad said we sounded like a couple of nerds. Which would be insulting if that wasn't exactly what we are.)

 Has anyone else noticed that Ben Barnes has pretty much dropped off the planet since making Dorian Gray. (Didn't see it, just know he played in it.) Maybe a band of Aliens needed a new actor.

 Okay, that is all. I should be working on a school paper right now, not talking about nothing. Let me know if any of you are yellow and small, I'm getting closer to world domination now that I've got myself a general and I'm taking applications for my minion army. I will consider you even if you're not small and yellow if you are a good aim. After all, I let my general in even though we had a few ify issues, but he can aim, and that is the most important. 

 Quote is from The False Prince. 




  1. I love it when a series inspires me to go through it in a three day span. It's especially nice when the next installment isn't too far off.

    And now, for some reason, I want pie.

  2. Oh dear, having to wait for books is no fun. I hope it arrives speedily. And oh, have fun visiting with your editor!
    Haha, I'm glad the lollipop tasted good.
    I love that quote. I haven't read the books, but it makes me giggle.

  3. Hope you get all your work done before invading your friend!
    And bookstores wonder why they are dying,...

  4. I'm afraid I'm not yellow or small... and I don't have good aim, either, unless it's with a frisbee. (My brother did take the time to teach me how not to throw like a girl, though...)

    Good luck on your world-domination conquest.

  5. I am sorry to inform you that I am neither yellow or small and that my aim is pretty good. However. I am not sorry to inform you that I too am on a quest for world domination. So I can't possibly be your minion (which would be fun and I am admittedly a bit sorry about that).

    So. (This comment seems incomplete... I don't know what else to say... Um... *shrug*) :)

    ~Robyn Hoode

  6. Your posts always seem to make me laugh for some reason, I hope you are feeling better. Being sick can be so time consuming, especially when you have much better ways to spend your time thinking about ben barns being kidnapped by an alien army, Oh he is playing in a new movie it's called seventh son, so I guess there goes that theory,, I liked it though. And picking out a general, how do you find the time for it all. Lol well I must be gone, where is it that your flying all the way to ??
    Rachel hope

  7. I love the quote! I've never read the book, but I love the cockiness of it.

    Yellow and small? I'm neither. But I have excellent aim. I've shot guns, and thrown knives and tomahawks before. Is that good qualification? May I be a Ranger instead of a minion though? If you have Rangers in your army, that is. . .

  8. I really like the title of this post. :) and yay for being able to stay caught up on school! It's finals week for me, and I'm being really bad about slacking off...I should actually be working on a final right now. :P
    OOH, I'm not yellow, but I am small, though I'm not sure about my aim...so if you're in need of another minion for your army...

    decked out in ruffles

  9. *dances around like a moron.* You are coming, Author of Mine! lalalala! You are coming! Soon! (Are you a little nervous? There's a lot of us.)

    440 IS a nice round number, but I expect to get pie as well when you get to 500.

    I volunteer Amy and I to be in your minion army. She's the tall one, I'm the short one. lol.

    I did notice that Ben Barnes hasn't acted in much, but I think he's actually in an upcoming fantasy movie that doesn't look horrific. I think it's called the Seventh Son or something. It has the guy who play Obidiah in Iron Man in it.

    See ya soon!


  10. Sorry you're sick, that's never fun. :( Hope you get well soon!

    How fun you get to go be with your friend for two weeks! Sounds like you're going to have a BLAST. Congrats on keeping up with things. I've been failing with that lately...

    Does having blonde hair count as being "yellow"? And I am pretty short. *fills out application and hands it over* *realizes I just handed you a grocery list* Ahem, sorry about that. *takes it back and gives you the real application* *cough*


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